LG 620g Review – My Complaints


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LG 620g Review – My Complaints

  1. 1. LG 620g Review – My ComplaintsAfter spending a month to complete a thorough LG 620g review, I’ve found several aspects of this model that have disappointed me. At the end of this article you’ll find a link to my full LG 620g review where I get into more detail. It’s worth knowing that I like it well enough to decide that I’ll definitely hang onto it for a while, but I still had a list of nit-picky things that bother me. Here’s that list: 1. Voice-activated dialing is not included on this model. In my opinion it’s a safety concern to omit this feature. While I prefer not to use my phone while driving, I realize that many people do talk and drive. Voice commands that can initiate a call are an important element of safe cell phone use on the road.2. The headset connection requires a headset made specifically for LG phones (or possibly an adapter to allow you to use standard headsets), in order to use a headset on voice calls or for music. Of course, it does have Bluetooth, so that’s a handy way to get around the need for a special wired headset. 3. There is no option for the user to program shortcut keys. While the left, right, up and down keys each are assigned to some shortcut, these might not be the features used by everyone. Fo example, I’d really like to use a shortcut to get to the ringtone settings menu.4. That brings me to my next point. There are no volume adjustment keys on the side of the phone, which makes it hard to change the volume during a call. On most modern phones, side volume keys also make it easy to alter the ringtone volume (when you’re not on a call).5. That leads conveniently into my next area of concern. When you want to change the ringtone volume, it seems overly complicated. It’s easy to turn the ringer off completely – simply press and hold the * key until the ringer is shut off. (Similarly, holding the * key will turn the ringer back on). But changing the ringer volume by one or two levels, rather than turning if off completely, requires you to work through several menu choices.6. The up, left, right, and down buttons are flat, making them more difficult to use versus if they were elevated somewhat.7. Navigating through the menus, I found that the phone’s software sometimes had trouble keeping up with my button presses. It’s not a big lag, and I got used to it quickly, but it was annoying at first. This might seem like a long list of complaints. But they’re not that significant, in my opinion. I didn’t begin to discuss the things that the LG 620 does extremely well. It performed very well in all the areas that I find most important for a phone. Signal reception, battery life, and audio quality are all very good. The screen is nice and this model has a few features that most Straight Talk and Net10 models do not. Get more details on all of this in my LG 620g review which you can find here: http://pbush14.wordpress.com/2010/08/28/lg-620g-review/<br />