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#R nchat transcript 07 feb2013

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#R nchat transcript 07 feb2013

  1. 1. #RNchat transcript Healthcare Social Media Transcript From: Thu Feb 07 17:50:00 PST 2013 To: Thu Feb 07 19:15:00 PST 2013 change time periodWho were the influencers during this time period? #RNchat analyticsConnecting the dots in healthcare social media: Healthcare Conference - Tweet Chats - Healthcare AnalyticsWhat is #RNchat?RNchat Pre-reading for tonights #RNchat at 9pm EST: Oh boy. This should be good :) #nurses Thu Feb 7 17:50:03 PST 2013RNchat Well be deconstructing @HealthBizBlogs post about the replaceability of #nurses in a moment on #RNchat at 9pm EST Thu Feb 7 17:53:21 PST 2013NurseLewis85 I think I finally figured twitter chat out! Getting ready to try my first chat! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 17:56:00 PST 2013RNchat @NurseLewis85 Great, Lindsey! Looking forward to having you participate! #RNchat. Thu Feb 7 17:56:49 PST 2013
  2. 2. AmySpinella #RNChat also new to chat, but going to give this a try tonight! Thu Feb 7 17:58:22 PST 2013RNchat @AmySpinella Great! You can try to follow the chat easier. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 17:59:08 PST 2013nursingideas Glad to hear it @NurseLewis85 Hopefully more #Nurses will figure out how to join #RNchat in 2 minutes #RNchat Thu Feb 7 17:59:22 PST 2013haleighsligar I am right there with you @AmySpinella! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 17:59:32 PST 2013RNchat Welcome to #RNchat, friends! Im @PhilBaumann. I started this in 2009 for #nurses. Well begin in a moment, but first: introduce yourselves! Thu Feb 7 18:00:18 PST 2013NurseLewis85 @Amy Spinella Glad we can learn together Amy! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:01:01 PST 2013nursefriendly @RNchat Hello Everyone, Andrew Lopez, RN from #NewJersey, Nurse, Entrepreneur, Parent, #Healthcare #Tweetchat enthusiast #RNchat #nurses Thu Feb 7 18:01:35 PST 2013AmySpinella @RNchat Hello. Amy Spinella, RN from Springfield, Missouri #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:02:34 PST 2013NurseLewis85 @AmySpinella Glad we could do this together Amy! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:02:35 PST 2013rdjfraser Hi Everyone, Rob Fraser RN from Toronto Canada. Finished working on my Gen Medicine floor about an hour ago. Love tech & innovation. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:03:05 PST 2013RNchat @rdjfraser Welcome, Rob. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:03:38 PST 2013 Hi Everyone! Candy here signing in from Oregon tonight. #rnchat
  3. 3. TheGypsyNurse Thu Feb 7 18:03:45 PST 2013rdjfraser Recognize @Philbuamann @NurseFriendly @YogaNurse Great to meet you @AmySpinella @NurseLewis85. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:04:00 PST 2013NurseEvette Hello Sonya Here! #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:04:17 PST 2013nursefriendly Thursday #Healthcare #Tweetchats (ET) 9p #Medlibs #RNchat #MedEd - #cphc #nurseup #nursefriendly Thu Feb 7 18:04:19 PST 2013haleighsligar Hello everyone. This is my first chat. Im Haleigh from Springfield, MO, RN. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:04:31 PST 2013RNchat @AmySpinella @NurseLewis85 @haleighsligar Welcome to #RNchat! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:04:37 PST 2013RNchat @nursefriendly Go easy on them hashtags, brother ;) #RNchat Good to see you! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:05:08 PST 2013NurseEvette @haleighsligar Nice to have you. #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:05:20 PST 2013thebusynurse @RNchat hello to all my fellow nurses! Andi here. Canadian RN working in a small city hospital. Looking forward to tonights chat! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:05:39 PST 2013theyoganurse Hello from the Outer Banks Beaches of North Carolina. What a hot topic tonight! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:06:02 PST 2013nursefriendly #Nurses, join us! @TheGypsyNurse I see a lot of familiar faces :) And a lot of new ones too - I love it :) #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:06:03 PST 2013NurseEvette LOL! RT @RNchat: @nursefriendly Go easy on them hashtags, brother ;) #RNchat Good to see you! #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:06:05 PST 2013
  4. 4. JamesM_BSN James here checking in with you tonight from Kentucky. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:06:19 PST 2013nursefriendly Yipes, ok . . RT @RNchat: @nursefriendly Go easy on them hashtags, brother ;) #RNchat Good to see you! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:06:30 PST 2013MatthewBrowning OMGoodness! #RNChat! Its like comin home! Hi All, been a while :-) Thu Feb 7 18:06:57 PST 2013RNchat Ok, well start with first topic. Please ad T1, T2, etc. to your tweet so we can track the chat more clearly. #RNchat Have fun! Thu Feb 7 18:06:58 PST 2013RNchat @MatthewBrowning :) Nice to see you, bud! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:07:16 PST 2013nursefriendly If not using Tweetdeck or some other program, try Tweetchat to follow the conversation. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:07:24 PST 2013theyoganurse @NurseEvette @haleighsligar Stoked about tonight #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:07:48 PST 2013rdjfraser It has been a while @MatthewBrowning great to see another Canadian in the mix @ThebusyNurse #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:08:12 PST 2013NurseLewis85 Hi everyone, Im Lindsey. I am also from Springfield, Mo and a RN. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:08:15 PST 2013nursefriendly :) RT @rdjfraser: Recognize @Philbuamann @NurseFriendly @YogaNurse Great to meet you @AmySpinella @NurseLewis85. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:08:18 PST 2013RNchat T1 What do you think of @HealthBizBlogs claim that nursescan be replaced by robots? Is this an educated claim? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:08:48 PST 2013 :-) #RNChat
  5. 5. MatthewBrowning Thu Feb 7 18:09:15 PST 2013NurseEvette @theyoganurse Its been a very long time. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:09:18 PST 2013melmelnhl hi there! just studying for boards here in Columbus Ohio :) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:09:25 PST 2013thebusynurse @rdjfraser thanks, its been a while since Ive had the chance to engage in #RNchat. Looks like an interesting one tonight! Thu Feb 7 18:10:08 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse T1 I believe the tech will replace many tasks but there will always be need for bedside assessment/interventions #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:10:12 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos #Doctors & #nurses who strap a baby down & cut open his penis are spineless Child Molesters & Pedophiles #clinicalnegligence #rnchat #hcsm Thu Feb 7 18:10:12 PST 2013RNchat @NurseEvette @theyoganurse Great to see you. Its @PhilBaumann here and its great to be back cranking the pump! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:10:25 PST 2013nursingideas @melmelnhl best of luck with writing. Check out @nclexprof for some great tips and studying advice! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:10:35 PST 2013nursefriendly @RNchat T1 i will believe it when I see it :) It was like pulling teeth to get adoption of the #EMR. Who will pay for robots? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:10:35 PST 2013theyoganurse T1 Lets see if a robot will care + hold your hand when you are dying? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:10:42 PST 2013NurseEvette T1 People want human to human interaction not a robot. No matter what industry you are in. #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:11:10 PST 2013nursefriendly T1 Robots, software is only as good as the programming, cannot replace the real time, experience, education, adapting on the
  6. 6. fly #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:11:37 PST 2013haleighsligar T1- I agree with you @theyoganurse. We offer so much more on an emotional level! #RNchat #NUR3563 Thu Feb 7 18:11:42 PST 2013RNchat Feel free to ignore the spam stuff - it happens on chats all the time. Goes with the territory. Carry on. ;) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:11:43 PST 2013theyoganurse Yes. Start me up! @NurseEvette @theyoganurse Great to see you. Its @PhilBaumann here and its great to be back cranking the pump! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:11:49 PST 2013AmySpinella T1 Robots will not get "that feeling" when every test is normal. Can not replace that bedside care #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:11:53 PST 2013nursefriendly @RNchat T1 Would be a very interesting experiment to program a #robot to replace a #nurse. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:12:12 PST 2013jennparsonage Hey everyone, Ill probably be lurking, might pop in a comment or two now and again! Looking forward to the conversation! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:12:13 PST 2013haleighsligar Right @AmySpinella, robots dont have gut feelings either. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:12:38 PST 2013thebusynurse T1 tech can replace many mechanical/physical aspects of our job like lifting pts, but it cant replace our critical thinking or care #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:12:46 PST 2013RNchat @jennparsonage We prefer the term "stalking" ;) Thats just fine. Feel free to jump in or just watch. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:12:55 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @nursefriendly As long as Im not the patient! No robot nurses for me... #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:13:02 PST 2013nursefriendly T1 Like #CompactDiscs to Vinyl, the limitations would be clearly revealed of the robots. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:13:11 PST 2013
  7. 7. NurseEvette T1 Robots dont have compassion or empathy #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:13:17 PST 2013nSisters4Life #RNchat When I was on this hospital for 6days flu and pneumonia, nurses came in face the computer gave meds, took vitals left out. Robots. Thu Feb 7 18:13:38 PST 2013MatthewBrowning T1 They will be useful for labor and menial tasks- lifting, fetching, responding (google symptoms for x) ,not nursing. #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:13:57 PST 2013theyoganurse T1 Hospitals are investing in trendy robots and firing nurses. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:14:00 PST 2013NurseLewis85 Patients need human compassion. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:14:07 PST 2013jennparsonage @RNchat Ill be a model stalker, then! :) #RNchat #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:14:08 PST 2013nursingideas @NurseEvette two complex emotions. Even tasks are complex, try assessing for resp distress, putting on a face mask & starting an IV #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:14:29 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse T1 Many areas that tech/robots can assist: medication admin, drip changes/monitoring, automatic charting, others... #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:14:36 PST 2013haleighsligar It seems like we are becoming more robots since all be do is sit behind a computer now :( #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:14:41 PST 2013thebusynurse T1 to be fair, some days I feel like a robot working on my floor ;) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:14:47 PST 2013RNchat @thebusynurse ;) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:15:00 PST 2013
  8. 8. jennparsonage T1 I was quite offended by the suggestion that nurses can be replaced by robots. Robots dont offer human comfort #RNchat #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:15:23 PST 2013NurseLewis85 I also agee with @nursefriendly, who is going to pay for these robots? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:15:26 PST 2013NurseEvette me too RT @thebusynurse: T1 to be fair, some days I feel like a robot working on my floor ;) #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:15:31 PST 2013nursingideas @MatthewBrowning exactly. I didnt leave work 30 minutes late because our work is easy. Nursing is complex and patients complicated #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:15:31 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos Doctors & nurses who cut off the most private part of a baby (often w/little or no anestetic) have no empathy or compassion either. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:15:33 PST 2013NurseEvette @nursingideas I agree #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:15:54 PST 2013haleighsligar @NurseEvette @thebusynurse Agreed #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:16:01 PST 2013nursefriendly Wishful thinking :) RT @theyoganurse: T1 Lets see if a robot will care + hold your hand when you are dying? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:16:02 PST 2013nursefriendly Personal touch. RT @NurseEvette: T1 People want human to human interaction not a robot. No matter what industry you are in. #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:16:32 PST 2013nursingideas I think the focus of the article is how will tech enhance nurses. How will how many patients will we manage when tech improves? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:16:33 PST 2013theyoganurse @NurseLewis85 yes and there is nurse compassion fatigue related to fear of speaking up about so many issues. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:16:33 PST 2013
  9. 9. theyoganurse @nursefriendly Silly nurse:) #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:17:23 PST 2013JamesM_BSN #RNChat T1: There is no affection/emotion, no "nurses intuition" that another mentioned, and the costs. No, no substitute for the real thing Thu Feb 7 18:17:44 PST 2013AmySpinella Robots cant "change the rules" either. If a patient is strict NPO, will a robot know that they can give a PO med if needed? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:17:55 PST 2013jennparsonage T1 Many areas that new tech can help/assist, or even enhance the care we provide. But thats as a tool, not a replacement #RNchat #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:18:02 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @nursingideas So how does/can tech enhance the nursing care? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:18:07 PST 2013nursefriendly @RNchat Ongoing Transcript in progress, easier to follow :) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:18:08 PST 2013NurseLewis85 @haleighsliger It does seem like we are loosing more patient interaction as more work is being required of us on the computer. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:18:19 PST 2013nSisters4Life #RNchat Sadly, the resident spent more time with me than the nurses did. So a robot would have been nice. Thu Feb 7 18:18:40 PST 2013nursingideas @JamesM_BSN cost is a good point too. If hospitals cant afford to get full functioning EPRs how could they possibly use robotics #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:18:43 PST 2013theyoganurse @jennparsonage agreed #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:18:52 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @jennparsonage tool=yes replacement=kinda? If less task work for nurse, less nurses needed? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:18:59 PST 2013
  10. 10. nursefriendly @AmySpinella T1 Yes, you cannot program "Gut Instinct" into a robot :( It will miss way too much that a nurse would pick up on. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:19:44 PST 2013theyoganurse @nSisters4Life sorry for that #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:19:44 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos #Doctors & #nurses who participate in infant circumcizion are the worst kind of Child Molesters #pedos #obgyn #pediatrics #meded #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:20:19 PST 2013NurseEvette The organizations will not get their ROI with a robot. #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:20:25 PST 2013nursefriendly Interesting stats :) Tweets about #rnchat have reached 19,921 people #nurseup #nursefriendly #hcsm #nurses Thu Feb 7 18:20:27 PST 2013MatthewBrowning T1 those $ better spent in design- nonslip flooring, water dispenser access, cleanliness, ergonomics #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:21:24 PST 2013rdjfraser Sorry. @haleighsligar I definitely know there are days when I spend little time with patients because of challenging workloads. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:22:00 PST 2013nursefriendly T1 Im all for innovation, artificial intelligence, incorporating informatics into practice. There are great things that can be done #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:22:30 PST 2013thebusynurse T1 seriously, robots could never replace good nursing care. What kind of robot could handle a code brown, or an agitated/violent pt? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:22:33 PST 2013PhilBaumann @nursingideas That may be, even as far as the physical aspects go; how adroitly can robots accomplish work? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:22:42 PST 2013theyoganurse $ spent on fabulous staffing then pt outcomes get 5 and labor and leadership and patients win #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:22:57 PST 2013
  11. 11. nursefriendly T1 Replacing #nurses at the bedside is NOT one of the tasks that technology, robots will easily or cheaply replace. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:23:11 PST 2013nursefriendly I dont see it happening for a long time. RT @TheGypsyNurse: As long as Im not the patient! No robot nurses for me... #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:23:31 PST 2013haleighsligar @thebusynurse Im down with robots cleaning up poop :) #RNchat anything else, not so much Thu Feb 7 18:23:43 PST 2013NurseLewis85 So do they feel that robots are going to replace the nursing shortage? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:24:01 PST 2013nursefriendly @nurseevette, yes, you cannot program compassion, empathy or instinct into a robot :( #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:24:14 PST 2013theyoganurse Good one RT @thebusynurse: T1 seriously, robots cd never replace good nursing. What kind of robot cd handle a code brown violent pt? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:24:40 PST 2013RNchat Its so refreshing to see smart dialogue by experienced people. All of you are doing wonderfully. Well stay a bit more on T1. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:24:53 PST 2013nursefriendly @nSisters4Life Designed by the #hospital, not by the nurses. Like a doctors visit where they type on puter, hardly look at you : ( #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:25:22 PST 2013NurseLewis85 @thebusynurse I like that you bring up agitated patients, how would a robot handle a patient in restraints? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:25:58 PST 2013MatthewBrowning @PhilBaumann or androidtly, for that matter... #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:26:19 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse T1 What tasks COULD a robot perform effectively? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:26:50 PST 2013 & consistent! RT @theyoganurse: $ spent on fabulous staffing then pt outcomes get 5 and labor and leadership and patients
  12. 12. MatthewBrowning win #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:26:57 PST 2013JamesM_BSN #RNChat Nursing is an art and a science. I dont forsee tech able to juggle it. Facilities upping tech then dec. staffing, I could imagine. Thu Feb 7 18:27:05 PST 2013nursefriendly Penny Smart, Dollar Foolish :( RT @theyoganurse: T1 Hospitals are investing in trendy robots and firing nurses. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:27:33 PST 2013thebusynurse @rdjfraser @haleighsligar more often than not, I feel this loss of patient time as well. Too much to do, and too few of us to do it! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:27:45 PST 2013RNchat @TheGypsyNurse Slipping on a puddle of c. diff ;) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:27:50 PST 2013m_zamora_d Hi everyone! Participating in my first chat...ever! #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:28:04 PST 2013theyoganurse @TheGypsyNurse Cleaning the floor? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:28:11 PST 2013RNchat @m_zamora_d Welcome! Feel free to join in or just follow along. Youll get the hang of it. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:28:31 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @RNchat ;o) #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:28:32 PST 2013nursefriendly When analyzing the system, looking at where we spend the most time, repetitive tasks could be automated :) #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:28:37 PST 2013NurseEvette @m_zamora_d hello! #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:28:44 PST 2013MatthewBrowning @TheGypsyNurse lifting, fetching, information retrieval, equipment location/retrieval , transportation, disposal. T1 #RNChat
  13. 13. Thu Feb 7 18:28:53 PST 2013nursefriendly Patient Assessment is not an area Id trust technology too. Far too complex. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:29:06 PST 2013haleighsligar Do we get to program or run these nursing robots? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:29:13 PST 2013thebusynurse @NurseLewis85 or flip that question: how would a dementia/confused pt handle being looked after by a robot? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:29:17 PST 2013nursefriendly Or chart all day :( RT @haleighsligar: It seems like we are becoming more robots since all be do is sit behind a computer now : ( #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:29:30 PST 2013theyoganurse @m_zamora_d welcome to the tribe! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:29:36 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @nursefriendly agreed, assessment needs all the senses. How many dx c-diff just by smell? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:30:00 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos Many nurses stand up to doctors & hospitals & refuse to commit infant circumcison → #courage #ethics #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:30:13 PST 2013RNchat It would be interesting to hear @IBMWatson chime in on how Watson may fit in with nursing #RNchat They did for #MDchat. Thu Feb 7 18:30:14 PST 2013Drsforamerica #GunViolence is a #PublicHealth crisis like heart disease. Learn more & how to take action here: #Dr4A #MedEd #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:30:18 PST 2013MatthewBrowning @theyoganurse Hold on a sec! I am not willing to cede floor cleaning to some robot! We are Nurses, after all ;-) #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:30:48 PST 2013Drsforamerica Do you live in North Carolina? Sign our petition to stand up for 650k of your neighbors & #Medicaid
  14. 14. #MedEd #RNChat #ACA Thu Feb 7 18:31:19 PST 2013JamesM_BSN @TheGypsyNurse @nursefriendly The smell at 50 paces even...uggg. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:31:20 PST 2013nursefriendly The name of the "robot" game, is get hourly paid nurses away from the bedside, cut labor costs by using robots, far cheaper. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:31:23 PST 2013AmySpinella T1 There are too many variables in what we do everyday. Programming would be a nightmare. I dont trust our vitals machines 100%. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:31:36 PST 2013thebusynurse @nursefriendly @haleighsligar thats what we need: a robot to do all of our tedious charting! Thats a task Ill gladly outsource! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:31:45 PST 2013nursefriendly There are very few robots that could do even simple tasks like emptying a urinal, foley, changing a dressing at #bedside. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:32:04 PST 2013theyoganurse @MatthewBrowning Oh forgive my forgetfulness, we clean floors too! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:32:06 PST 2013nursefriendly Use the robots where theyll do the most good. Automate billing, labs, charting, sharing of the electronic medical record. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:32:39 PST 2013nursingideas @AmySpinella the logistics of how a robot could handle a full nursing patient load is terrifying and fascinating. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:32:43 PST 2013RNchat OK - So lets take a quick poll: This topic is getting a lot of thought. Shall we continue with it? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:33:02 PST 2013jennparsonage T1 Tech inevitably fails at some point, what would be the backup plan? No nurses to fall back on. #RNchat #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:33:05 PST 2013
  15. 15. NurseLewis85 I dont think most patients would like to be looked after by a robot, or trust there care to be in the robots hands. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:33:12 PST 2013theyoganurse @thebusynurse yes let the robots do the charting @thegypsynurse #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:33:19 PST 2013nursefriendly Consolidate the systems, MANDATE that they talk to each other, share information to facilitate chart reviews, decision making. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:33:21 PST 2013RNchat And where is @EllenRichter #RNchat ;) Thu Feb 7 18:33:24 PST 2013thebusynurse @theyoganurse @matthewbrowning and walls too, on occasion! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:33:24 PST 2013MatthewBrowning :-) RT @thebusynurse: @theyoganurse @matthewbrowning and walls too, on occasion! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:33:54 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @nursingideas robots to replace nurse..more terrifying than fascinating imho. T1 #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:34:01 PST 2013nursefriendly There is much that we do each day in documentation that takes up our time. Streamline it, give us more time at bedside. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:34:07 PST 2013NurseLewis85 @nursefriendly I can see where robots may be cheeper in the long run and how it could cut labor costs. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:34:41 PST 2013nursefriendly Let #nurses do what they do best, watch over their #patients, get them what they need, and get them home safely. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:34:43 PST 2013m_zamora_d @NurseLewis85 Especially in L&D. Whod want a robot checking how dilated their cervix is? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:34:46 PST 2013RNchat T1a Well stay with this topic, but shift it a bit: lets go from bedside uses of robots to "knowledge" uses of robots. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:35:12 PST 2013
  16. 16. TheGypsyNurse Next. RT @RNchat: OK - So lets take a quick poll: This topic is getting a lot of thought. Shall we continue with it? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:35:20 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos After circumcisng baby boys, some female #doctors & #nurses get so aroused that they sneak into the ladies room & masturbate #meded #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:35:32 PST 2013theyoganurse Fabulous RT @m_zamora_d: @NurseLewis85 Especially in L&D. Whod want a robot checking how dilated their cervix is? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:35:34 PST 2013JamesM_BSN #RNChat T1: Ill take the robot/coffee maker, since that will save me alot of running...heh Thu Feb 7 18:35:35 PST 2013MatthewBrowning #Robots and #Nurses..... Have you all seen #RNChat tonight?? Good stuff! cc: #hcsm #hit #health #patients Thu Feb 7 18:35:37 PST 2013nursefriendly A robot will follow its programming, it will NOT know when to question a potentially lethal medication order :( #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:35:40 PST 2013nursefriendly What is one of our biggest gripes? #patient education RT @TheGypsyNurse @nursingideas So how does/can tech enhance the nursing care? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:36:24 PST 2013ImpactMktPR Bet robots provide better care - not. “@nursefriendly: name of the "robot" game, get hrly pd nurses away from bedside... #rnchat” Thu Feb 7 18:36:43 PST 2013m_zamora_d @NurseEvette Hi there, Sonya! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:36:44 PST 2013nursefriendly Take the technology, put laptops at the bedside, interactive learning modules. Teach Our Patients! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:36:52 PST 2013m_zamora_d @theyoganurse thank you! feels good to be here! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:37:02 PST 2013
  17. 17. NurseLewis85 Nurses have a compassion for what they do! Nurses make a difference in so many lives of patients and their families. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:37:03 PST 2013AmySpinella @nursefriendly A Robot will not differentiate between what the provider orders and what you heard him tell the patient in the room #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:37:19 PST 2013thebusynurse @JamesM_BSN I like the way you think! Ill take my coffee with sugar and cream please. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:37:19 PST 2013nursefriendly Interactive learning could be such a boon to the #diabetic #asthmatic #CHF #FrequentFliers. Use #technology to teach #Prevention #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:37:37 PST 2013MatthewBrowning T1a Id love an eavesdropping robot .Mrs X, I see you have a new diagnosis of "Y"- Robot has printouts/pdfs for pt, review checklist #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:38:24 PST 2013theyoganurse Documentation related to fear of law suits. If we stopped being so litigious there wd be time for patients instead of cover yo ass! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:38:47 PST 2013JamesM_BSN #RNchat T1:From a knowledge standpoint I would rather have a licensed nurse with a pocket "smart-device" to aid their knowledge. Thu Feb 7 18:39:08 PST 2013RNchat @theyoganurse Yep. Defensive nursing/medicine is offensive. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:39:17 PST 2013nursefriendly Instead of trying to CRAM #patient #education in at discharge, make it an ongoing process with computer-facilitated return demos #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:39:29 PST 2013MatthewBrowning nice! RT @RNchat: @theyoganurse Yep. Defensive nursing/medicine is offensive. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:40:02 PST 2013nursefriendly Computers have all the time in the world, to make sure a #patient, #family #caregiver understands the material, and can test. #rnchat
  18. 18. Thu Feb 7 18:40:22 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse T1 Education is good idea but how many pts will actually take the initiative to learn from a smart device/laptop? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:40:32 PST 2013NurseLewis85 Good point @AmySpinella, what if the provider puts in wrong orders or on the wrong patient. How would a robot catch that? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:41:16 PST 2013nursefriendly Computers can test, interactively, determine and report to the #nurses #doctors #HCPS if a #patient #family #caregivers understands. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:41:18 PST 2013theyoganurse @TheGypsyNurse more tech needed to answer that question #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:41:32 PST 2013ncrainbowgrrl @TheGypsyNurse especially if meds given to control sx #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:41:34 PST 2013nursefriendly One of our biggest failures as #HCPS is #educating our #patients, giving them the knowledge they need to stay #Healthy #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:41:56 PST 2013MatthewBrowning T1a I think it would be more avatar based, virtual reality looking, like Kaiser experimenting with- Repetitious reinforcement/demo #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:42:13 PST 2013nursefriendly If I was going to focus #Technology in one direction, it would be to educate patients to live healthier, cut down on readmissions. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:42:39 PST 2013rdjfraser @jennparsonage Id also like all my vitals machines to automatically document, so I can look at trends, not draw lines. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:43:17 PST 2013theyoganurse @nursefriendly and decrease infection rates #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:43:37 PST 2013
  19. 19. NurseLewis85 @nursefriendly I like the idea of computer-facilitated return demos on education about discharge. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:43:39 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse How about a chip in your badge that documents when you go in/out of pt room? Save q1hr round documentation #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:44:26 PST 2013ImpactMktPR Disappointing. Outsourcing cust. serv. didnt work for IT. This move will strengthen smart hospitals that focus in CS. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:44:33 PST 2013MatthewBrowning T1a could be a very powerful discharge tool, may improve patient retention / repeatability - duplicate for pt online! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:44:35 PST 2013jennparsonage @rdjfraser absolutely. I miss that about critical care - automatic vital trends. I can get behind THAT kind of tech! #rnchat #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:45:03 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos Many #doctors & #nurses are part of circumsision fetish groups trading stories & videos with each other → #rnchat #rn Thu Feb 7 18:45:27 PST 2013theyoganurse Join me for a #rnchat TweetChat at: #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:46:31 PST 2013MatthewBrowning @rdjfraser right! smart, interactive, real-time biometric data on patients would be very powerful! Reactions to tx, meds, etc. #RNChat Thu Feb 7 18:46:31 PST 2013yoespo #RNchat following this chat is harder on my phone than the puter. Sorry im I give kudos to robots doing 1:1 for"siderail-climbers" Thu Feb 7 18:46:32 PST 2013nursefriendly Show me a robot that can do :) RT @TheGypsyNurse: agreed, assessment needs all the senses. How many dx c-diff just by smell? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:46:42 PST 2013nursingideas @NurseLewis85 @nursefriendly that would be great. patient education is often an after thought and is part of the things undone #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:46:49 PST 2013
  20. 20. RNchat @yoespo Yeah, theres no great app for chats on phones. One situation where a larger screen helps. Agree on the stairclimber. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:47:42 PST 2013nursefriendly Roll with it :) RT @RNchat: OK - So lets take a quick poll: This topic is getting a lot of thought. Shall we continue with it? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:48:11 PST 2013RNchat @nursefriendly Yes - well keep rolling with it. Good stuff! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:48:36 PST 2013ImpactMktPR Now thats smart! “@theyoganurse: $ spent on fabulous staffing then pt outcomes get 5 and labor and leadership and patients win #rnchat” Thu Feb 7 18:48:58 PST 2013nursefriendly No hourly pay RT @NurseLewis85 @nursefriendly I can see where robots may be cheeper in the long run and how it could cut labor costs #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:49:19 PST 2013nursefriendly @NurseLewis85 Pay for the #robot once, then have it do the work of as many #nurses as it can replace #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:49:53 PST 2013theyoganurse Lets see a robot give a blood transfusion/ Yikes! and pick it up from pharm etc. Really this is way too sci fi- 2095 maybe? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:51:13 PST 2013amyrnbsn Hi. Quick jump in: wld robots honor cultural diversity (beyond Lang translation), personality differences, humor, family dynamics? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:51:17 PST 2013nursefriendly @ImpactMktPR Believe it when I see it, do you think a #patient will prefer a Human or a Robot when sick, scared, in pain? #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:51:31 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos Circumsised men r 4.5 times more likly to get ErectileDysfunction. When you cut babies you steal mens sexuality #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:52:13 PST 2013 @AmySpinella Nope, A robot wont know to question orders, or pick up on lethal mistakes. Will follow its programming.
  21. 21. nursefriendly #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:52:39 PST 2013MOMtility Patient ed such an afterthought sadly. Use tech for efficient ways to communicate & follow-up. Esp in onc, home health. #rnchat #mhealth Thu Feb 7 18:53:32 PST 2013NurseLewis85 @theyoganurse Good point! What would they do about blood transfusions and PCA pumps that need verification by a second nurse? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:53:45 PST 2013nursefriendly @theyoganurse Sad, but True, we have too many #doctors #Nurses #HCPS screwing up due to systemic issues, to eliminate malpractice #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:54:01 PST 2013nursefriendly Would rather have a nurse with a smartphone compared to what? A robot? @JamesM_BSN: #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:54:47 PST 2013AmerAcadPedos #doctors & #nurses who cut off baby boys most private & sensitive parts are violent sex criminals #rnchat #nurse #nurseup #ChildMolesters Thu Feb 7 18:55:08 PST 2013nursefriendly @TheGypsyNurse T1 If the provided education will save them hospital bills, are recommended by #doctors, #insurance? Lots will. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:55:45 PST 2013RNchat Whoa! The hour flies! We "officially" end 10p EST, but feel free to continue a bit after - stuff is too good to miss! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:56:05 PST 2013amyrnbsn @yoespo Its the idiosyncrasies of humanity that will take a long time for robots to pick up. That kind of AI is a long way off #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:56:45 PST 2013nursefriendly @rdjfraser Rob, we have #BARCODE technology and #WIFI, why cant Vital Signs automatically be transmitted into the EMR? #RNchat Thu Feb 7 18:57:08 PST 2013ImpactMktPR @nursefriendly Exactly. If RN like namesake @nursefriendly then vote for people RNs. No one wants Frank on MASH. #RNchat
  22. 22. Thu Feb 7 18:57:14 PST 2013nursefriendly @TheGypsyNurse That technology, RFIDs has been around for some time, been tried in hospitals to track work flows. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:58:55 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @nursefriendly RT:why cant Vital Signs automatically be transmitted into the EMR? tech is there just not implemented...sad. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:58:57 PST 2013amyrnbsn Anyway - looks like it was a super chat. Cant wait to read the transcript! Nite, nurse pals. Great topic, Phil! #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:59:02 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @amyrnbsn Gnite. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 18:59:39 PST 2013AmySpinella This was truly a positive experience! Will have to chat again. #rnchat #NUR3563 Thu Feb 7 18:59:50 PST 2013RNchat @amyrnbsn Goodnight! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:04 PST 2013rdjfraser @TheGypsyNurse it was a long time coming, this year our glucometers automatically upload readings. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:08 PST 2013theyoganurse Pleasant eve to all. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:19 PST 2013jennparsonage @nursefriendly @rdjfraser We used CCIS in PICU. Made a permanent record of all that happened in care, very easy to use. Was amazing! #RNChat Thu Feb 7 19:00:32 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @nursefriendly rfid chip could be very useful for a lot of charting/tracking #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:38 PST 2013nursefriendly @yoespo When you get home, review the Transcript, can comment, participate :) Well still be listening :) #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:42 PST 2013
  23. 23. haleighsligar Good night all. Thanks for a good first chat! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:54 PST 2013RNchat Thanks for joining everybody! GREAT chat. See you next week. Feel free to keep chatting. Ill get a transcript up soon! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:00:56 PST 2013RNchat @haleighsligar Goodnight! Thanks for your input! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:01:24 PST 2013RNchat @AmySpinella Very glad that you enjoyed it! Come back. Check the #RNchat stream for updates. Cheers! Thu Feb 7 19:01:50 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse Great chat everyone! Nice to meet those I didnt know and nice to visit those I do know. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:02:10 PST 2013MOMtility Bummed I missed most of #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:02:28 PST 2013JamesM_BSN #RnChat Wow, I dont think I seen a Got wrapped up in that one... Thu Feb 7 19:02:45 PST 2013NurseEvette Good Night #RNChat Thu Feb 7 19:02:46 PST 2013nursefriendly Everyone, as an aside, if you are on LinkedIN, could use your input on Mandatory Flu Vaccinations. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:02:51 PST 2013RNchat Tonights topic came out of @amyrnbsns tip on the article. Good find! It made for a great chat! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:03:23 PST 2013jennparsonage @JamesM_BSN We just kept going with T1! Too good! #RNChat Thu Feb 7 19:03:27 PST 2013nursefriendly Kindly comment, Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for Hospital Employees, LinkedIN. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:03:31 PST 2013
  24. 24. thebusynurse Parting shot regarding the replacement of nurses with robots: does not compute! Great chatting with everyone. See you next time. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:03:38 PST 2013RNchat @NurseEvette Goodnight! Thanks for being here. #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:03:45 PST 2013RNchat @thebusynurse Great chatting with you too. All great thoughts on the subject. Hope to see you again! #RNchat Thu Feb 7 19:04:17 PST 2013MOMtility sorry I missed most of #rnchat tonight. hope to start participating regularly. getting ready for blizzard fun. Thu Feb 7 19:04:18 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse @rdjfraser Sad that healthcare has taken so long to utilize the technology that is out there. #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:04:29 PST 2013ImpactMktPR whos accountable? “@nursefriendly: @AmySpinella Nope, robot wont know to ? orders, or pickup on lethal errors. follow program. #rnchat” Thu Feb 7 19:05:55 PST 2013TheGypsyNurse #RNchat - Healthcare Social Media Transcript via @symplur Thu Feb 7 19:06:49 PST 2013amyrnbsn @yoespo Think abt all the creativity you do w/in 1 shift that is never the same day to day. The author of the blog doesnt get that #rnchat Thu Feb 7 19:07:21 PST 2013nursecasestudy #RNChat Transcript for tonight :) #nurseup #nursefriendly #healthcare #tweetchats #nursing Thu Feb 7 19:08:22 PST 2013RNchat @symplur - is there a delay in getting tweets pulled in for #RNchat? Please let me know if you can run one: 2045-22:15 EST (remove RTs). Thu Feb 7 19:10:54 PST 2013