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Patronato de deportes La Solana


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Patronato de deportes

Published in: Sports, Technology
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Patronato de deportes La Solana

  2. 2. The Patronato de Deportes was created in 1988 bythe council in a plenary with the mainly objective topromove the sport in the town
  3. 3. First the patronato was held by thetown concillor of sport, then thecouncil hired a one person to takethe patronato.
  4. 4. Nowdays there are three people:Fernando: is the coordinator of theactivities of the patronatoPedro Antonio: is the responsible for themonitors and coursesDavid: is the responsible for the themesof the swimming pool
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES file:///C:/Documents and Settings/usuario/Escritorio/DADFAD.jpg The primary objective of the patronato is to practice the highest number of people and groups physical activity and sport in optimal conditions
  6. 6. The patronato wants offer quality services in all levels
  7. 7. Now it does is: Support for federated clubs and athletes in thelocality Continuous improvement of the sports schools Increased amateur sport through local leaguesand the courses conducted in various sports. Making events and activities to promote physicalactivity Consolidation of an adequate network of sportsfacilities