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Sap table relation


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Sap table relation

  1. 1. SAP Table Relations version 1.0.0 compiled by Christopher Solomon with contributions by various SAP Professionals
  2. 2. How to use this document? This document displays and describes the relationships and links between the various SAP database tables. These relationships are displayed graphically as described below: Table Key Transparent Table Cluster Table SAP Table Name SAP Table Information SAP Table Name (Table Description) (Table Description) SAP Field Name (Field Description) SAP Field Name (Field Description) Useful Fields Link Key One-to-One One One One-to-Many One Many
  3. 3. Master Data TablesCEPC = Profit Center Master Data TableCSKS = Cost Center MasterKNA1 = Cutomer Master (General Data)LFA1 = Vendor Master (General Data)MARA = Material Master (General Data)SKB1 = G/L Account Master (Company Code)T001W = Plants/BranchesT001 = Company Codes
  4. 4. SAP - FI/CO Accounts Payable Reconcillation Ledger General Financial Special Purpose Ledger Accounting Ledger Custom Ledger Accounts Receivable Controlling Profit Center Cost Center Accounting AccountingTables:BSADBSASBSEGBSESBSIKBSIS
  5. 5. FI/COTable Mapping
  6. 6. BSIPBVOR PAYR (Index for vendor validation of double(Intercompany posting procedures) (Payment transfer medium file) documents)Intercompany No (BVORG) Paying Company (ZBUKR) Company Code (BUKRS)Company Code (BUKRS) House Bank (HBKID) Vendor (LIFNR) Account (HKTID)Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Currency (WAERS) Payment Method (ZLSCH)Document No (BELNR) Document Date (BLDAT) Check No (CHECKT) Duplicate Invoices Reference Doc (WRBTR) Amount (WRBTR) VBLNR Document No (BELNR) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Line Items (BUZEI) BKPF (Accounting document header)BSAD Company Code (BUKRS) BSIK(Accounting: Secondary index for Document No (BELNR) (Accounting: Secondary index forcustomers (cleared items)) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) vendors)Company Code (BUKRS)Customer (KUNNR) Company Code (BUKRS) documentsSpecial G/L Trans (UMSKS) Vendor (LIFNR) All FISpecial G/L Ind (UMSKZ) Closed items Open Items Special G/L Trans (UMSKS)Clearing Date (AUGDT) Special G/L Ind (UMSKZ)Clearing Doc (AUGBL) Clearing Date (AUGDT)Allocation No (ZUONR) Clearing Doc (AUGBL)Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Allocation No (ZUONR) BSEGDocument No (BELNR) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) (Accounting document segment)Line Items (BUZEI) Document No (BELNR) Company Code (BUKRS) Line Items (BUZEI) Document No (BELNR) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Line Item (BUZEI) Closed items Open Items BSAK (Accounting: Secondary index forBSID vendors (cleared items))(Accounting: Secondary index forcustomers) Company Code (BUKRS) Vendor (LIFNR)Company Code (BUKRS) Special G/L Trans (UMSKS)Customer (KUNNR) Special G/L Ind (UMSKZ)Special G/L Trans (UMSKS) Clearing Date (AUGDT)Special G/L Ind (UMSKZ) Closed items Clearing Doc (AUGBL) Open ItemsClearing Date (AUGDT) Allocation No (ZUONR)Clearing Doc (AUGBL) Fiscal Year (GJAHR)Allocation No (ZUONR) Document No (BELNR)Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Line Items (BUZEI)Document No (BELNR)Line Items (BUZEI) KNC1 (Customer master (trans figures)) BSAS Customer (KUNNR) BSIS (Accounting: Secondary index for G/L Company Code (BUKRS) accounts (cleared items)) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Company Code (BUKRS) Company Code (BUKRS) G/L Account (HKONT) G/L Account (HKONT) Clearing Date (AUGDT) Clearing Date (AUGDT) Clearing Doc (AUGBL) Clearing Doc (AUGBL) LFC1 Allocation No (ZUONR) Allocation No (ZUONR) (Vendor master (transaction figures)) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Vendor (LIFNR) Document No (BELNR) Document No (BELNR) Company Code (BUKRS) Line Items (BUZEI) Line Items (BUZEI) Fiscal Year (GJAHR)
  7. 7. SAP FI/CO Financial Accounting RFBLG BKPF (Cluster for accounting (Accounting document header) document) Company Code BSEC Document No BSED Fiscal Year BSEG Physical BSES BSET BSEG (Accounting document segment) Company Code ts en Document No c um Fiscal Year Line Item do I F ll A BSECBKPF One time accounts (One-time account data(Accounting document header) document segment)Company CodeDocument No Company Code LogicalFiscal Year Ta Document No x Fiscal Year do cu Line Item m en ts BSET (Tax data document segment) Company Code Document No Fiscal Year Line Item
  8. 8. SAP FI/CO Controlling Special Purpose Ledger Profit Center GLPCA Accounting (EC-PCA: Actual Line Items) Example of a Custom Record No (GL_SIRID) LedgerGLPCT(EC-PCA: Totals Table) ZZGLOLedger(RLDNR) ROBJNR Object (OBJNR)Record Type (RRCTY) ROBJNR GLPCOPlan Version (RVERS) (EC-PCA: Object Table for AccountFiscal Year (GJAHR) ZZGLT Assignment Elements)Object (ROBJNR)Object (COBJNR) COBJNR Object (OBJNR) Ledger(RLDNR)Object (SOBJNR) Record Type (RRCTY)Currency (RTCUR) Version (RVERS)UOM (RUNIT) ZZGLO Fiscal Year (GJAHR)Debit/Credit Ind (DRCRX) Object (ROBJNR)Period (RPMAX) Record No (GL_SIRID) Object (SOBJNR) GLPCC Currency (RTCUR) (EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes) UOM (RUNIT) Object (OBJNR) Debit/Credit Ind (DRCRX) Period (RPMAX) ________________________________________________________ Cost Center COEP COFIO2 (CO object: period-related line items) Reconcillation (Transaction-dependent fields for Accounting Controlling Area (KOKRS) Ledger reconciliation ledger) NR Document No (BELNR) BJ Object (OBJNR)COSP COFIT CO Line Item (BUZEI)(CO Object: Cost Totals - External (Totals records - reconciliation ledger)Postings)Ledger (LEDNR) Ledger(RLDNR)Object (J_OBJNR) Record Type (RRCTY)Fiscal Year (GJAHR) Version (RVERS)Value Type (WRTTP) Fiscal Year (GJAHR) ROBJNRVersion (VERSN) Object (ROBJNR)Cost Element (KSTAR) Object (COBJNR)CO Key (HRKFT) Object (SOBJNR)CO Trans (VRGNG) Currency (RTCUR)Trading Part ID (VBUND) COFIO1 UOM (RUNIT) (Object Table for ReconciliationTrading Part BA (PARGB) COBK Debit/Credit Ind (DRCRX) Ledger COFIT)Debit/Credit Ind (BEKNZ) Period (RPMAX)Currency (TWAER) Object (OBJNR) Controlling Area (KOKRS)Period Block (PERBL) Document No (BELNR)
  9. 9. SAP FI/CO Accounts Payable Vendor Master Data Purchasing Data General Data Company Code DataLFM1 LFA1 LFB1(Vendor master record purchasing (Vendor master (general section)) (Vendor master (company code))organization data) Vendor No (LIFNR) Vendor No (LIFNR)Vendor No (LIFNR) Company Code (BUKRS)Purch Org (EKORG)LFM2(Vendor Master Record: Purchasing LFBK LFB5Data) (Vendor master (bank details)) (Vendor master (dunning data))Vendor No (LIFNR) Vendor No (LIFNR) Vendor No (LIFNR)Purch Org (EKORG) Bank Cntry (BANKS) Company Code (BUKRS)Sub-range (LTSNR) Bank Key (BANKL) Dunning Area (MABER)Plant (WERKS) Bank Acc (BANKN)
  10. 10. SAP FI/CO Accounts Receivable Customer Master Data Sales Area Data General Data Company Code DataKNVP(Customer Master Partner Functions)Customer No (KUNNR)Sales Org (VKORG) KNA1 KNB1Distribution Ch (VTWEG) (General Data in Customer Master) (Customer master (company code))Division (SPART)Partner Function (PARVW) Customer No (KUNNR) Customer No (KUNNR)Partner Counter (PARZA) Company Code (BUKRS)KNVV(Customer Master Sales Data)Customer No (KUNNR) KNB5Sales Org (VKORG) (Customer master (dunning data))Distribution Ch (VTWEG)Division (SPART) Customer No (KUNNR) Company Code (BUKRS) Dunning Area (MABER)KNVD(Customer master record salesrequest form)Customer No (KUNNR)Sales Org (VKORG)Distribution Ch (VTWEG)Division (SPART)Output Type (NA_KSCHL)Mess Language (SPRAS)
  11. 11. SAP FI/CO Master Data Cost Elemet Profit Center Cost Center CSKA (Cost elements (data dependent onCEPC CSKS chart of accounts))(Profit center master data table) (Cost center master) COA (KTOPL)Profit Center (PRCTR) Controlling Area (KOKRS) Cost Element (KSTAR)Valid to Date (DATBI) Cost Center (KOSTL)Controlling Area (KOKRS) Valid to Date (DATBI) CSKB (Cost elements (data dependent on controlling area)) Controlling Area (KOKRS) COA (KTOPL) Cost Element (KSTAR) Valid to Date (DATBI)CEPCT CSKT(Texts for Profit Center Master Data) (Cost Center Texts)Language (SPRAS) Language (SPRAS) CSKUProfit Center (PRCTR) Controlling Area (KOKRS) (Cost Element Texts)Valid to Date (DATBI) Cost Center (KOSTL) Language (SPRAS)Controlling Area (KOKRS) Valid to Date (DATBI) COA (KTOPL) Cost Element (KSTAR) General Ledger SKB1 SKA1 SKAT (G/L account master (company code)) (G/L accounts master (chart of (G/L account master record (chart of Company Code (BUKRS) accounts)) accounts: description)) G/L Account (SAKNR) COA (KTOPL) Language (SPRAS) G/L Account (SAKNR) COA (KTOPL) G/L Account (SAKNR)
  12. 12. SAP - Materials Management Purchasing Materials Management Materials Management Financial Accounting Accounts Payable Invoice VerificationTables:EKKOEKPOKNMTMAKT
  13. 13. KNMT (Customer-Material Info Record Data Table) makt-matnr = knmt-matnr and makt-spras = sy-langu MAKT (MaterialDescription) MDKP (MRP Header) EKKO (Purchasing Doc Header) MDKP-DTNUM = MDTB-DTNUM EKPO-EBELN = EKKO-EBELN MDTB (MRP Detail) EKPO (Purchasing Doc Item) MM Table Mapping
  14. 14. SAP MM - Purchasing Purchasing Requisition EBKNSTXH EBAN (Purchase Requisition Account(STXD SAPscript text file header) (Purchase Requisition) Assignment)Texts (TDOBJECT) Purchasing Req (BANFN) Purchasing Req (BANFN)Text Name (TDNAME) Item (BNFPO) Item (BNFPO)Text Id (TDID) Preg Account Assignment (ZEBKN)Language (TDSPRAS)STXL(STXD SAPscript text file lines))(RELID)Texts (TDOBJECT)Text Name (TDNAME)Text Id (TDID)Language (TDSPRAS)(SRTF2)
  15. 15. SAP MM - Purchasing Purchase Orders S011 S012 (PURCH: Purch. Group Statistics) (PURCHIS: Purchasing Statistics) EINE Statistics (SSOUR) Statistics (SSOUR) (Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Version (VRSIO) Version (VRSIO) Organization Data) Month (SPMON) Month (SPMON) Day (SPTAG) Day (SPTAG) Info Record (INFNR) Week (SPWOC) Week (SPWOC) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Posting Period (SPBUP) Posting Period (SPBUP) Info Record Type (ESOKZ) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Plant (WEKS) Purchasing Group (EKGRP) Purchasing Group (EKGRP) Vendor No (LIFNR) Material No (MATNR) Plant (WERKS) Info Record Category (ESOKZ) Material Group (MATKL) Info Record (INFNR) Country (LAND1)EKET(Delivery Schedules)Purchasing Doc (EBELN)Item (EBELP)Delivery Schedule (ETENR) EKPO EINA (Purchasing Document Item) (Purch Info Record: General Data) Purchasing Doc (EBELN) Info Record (INFNR) Item (EBELP)EKKN(Account Assignment in PurchasingDocument)Purchasing Doc (EBELN)Item (EBELP)Account Assignment (ZEKKN) EKKO EORD (Purchasing Document Header) (Purchasing Source List) Purchasing Doc (EBELN) Material No (MATNR) Plant (WERKS) Source List No (ZEORD)
  16. 16. SAP MM - Purchasing Goods Receipt S011 (PURCHIS: Purchasing Group Statistics) Statistics (SSOUR) Version (VRSIO)MKPF MSEG Month (SPMON)(Header: Material Document) (Document Segment: Material) Day (SPTAG)Document No (MBLNR) Document No (MBLNR) Week (SPWOC)Fiscal Year (MJAHR) Fiscal Year (MJAHR) Posting Period (SPBUP) Line Item (ZEILE) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Purchasing Group (EKGRP) Vendor No (LIFNR) S013 (PURCHIS: Statistics for Vendor Evaluation) Statistics (SSOUR) S031 Version (VRSIO)EKBE MVER (Statistics: Movements for current Month (SPMON)(History of Purchasing Document) (Material consumption) stocks) Day (SPTAG)Purchasing Doc (EBELN) Statistics (SSOUR) Week (SPWOC) Material NO (MATNR)Item (EBELP) Version (VRSIO) Posting Period (SPBUP) Plant (WERKS)Account Assign (ZEKKN) Month (SPMON) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Fiscal Year (GJAHR)Trans Type (VGABE) Day (SPTAG) Purchasing Group (EKGRP) Period (PERKZ)Fiscal Year (MJAHR) Week (SPWOC) Vendor No (LIFNR) Follow-on Records (ZAHLR)Document No (MBLNR) Posting Period (SPBUP) Material No (MATNR)Line Item (ZEILE) Plant (WERKS) Plant (WERKS) Material No (MATNR) Info Record Cat (ESOKZ) Storage Loc (LGORT) Info Record (INFNR)
  17. 17. SAP MM - Master Data Purchasing Data Basic Data Accounting DataMARC MAKT(Material Master: C Segment) (Material Descriptions)Material No (MATNR) Material No (MATNR)Plant (WERKS) Language (SPRAS) MARA MBEW (Material Master: General Data) (Material Valuation) Material No (MATNR) Material No (MATNR) Valuation Area (BWKEY) Valuation Type (BWTAR) MARMMLAN (Units of Measure)(Tax Classification: Material) Material No (MATNR)Material No (MATNR) UOM (MEINH)Country (ALAND)
  18. 18. SAP MM - Purchasing Purchasing Info RecordKONP KONH(Conditions (Item)) (Conditions (Header))Condition No (KNUMH) Condition No (KNUMH)Seq No (KOPOS) EINA EINE (Purchasing Info Record: General (Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Data) Organization Data) Info Record (INFNR) Info Record (INFNR) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Info Record Type (ESOKZ) Plant (WERKS) A017 (Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)) Application (KAPPL) Condition Type (KSCHL) Vendor (LIFNR) Material No (MATNR) Purchasing Org (EKORG) Plant (WERKS) Info Record Category (ESOKZ) Validity (DATBI)
  19. 19. SAP - Project Planning Project Planning
  21. 21. SAP PP - Project PlanningPROJECTSProject and WBS element numbers have a domain with a conversionfunction module which converts it from 8 numc input to 24 char on output. PROJ (Project definition) Project Number (PSPNR) Project Name (PSPID) PRTE (Scheduling Data for Project Item) PRPS Project Number (PSPHI) (WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) WBS Element Number (POSNR) Element Master Data)) Project Number (PSPHI) WBS Element Number (PSPNR) WBS Name (POSID) PRTX (PS Texts (WBS)) WBS Element Number (PRPSPNR) Text Identifier (PRTXTKY) PRHIS (Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)) Project Number (PSPHI) WBS Element Number (POSNR) PSTX (PS Texts (Header)) Text Identifier (PRTXTKY) PS text description (PSTXTTI) PSTT (PS texts (description)) Text Identifier (PRTXTKY) PS text: Description(PTKTEXT)
  22. 22. SAP - Sales and Distribution Sales Finacial Accounting Accounts ReceivableShipping Sales and Distribution Materials Mgmt. Material MasterBilling Tables: KONV LIKP LIPS VBAK VBAP VBBE VBEH VBEP VBFA VBLB VBLK VBPA VBRK VBRP VBUK VBUP VEKP VEPO VEPVG
  23. 23. Sales/Order Document Shipping/Delivery Document Billing Document VBBE VBLB (Sales (Release Order VBLK VEPO VBSK Requirements) Data) (SD:Delivery Note (SD Doc:Shipping (Collective Proc. Header) Item content) KONV for a Sales Doc (Condition Table) Header) VBLB-VBELN= VEPO-VBELN = VEPO-VENUM = VBBE-VBELN= VBAK-VBELN VBPA LIKP-VBELN VEKP-VENUM VBAK-VBELN VEPO-VBELN = VBRK-KNUMV = (Partner Table) VBLK-VBELN KONV-KNUMV VEKP (SD Doc:Shipping VBSS VBPA-VBELN= LIKP Unit Header) (Collective Proc.: VBAK VBAK-VBELN (Sales Sales Documents) (Sales VBPA-POSNR= Doc:Delivery VBAP-POSNR Doc:Header) Header) VTTP-VBELN = LIKP-VBELN VKDFS VBAK-VBELN = VBRK (SD Index: VBAP-VBELN (Billing: Header Billing Initiator) VEPVG VTTP data) (Delivery Due (Shipment Item) VBAP Index) (Sales Doc:Item VBPA-VBELN = Info) LIPS-VBELN = VTTK-TKNUM = NAST VBEP-VBELN = LIPS-VGBEL LIKP-VBELN VTTP-TKNUM VKDFS VBAK-VBELN (Message Status) (SD Index: Billing Initiator) VTTK VBRK-VBELN = VBEP-VBELN = VBAP-VBELN VBKD-VBELN = LIPS-VGBEL = (Shipment Header) VBRP-VBELN VRPMA and VBAP-VBELN VBAP-VBELN VAPMA (SD Index: VBAP-POSNR = and and (SD Index: VBEP-POSNR VBKD-POSNR = LIPS-VGPOS = Billing Items per Order Items VBAP-POSNR VBAP-POSNR LIPS Material) by Material) (Sales LIPS-VBELN = Doc:Delivery VBRP-VGBEL LIPS-POSNR= VBRP VRKPA Items) (SD Index: VBKD VBRP-VGPOS (Billing: Item data) VAKPA VBEP (Sales Doc: Bills by Partner (SD Index: (Sales Function) Business Data) Order by Doc:SchedulePartner Function) Lines) VBFA vbelv = preceeding document (Doc. Flow) vbeln = subsequent doc VBELN POSNR ETENR VBUK vbeln = document number (Header Status) SD VBEH (Schedule Line Table Mapping VBUP vbeln = document number History) (Item Status)) ;use with VBAP and LIPs
  24. 24. SAP SD - Sales TablesVKDFS(SD Index:Billing Initiator) STXL (STXD SAPscript text file lines)Billing Cat (FKTYP)Sales Org (VKORG) (RELID) STXHBilling Date (FKDAT) Texts (TDOBJECT) (STXD SAPscript text file header)Customer (KUNNR) Text Name (TDNAME) Texts (TDOBJECT) Text Id (TDID)Billing Type (FKART) Text Name (TDNAME) Language (TDSPRAS)Country (LLAND) Text Id (TDID) (SRTF2)Sales doc (VBELN) VBUK Language (TDSPRAS) (Header Status) Sales doc (VBELN)VAPMA(SD Index:Order Items by Material)Material No (MATNR)Sales Org (VKORG) VBFATrans Group (TRVOG) (Sales Document Flow)Document Date (AUDAT) VBAKDistribution Channel (VTWEG) Preceding Sales Doc (VBELV) (Sales Document :Header)Division (SPART) Preceding Item (POSNV)Document Type (AUART) Sales doc (VBELN) Subsequent Sales doc (VBELN) VBUPSold-to-Party (KUNNR) Subsequent Item (POSNN) (Item Status)Sales Office (VKBUR) Document Cat (VBTYP_N) Sales doc (VBELN)Sales Group (VKGRP) Item (POSNR)Customer PO No (BSTNK)User Name (ERNAM)Sales Ord (VBELN)Item (POSNR) To Shipping through LIPS LIPS-VGBEL = VBAP-VBELN VAKPA VBAP and (SD Index:Order by Partner Function) (Sales Document : Item Info) LIPS-VGPOS = VBAP-POSNR Sales doc (VBELN) Partner No (KUNDE) Item (POSNR) Partner Function (PARVW) Sales Org (VKORG) Trans Group (TRVOG) Document Date (AUDAT) Sales Office (VKBUR) Sales Group (VKGRP) VBKD Distribution Channel (VTWEG) VBEP (Sales Document : Business Data) Division (SPART) (Sales Document : Schedule Lines) Document Type (AUART) Sales doc (VBELN) Customer PO No (BSTNK) Sales doc (VBELN) Item (POSNR) Sold-to-Party (KUNNR) Item (POSNR) User Name (ERNAM) Schedle Line (ETENR) Sales Ord (VBELN) VBEH VBPA (Schedule Line History) (Sales Document :Partner) Sales doc (VBELN) Sales doc (VBELN) Item (POSNR) Item (POSNR) Schedle Line (ETENR) Partner Function (PARVW)
  25. 25. SAP SD - Shipping Tables VTTP (Shipment Item) VBLK Delivery Doc Number(VBELN) (SD:Delivery Note Header) Shipment Number (TKNUM) Delivery Document Number (VBELN) Shipment Item (TPNUM) VTTP-VBELN = VTTK-TKNUM = LIKP-VBELN VTTP-TKNUM VBLK-VBELN = LIKP-VBELN VEPOVTTK (SD Doc:Shipping Item content)(Shipment Header) Delivery Document Number (VBELN)Shipment Number (TKNUM) Delivery Item (POSNR) LIKP (Sales Doc:Delivery Header) Shipping Unit Number (VENUM) Shipping Unit Item (VEPOS) Delivery Document Number (VBELN)VTFA(Shipment Doc. Flow) VEPO-VENUM =Shipment Number (TKNUM) VEKP-VENUM VBUKPreceeding Doc. (VBELV) (Header Status) VEPO-VBELN = Delivery doc (VBELN) LIPS-VBELN and VEKP VEPO-POSNR = (SD Doc:Shipping Unit Header) LIPS-POSNR Shipping Unit Number(VENUM) VBFA LIPS-VBELN = (Sales Document Flow) LIKP-VBELN Preceding Sales Doc (VBELV) Preceding Item (POSNV) VBUP Subsequent Sales doc (VBELN) (Item Status) Subsequent Item (POSNN) Deliverydoc (VBELN) Document Cat (VBTYP_N) Item (POSNR) From Sales throughVBAP LIPS LIPS-VGBEL = VBAP-VBELN (Sales Doc:Delivery Items) To Biling through VBRP and Delivery Document Number (VBELN) VBRP-VGBEL = LIPS-VBELN LIPS-VGPOS = VBAP-POSNR Item (POSNR) and VBRP-VGPOS = LIPS-POSNR
  26. 26. SAP SD - Billing Tables VKDFS VBSK VBSSVRKPA (SD Index: Billing Initiator) (Collective Processing for a Sales (Collective Processing: Sales(Sales Index: Bills by Partner Document Header) Documents)Functions) Billing Cat (FKTYP)Partner No (KUNDE) Sales Org (VKORG) Grouped Delivery (SAMMG) Grouped Delivery (SAMMG)Partner Function (PARVW) Billing Date (FKDAT) Sales doc (VBELN)Sales Org (VKORG) Customer (KUNNR)Billing Date (FKDAT) Billing Type (FKART)Distribution Channel (VTWEG) Country (LLAND)Billing Type (FKART) Sales doc (VBELN)Payer (KUNNR)Sold-to-Party (KUNNR)SD Doc Cat (VBTYP)User Name (ERNAM) NASTBilling Doc (VBELN) (Billing: Header Data) Application (KAPPL) Object (OBJKY) VBRK Output Type (KSCHL) (Billing: Header Data) Language (SPRAS)VRPMA Mess Partner (PARNR)(SD Index: Billing Items per Material) Billing doc (VBELN) Partner Func (PARVW) Date (ERDAT)Material No (MATNR) Time (ERUHR)Sales Org (VKORG)Billing Date (FKDAT)Distribution Channel (VTWEG)Billing Type (FKART)Payer (KUNNR)Sold-to-Party (KUNNR) VBUKSD Doc Cat (VBTYP) (Header Status)User Name (ERNAM) Sales doc (VBELN)Billing Doc (VBELN)Item (POSNR) VBRP (Billing: Item Data) Billing doc (VBELN) Item (POSNR) From Shipping through LIPS VBFA VBRP-VGBEL = LIPS-VBELN (Sales Document Flow) and Preceding Sales Doc (VBELV) VBRP-VGPOS = LIPS-POSNR Preceding Item (POSNV) Subsequent Sales doc (VBELN) VBUP Subsequent Item (POSNN) (Sales Document: Item Status) Document Cat (VBTYP_N) Sales doc (VBELN) Item (POSNR)
  27. 27. SAP SD - Links to FI Tables Customer Master Data Sales Area Data General Data Company Code DataKNVP(Customer Master Partner Functions)Customer No (KUNNR)Sales Org (VKORG) KNA1 KNB1Distribution Ch (VTWEG) (General Data in Customer Master) (Customer master (company code))Division (SPART) Customer No (KUNNR) Customer No (KUNNR)Partner Function (PARVW) Company Code (BUKRS)Partner Counter (PARZA)KNVV(Customer Master Sales Data)Customer No (KUNNR) KNB5Sales Org (VKORG) (Customer master (dunning data))Distribution Ch (VTWEG) Customer No (KUNNR)Division (SPART) Companu Code (BUKRS) Dunning Area (MABER)KNVD(Customer master record salesrequest form)Customer No (KUNNR)Sales Org (VKORG)Distribution Ch (VTWEG)Division (SPART)Output Type (
  28. 28. SAP SD - Links to MM Tables Material Master Data Sales Data Basic Data Sales Text DataMARC MAKT(Material Master: C Segment) (Material Descriptions)Material No (MATNR) Material No (MATNR)Plant (WERKS) Language (SPRAS) STXH (STXD SAPscript text file header)MVKE Texts (TDOBJECT)(Material Master: Sales Data) Text Name (TDNAME)Material No (MATNR) Text Id (TDID)Sales Org (VKORG) Language (TDSPRAS)Distribution Chan (VTWEG) MARAProduct Hierarchy (PRODH) (Material Master: General Data) Material No (MATNR)T179(Materials: Product Hierarchies)Product Hierarchy (PRODH) STXL*use to ge text for hiearchy levels (STXD SAPscript text file lines) (RELID) MARM Texts (TDOBJECT) (Units of Measure) Text Name (TDNAME)MLAN Material No (MATNR) Text Id (TDID)(Tax Classification: Material) UOM (MEINH) Language (TDSPRAS)Material No (MATNR) (SRTF2)Country (ALAND)
  29. 29. Contributions by Master Data FI/CO HR Jim Lewis (Whittman-Hart, inc.) Michael Rhodes (MedPartners, inc.) MM SD PP Paul Evans (Whittman-Hart, inc.) Jim Lewis (Whittman-Hart, inc.) Krishna Prasad (Whittman-Hart, inc.)Michael Rhodes (MedPartners, inc.) Russ Smith (Benteler) Michael Rhodes (MedPartners, inc.)