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Social Media Activation & the World at Large (aka: Why the F@#$ Should We Care)


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Your Social Media Activation and the World at Large: aka – Why The F@#% Should We Care?

The whole team is super excited about your latest Facebook app. The tie back to your products is clear and concise. The design is spot on. QA found no earth shaking bugs. Your YouTube videos are full of awesome inside jokes for true fans and sit at a perfect 2 minutes flat. So why have only 27 people (15 of whom work in your office) bothered to check it out?

Simple – because you didn't bother to ask the most important question of all when developing the concept you rolled out to your communities: why the f@#% should anyone care?

All too often we decide to do something because we're excited about it. We're smart people, right? And since we're excited about UGC videos extolling the virtues of beef jerky/window cleaners/floor wax/personal grooming, everyone else must be too! Unfortunately, they're not. In fact, most people don't care at all.

During this session we'll discuss:
• What questions you need to ask to help ensure you're doing work people will give one (or more) f@#%(s) about
• What are the common elements of work people give a f@#% (or even a flying f@#%) about
• How to effectively perform reality checks on your work without making your creatives sad sad pandas

Social Media Activation & the World at Large (aka: Why the F@#$ Should We Care)

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