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Sisterhood of Avalon - Week 1 - Avalon Family


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Sisterhood of Avalon - Week 1 - Avalon Family

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Sisterhood of Avalon - Week 1 - Avalon Family

  1. 1. Sisterhood Of Avalon Week 1 - Avalon
  2. 2. Meet the Avalons Hello, and welcome to my new BACC. I tried to do this on livejournal but Photobucket was not cooperating, so hopefully, a powerpoint will work! Meet Laila Avalon, a Fortune sim who wants to top the oceanographer career. I… completely forget almost everything else, even though I just played it, but I haven’t been keeping track of things. So basically, this is jogging my memory. We’re screwed.
  3. 3. So, in order to move a BACC forward, we need to start building lots and things like that. And first things first, we gotta dig. It’s not worth a lot! At least at first, but it grows up and eventually, we’ll get to owning our own place. No, we didn’t get a treasure chest. Someday, y’all.
  4. 4. Laila rolled bisexual, so after she got a T.V., and a little extra money for a lake, she gave the person a little reward back. Also dear god my picture quality, apologies to everyone.
  5. 5. But then Komei came over and stole her heart immediately. Did very little, but he was immediately her best friend.
  6. 6. Thanks Tosha for chaperoning their date.
  7. 7. So Komei moves in with $24,000, and a whole bunch of stuff in his inventory. SO…
  8. 8. Say hello to Avalon Grocery. Perfect for everyone and anyone. Also, because it’s the only store in Avalon, we added a phone shop and a TV, in case someone needs that stuff. It’ll probably be upgraded further soon, but this works for now.
  9. 9. Of course, the Sisterhood of Avalon can’t continue on without a wedding, so Komei proposes to Laila immediately! We got it to Rank 3 on that day.
  10. 10. Joe keeps looking at Laila like he wants her. Joe, you missed out! …Maybe next generation. You’re pretty cute. I think. This picture quality makes me sad.
  11. 11. Because I love career rewards, Komei was really high in the architect career, and I grabbed the reward before he left. I don’t think it makes creativity go up faster, but it works for what we need from it.
  12. 12. I also took a moment to upgrade their home. It also has everything we need for the gamer career. Although Komei’s LTW is to top the Adventurer career, I’m sliding him into gamer so we can get extra money in.
  13. 13. And, of course, we need that money, as these two have decided to get pregnant. JESUS. WE HAVE NO MONEY NOW. No one’s getting a car.
  14. 14. So, before she popped, we went back to the business and got it to rank 5. We had a little extra money, and we could always use more CAS.
  15. 15. And Komei found a job in gamer.
  16. 16. So, she bought the second community lot. Club Avi. Which unlocks a Slacker position. I was tempted to unlock music as a whole, but I have plans for the next house anyways.
  17. 17. Now that she’s popped, she won’t be going to the business until after she’s had the kid. The needs go down too quickly, even though they have like 5 energizers. I do not have that sort of patience!
  18. 18. And also this happened. Incredible.
  19. 19. And we end this rotation with Komei getting a promotion. Awesome!
  20. 20. End of Week 1 Update • Avalon: • 2 Businesses. • Avalon Grocery – Rank 5 • Club Avi – Rank 0 • 2 Sims, At least 1 on the way. • 1 Electrocution • Population; 4 (2 sims, 2 SM).