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India And Pakistan, Photo Slideshow


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India And Pakistan, Photo Slideshow

  1. 1. Progress in India and Pakistan November 2009 Photographs courtesy of Kip Wear and Pastor Nazir Gill
  2. 2. Our Arrival at Saripalli Andhra Pradesh, India
  3. 3. A Word Worldwide Bible study in Telugu at the Krippa Kamal High School
  4. 4. The studies are dedicated to the Lord for His use among the Telugu-speakers
  5. 6. Pastors, evangelists, Bible women and Bible School students see the translated studies for the first time
  6. 7. One free copy of the studies is given to the pastors on the condition that they purchase 15 further copies!
  7. 10. A few days after arrival in Karachi, Pakistan we met Pastor Nazir Gill of Christian Life Ministries for a business meeting
  8. 11. A study group led by Pastor Nazir’s son
  9. 13. Time out for relaxation at the beach with the Logos Fellowship
  10. 16. If you have any questions concerning the Telugu or Urdu studies, please contact the International Co-ordinator on the ‘For Further Information Contact’ page