Paparazzi Online Media is "Going Social"


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A Dallas-based internet marketing company is co-founded by industry professionals. Created to serve the niche market of creating online brand presence for companies through the use of SEO/SEM, email marketing, social media marketing and more, partners Hauptman and Leake plan to expand their advertising business in the Dallas market in 2010 and beyond.

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Paparazzi Online Media is "Going Social"

  1. 1. Going Social: New Media Marketing Company Launches to Fill Growing Online Gap Paparazzi Online Media premiers to bridge traditional advertising with web savvy solutions Dallas, TX (January 14, 2010) – Paparazzi Online Media debuts today to offer online marketing solutions to new and growing companies. The Dallas-based partnership aims to leverage social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for clients who are looking to grow their businesses via social networks, the growing marketing sector that’s taking the traditional word-of-mouth beyond. Paparazzi was founded by marketing professionals Erica Leake and Amber Hauptman. The long-time friends and marketers decided to turn their passions for brand awareness, analytics and emerging media into a venture with the continued boom of online and social media marketing. With reports positioning 2009 as a huge year in the surge of online and social media marketing, Paparazzi sees this venture as a viable opportunity to grow a profitable company while helping clients succeed in growing their businesses. A 2009 TrendSpotting article from reports a near unanimous prediction for 2010 of two ideas from many social media industry experts: “businesses finally integrating social media and seeing an actual ROI, and a shrinking/customization of the online world.” Paparazzi’s mission takes this prediction a step further and aims to provide online brand visibility for companies, giving new and small businesses the presence of a brand giant and conforming big businesses into forward-thinking industry leaders. “As advertisers, we’re now using the web as a means to not only speak to customers, but also to listen,” said Leake. “The empowerment it provides the customer fuels them with brand loyalty induced from the interaction available through an open line of communication.” This interaction provides invaluable information for companies to use to constantly improve upon products and services. Setting Paparazzi apart from the traditional marketing agency is their ability to track and optimize campaigns in real-time. Though the tracking capabilities of web marketing are not new, they have evolved and become more sophisticated. Partners Hauptman and Leake cite their dedication to continual optimization, based on report analysis, as a leg up on traditional and online marketing companies. While many agencies produce a report upon campaign completion showing the success metrics, or lack thereof, Paparazzi’s daily reporting analysis allows them to optimize clients’ campaigns and ultimately their marketing budgets. “A few years ago, online marketing, especially social media marketing, was primarily geared toward companies whose client base consisted largely of Gen-X’ers,” said Hauptman. “Since the web has become so accessible over the past few years and such a vital communication medium, it is imperative that companies focus much of their
  2. 2. communication strategy online. Even more traditional industries by nature are forced to re-think the way they are communicating with their customers.” To learn more about Paparazzi Online Media, visit About Paparazzi Online Media A niche web marketing management and consulting company, Paparazzi Online Media offers services designed to provide online brand visibility. Specializing in search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing, Paparazzi executes customized client campaigns to increase natural search visibility and social media buzz. Media Contact: Erica Leake 214.794.3159 ###