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Why hacking into your company is so easy


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Recent data breaches have shown that hackers are no longer only seeking financial information, but are targeting personally identifiable information (PII) such as email addresses, health data, proprietary company information, that is highly valuable to cybercriminals yet vastly underprotected.

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Why hacking into your company is so easy

  1. 1. Why Hacking into YourCompany is So Easy
  2. 2. We think you should meet someone.
  3. 3. This is Yuri.Photo: Santiago Zavala
  4. 4. Last year, he and his “anonymous” friends hacked AT&T.Photo: Santiago Zavala
  5. 5. This year they hacked Sony and bought BMW M5s.Photo: Santiago Zavala
  6. 6. Next month, Yuri plans to hit a major telco with the keys provided by a disgruntled employee.Photo: Santiago Zavala
  7. 7. Then, Yuri is going to buy a private jet.Photo: Santiago Zavala
  8. 8. AT&T and Sonyboth used “State of the Art” encryption … yet they were STILL hacked.
  9. 9. So, how does Yuri do it?Photo: Santiago Zavala
  10. 10. “Usually, I just find one disgruntled employee. Just one.”Photo: Gabriel Georgescu
  11. 11. There is only one reliable response to criminals like Yuri.
  12. 12. Get Tokenized.
  13. 13. Tokenizing replaces sensitive data with “fake” data. 1234 5678 9012 1234
  14. 14. Tokenizing reduces the chances of a successful hack almost entirely.
  15. 15. So when Yuri hacks into a tokenized system, he only gets fake data.
  16. 16. Poor Yuri.
  17. 17. But for the users of a tokenized system, it’s business as usual.
  18. 18. Except they don’t live in fear of hackers.
  19. 19. Now, we’d like you to meet someone else…
  20. 20. We envision a world where credit card numbers are never actually kept with merchants.
  21. 21. Or bank account numbers, social security numbers, or email addresses.
  22. 22. Only tokens.
  23. 23. Almost all sensitive data can be tokenized.
  24. 24. Actually, our mission is to tokenize planet earth.
  25. 25. Protegrity is the worldwide leader in tokenization.
  26. 26. Actually, we invented modern tokenization.
  27. 27. Some people say we are obsessed with tokenization.
  28. 28. We agree.
  29. 29. And we’re also pricing our tokenization in a new way.
  30. 30. Five Cents… Per Year… Per Person
  31. 31. No separate maintenance or support charges.
  32. 32. Just a single annual fee.
  33. 33. Because the only way to tokenize the planet is to make it affordable.
  34. 34. Isn’t your customer’s data worth five cents per year?
  35. 35. Protegrity offers the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable tokenization in the world. Period.
  36. 36. Interested in tokenizing your company?
  37. 37. © Protegrity USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  38. 38. © Protegrity USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved.