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UI / UX Design & Development


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An overview of some of my UI / UX design and development that uses Axure and other design tools and uses ColdFusion, JS, and other frameworks for the UI development.

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UI / UX Design & Development

  1. 1. Paul Sizemore Linemate IOS & web app for Beer Distributors.
  2. 2. Paul Sizemore Wax Communications: Humana Email communication
  3. 3. Paul Sizemore Fund for the Arts Mobile app and admin website
  4. 4. Paul Sizemore nFusion Dresser Wayne: UI and back-end developer.
  5. 5. Paul Sizemore Loved Jobs Job Board
  6. 6. Connected pedometers: hardware that uploads to a data warehouse with custom API. Paul Sizemore Humana: Pedometer
  7. 7. Paul Sizemore SiriusXM Programming content