SharePoint 2010 Workflow University Slide Deck


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SharePoint 2010 Workflow University presented by RBA Consulting

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SharePoint 2010 Workflow University Slide Deck

  1. 1. Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010
  2. 2. AGENDA • Introduction • Overview of changes in SharePoint 2010 – Visio 2010 – SharePoint Designer 2010 – Visual Studio 2010 • Common Workflow Challenges • From OOB to Custom Workflows • Business Case – Visio – SharePoint Designer – Visual Studio • Wrap Up
  3. 3. ABOUT RBA SLIDE • Founded in 2006 • Offices in three geographies – Dallas – Denver – Minneapolis • Best Places to Work – Minneapolis: 2007, 2008, 2009 – Dallas: 2009 • Microsoft Gold Partner – 8 Gold Competencies – Managed Partner • FAST Partner • Online Services Accelerated Partner
  4. 4. Eric Hanes Consultant at RBA Consulting SharePoint Business Analyst BVPS Certified Blog – Experience • Working with SharePoint since v2003 • Background in a Fortune 100 company • Consulting for last 2 years • Working on SharePoint 2010 for 6 months • Contributed to SharePoint 2010: Workflows in Action • Microsoft is even a customer…
  5. 5. Scott Wheeler Consultant at RBA Consulting SharePoint Architect Blog – Experience • Consulting in Microsoft Technology for past 15 years • Background in custom app development, data warehousing, and business intelligence • Worked with SharePoint 2003, 2007 and now 2010 • Presenter at MSBIC, TechFest 2009, TechFest 2010 • Microsoft is a even customer…
  6. 6. Phil Wicklund Consultant at RBA Consulting SharePoint Developer blog - Experience • Working with SharePoint since 2004 • Was a trainer for Mindsharp • Now consulting through RBA • Wrote SharePoint 2010: Workflows in Action
  8. 8. WHAT IS A WORKFLOW? Usable Workflows for Everyone Human Workflow System Workflow Participants are people Participants are services, apps Flexible control flow, ad-hoc Prescriptive control flow, transactional Information Worker Business to Business • Document Review Supply Chain Mgmt… • Signature Collection • Records Retention • Expense Reporting Line of Business Apps CRM ERP • Application Processing Sales Automation… • Many others…..
  9. 9. WHAT IS NEW SHAREPOINT 2010 • SharePoint 2010 • SharePoint Designer 2010 – Site, Reusable, and Global – New Interface Workflows – Reusable Workflows – Customizable “Out of the Box” – Integration with InfoPath Workflows – Better Task Processing – Visual Workflow Status with Visio – Parallel blocks Services – Impersonation steps / security – Workflow Templates actions • Visual Studio 2010 – Start a workflow within a workflow – Import SPD WF in VS – Assignment stages – “F5” packaging and deployment – External data in workflows via BCS – New WF events – Pluggable workflow services • Visio 2010 – Build SharePoint Workflows in Visio – New File Format VWI
  10. 10. SHAREPOINT 2010 Old Familiar “Out of the Box” Workflows • Three State Workflow • Approval Workflow • Collect Feedback Workflow • Collect Signatures Workflow • Disposition Approval Workflow • Translation Management Workflow
  11. 11. SHAREPOINT 2010 Workflow Statuses with Visio Services
  12. 12. MICROSOFT VISIO 2010
  13. 13. SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2010? Site Workflows Reusable Workflows Customizing the “Out of Box Workflows
  14. 14. WHAT’S NEW WITH 2010? Parallel steps in SPD Task Process Customization
  15. 15. SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2010 Some of the 21 New Actions in SharePoint Designer 2010 APPROVAL ACTIONS You can start a new Approval workflow instance on this item, or a Assign Item For Approval new/different. You can start a new Feedback workflow instance on this item, or a Assign Item For Feedback new/different. General Task Process Seems to do the same thing as Assign Item For Approval CORE ACTIONS Add a comment Similar to "Log to History List" Set Workflow Status You can use this action to set a custom workflow status column LIST ACTIONS Declare Record Used to declare an item/document as a record for Records management. Inherit List Item Parent With this action you can set the permissions to inherit from its parent list or Permissions folder (first unique ancestor) This action clears all permissions set on this list item – no access for non-site Remove List Item Permissions collection admins This action deletes all the permissions on the item (or breaks inheritance) and Replace List Item Permissions assigned NEW permissions to that object. Undeclare Record See note on "Declare Record" RELATIONAL ACTIONS This action will look at a user's profile and return that user's manager from Lookup Manager of a User within their profile
  16. 16. VISUAL STUDIO 2010 Office Visio 2010 Workflows Package Workflows as Solutions (WSPs) to extend further in Visual Studio
  17. 17. SEQUENTIAL VS STATE MACHINE Sequential State Machine
  18. 18. WORKFLOW TYPES Where does the solution fit? Out-Of-The-Box SharePoint Designer Visual Studio (Visio) Document Approval Status Reports Application Task and Custom Tracking Apps LOB Integration Issue Tracking Custom Form Actions Purchase Order Routing & Approval Processing E-Mail Notification Review Product lifecycle Service Requests management Approval Asset Tracking State Machine Signature collection COMPLEXITY AD-HOC STRUCTURED
  19. 19. WORKFLOW CHOICES SharePoint SharePoint Designer Visual Studio • Out of the Box • Workflow automatically • Full development • STRENGTHS Level of customization deployed to target experience • Business driven and • Custom Forms • Supports both sequential business distributed automatically generated and state-machine • No IT or Developers to build and deployed • Typical Visual Studio and deploy • Reusable Workflows debugging techniques • Visio Services • Robust “no code” solutions • Can be used across any • Site Level Workflows • Basic Debugging number of lists any number of times • Easier connection to external LOB Apps Microsoft Visio 2010
  20. 20. DEMO
  21. 21. THANK YOU Presenters for todays event: Eric Hanes Consultant at RBA Consulting SharePoint Business Analyst Scott Wheeler Consultant at RBA Consulting SharePoint Architect Phil Wicklund Consultant at RBA Consulting SharePoint Developer