Do you need a Squeeze page


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Check out our presentation to find out more about squeeze pages! Do you have a special offer in mind? Do you have a webinar you would like to invite people to attend? Do you want to grow your email database and show your work? Then you need a squeeze page!

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Do you need a Squeeze page

  1. 1. What Is a Squeeze Page?A landing page where you will promote a webinar, sendan offer or anything that can grab the attention of theclients, in order to build an email list through an opt inform.
  2. 2. What Would a Squeeze Page Do toMy Business?It is an opportunity to attract people by offering highquality content and promotions. Your potential clientswill share with you their names and email address inorder to receive an offer, an ebook, attend to a webinar,etc.
  3. 3. Example
  4. 4. Should I Create a Squeeze Page?1. Do you have a special offer in mind?2. Do you have a webinar you would like to invite people to attend?3. Do you want to grow your email database and show your work? The answer is Yes!
  5. 5. What Makes a Good Squeeze Page?
  6. 6. Find a compelling title that is simple to understand. Put yourmain keyword on it. Be clear! You want your prospects toknow exactly what they will get from you within seconds.
  7. 7. Here We Have a Great Example!
  8. 8. Use feeling messages that will help the visitors toconnect and visualize the benefits they will receivefrom your offer.
  9. 9. Use texts, images or videos that will encourage your clients tosign up. An opt in form to capture leads is compulsory.
  10. 10. Video is anexcellent wayto connect!
  11. 11. Show on your squeeze page specific solutions that your clientsare looking for!
  12. 12. Offer tips, training, webinars, or anything that will deepenthe relationship between you and your client, and prove youare an expert in your industry.
  13. 13. Now, We Have a Question!
  14. 14. Any Suggestions on How to PromoteMy Squeeze Page?
  15. 15. 5 Ways to Promote Your Squeeze Page Now that you know how your squeeze page should look like, and have an idea about what you should write on it, is time to promote!
  16. 16. 1. Write an article and publish it on your website.Then, share this article with everyone.2. Record a short video and publish it on videochannels.Remember to think about a good call to action sopeople can visit your squeeze page after readingyour article or watching your video!
  17. 17. 3. Write different versions of your first article andsend it to online article directories. Remember to usethe author bio to direct the visitor to your squeezepage.
  18. 18. Some Places to Go...http://www.Squidoo.comhttp://www.HubPages.comhttp://www.EzineArticles.comhttp://www.GoArticles.com
  19. 19. 4. Answer Linkedin Questions
  20. 20. 5. Social Media Channels
  21. 21. Now stop to think about how you can get started! If you needany help, we from Enfusionize can provide high qualityservices that will make the difference for your business!