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  1. 1. Providing for Sport In the United Kingdom
  2. 2. What are the sports councils? • The original Sports Council was founded in 1972. • Today we have 4 independent sports councils. • Issues to be dealt with at UK level are the responsibility of UK Sports Council. • There are also councils in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as England • All home country sports councils work in a similar way.
  3. 3. What does UK Sport do? • UK Sport deals with high- performance sports at the UK They aim to achieve sporting excellence by: 1. Gives full support to our world class performer. 2. Extends the UK’s international sporting influence. 3. Encourages the world’s majors sporting events to come to the UK. 4. Promotes ethical standards of behaviour & provides an anti-doping programme.
  4. 4. Who pays for UK Sport? • The government gives an annual grant. • The National Lottery
  5. 5. Where does our £1.00 go….
  6. 6. What is UKSI? • United Kingdom Sports Institute. It provides: 1. Sports Science 2. Medicine 3. Coaching 4. First Class Facilities For elite sportspeople, teams and their coaches.
  7. 7. SPORT ENGLAND What do they do? They aim to lead the development of sport in England, there 3 objectives are: 1. More people involved in sport. 2. More place to play sport. 3. More medals through higher standards of performance.
  8. 8. Who pays for Sports England? Sports England gets there funding from: 1. The government gives a grant to each sports council. 2. Commercial activities. 3. It distributes National Lottery money.
  9. 9. NGBs? National Governing Bodies • What are the national governing bodies of sports? • What do the national governing bodies do? • Who pays for the national governing bodies?
  10. 10. How is Sport England trying to involve more people in sport/ • Active Schools • Active Sports • Active Communities
  11. 11. How is your local club run? • By a committee – elected by members to run the club • What do the follow people do? Chairperson Vice-Chairperson Treasurer Secretary Coach Fixtures Secretary Membership Secretary
  12. 12. Local sports clubs are for the members Local sports clubs deal with: 1. Administration 2. Facilities 3. Competition 4. Coaching
  13. 13. What are the 3 main types of competitions 1. League 2. Knock-Out 3. Ladder