Microcontroller and Embedded System JAN 2014


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Question Paper for PGICE-13 Batch of M.Tech 1st Semester at Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal.

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Microcontroller and Embedded System JAN 2014

  1. 1. Roll No. ;_E9l1c_§Lt§L2; 0l€ll20l3' IE-8102, Microcontrollcr & Embedded Systems PGICE, 2lll3, August, 2013 SECOND MINOR Timc_Al| owed: l hr. < Max. Marks: 20 _l‘jotc: AtteIni)t_ALL questions. ' PART-A Q4] What are the contents ofA Register afler executing following set of instruction? (I) MOV R0,#24l~l MOV A, #2BH ORL A, 0 Q.2 How many times the following program will cause the 805i to executeloop? What is the machine (1) code forjump instruction? Q ORG 0550H 0 LOOP: MOV A. #001-l INC A AJMP LOOP . Q} What is outcome ofthe following program? (1) READ: MOV A, Pl ANL A, #2l-l CJNE A, #02H, READ MOV P3.#0l-‘H Q4 What are the contents ofthe A and memory having 30H address on executing the given set of (1) instructions? ' - MOV 30h, #2CH MOV A, #0BH ANL 30h, A - Q.5 What are the contents ofthe A and RI registers, after the execution of following set of instructions? (1) MOV R1, # OFFI-I MOV A. #2BH XRL 1, A _ Q.6 On executing the following set of instructions. what will be contents of Carry flag? (1) SETB C CLR 3Fh ANL C, /3Fh V < Q.7 On executing the following set of instructions, what will be contents of SP? (1) MOV SP, #44H PUSH 30H POP 40H 0.8 How many times, the NOP will be executed? (1) MOV R3, HZFH - LOOP: NOP DJNZ R3.LOOP - Q.9 On executing the following set of instructions, what are the contents of A register and carry flag? ' ( 1) MOV A, #47H SUBB A, # OFFH Q. l0 Afler executing following instructions, what are the contents of register A‘? ( 1) CLR A ‘ SETB C RRC A CLR C RRC A PART-B Q. | I Write an assembly language program for 805 l microcontroller that divides 32 bit number by l6, (3) Q. I2 Write an assembly program to perform subtraction oftwo 30-bit numbers. (3) .13 Write an assembly program to generate asquarrt of25% duty cycle having 2S0ps clock period on 2nd (4) 6:? pin of port I using timer. ‘ ii“-l:3°Ll€&' ‘ZED 0)‘ P0.‘ ‘ LUV“. l l"‘« rlefil- 551% 3uvkts~1cr Page 1 ofl ‘(IE-8102, Minor-II)
  2. 2. ,. a . s.. . . .., . § P<'nlCEl3 53;‘ _ 07102013 IE-8102, Mierocontrollcrs & Embedded System PGICE-2013, Semester-l, First year FIRST MINOR Time Allowed: 1 hr. Max, Marks; 20 ‘ Note: Attempt ALL __cLu_estions. Marks are mentioned against questions. PART-A In division instruction, which register is used to store quotient? Which flag detects error in signed arithmetic operations? How many bytes of RAM are used by stack in 8051? &” "" How many external interrupts are used by 8051 microcontroller? To reset the mierocontroller 8051, for how much time RST pin is made high? Give minimum and maximum. address of internal program memory. Explain the function of Instruction: CJN E A, 25h,30h Write addressing mode used by Instruction: AJMP GO Write execution time of instruction: MOV 30,#30 Give the altemative instruction for CLR 0D7h'? PART-B Draw the pin diagram of 805] microcontrollzr and explain the reset operation. Give layout of intemal RAM of 805l microcontroller. What are addressing modes? Explain the addressing modes of 8051. Give atleast two instructions related to the addressing mode. ooo coooooofifp '. .-Z_-'—- -—-ooe~1o'~UI; ¥>iE*’! "2“‘ E-’! ‘-'1‘ <3 ‘v 5b-)9) -—-—-—-—a. _.. _.. _.. _._. _._. . E: c woe; Jcc ': L. rr ’; »J(‘«otaetn. l2toc(<, xPot. U3'v~ ‘-. '1<w~ . ‘_ , 'v — — . — —— . 7 R , T_, ,,. _. _ fir M __g_ _ _ . ..__. ,, _. _. ____. ____. .__. i‘£t’: l-/60.0. l. zU: <}'}2¢'i. t. x:r‘« l l"‘. 'l. :ct I »; (~ 3 27l220l3 IE-8102, Microcontrollers & Embedded System PGICE-2013, Semester-I, First year THIRD MINOR Time Allowed: 1 hr. Max’ Marks: 20 Note: Attempt ALL guestions. Marks are mentioned ag_ainst each gueslion. Q. l. Draw the block diagram of805l microcontroller. Give the structure of port P1. Under what 5 circumstances it can be damaged. Q.2. How many SF Rs are available in 8051 mierocontroller? Explain the purpose of special 5 fimction registers on the basis of their configuration. Q.3. What is an instruction? Write instructions available in instruction set of 8051 mierocontroller 5 that uses A register. Q4 What are addressing modes‘? How many addressing modes are there in 8051 5 mierocontroller? Write instructions using indirect register addressing modes
  3. 3. _ _, ._. '. i{. . ; .. .,~. .. r. '. -. ; ’(silrceli2t, ?.: « ELECTRICAL & INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT SANT LONGOWAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECI-INOLOGY. LONGOWAL (Deemed-University) IE-8102, Micro controller and Embedded Systems M. Tech. Instrumentation & Control Engineering-2013, Semester I END SEMESTER EXAMINATION Time Allowed: 3 hr. M€| X~ Milfksi 50 Note: Attempt FIVE questions. Question I of Section A is compulsory and attempt TWO guestions from each Section B and C. SECTION — A Q1. (i) What is the difference between ANL A, 50H and ANL C, /50H? (ii) Explain the A] Ml’ instruction. (iii) Explain the purpose of instructions XCHD A, @R0 and XCH A, #250. (iv) Which instruction is used to read table? Explain. (V) Explain CINE A, 401-I, GO instruction. (vi) How . lB TFO, LOOP is executed? (vii) What is the format of . ‘-‘CON register? (viii) What is the format of III register‘? (ix) What is IVT? How it is skipped? (X) What is PSW? Give its ill. (I X10) SECTION — B Q2. Draw the block diagram of 8051 miero—controller? What is the structure of Port 1'? Describe the memory layout of 8051 micro-controller. (3+2+5) Q3. What are addressing modes? What is immediate addressing technique’? Write the instructions in the instruction set using immediate addressing mode. (2+2+6) Q4. Write an assembly language programme for 8051 microcontrollcr to find the largest number among 20 unsigned 8-bit numbers. The numbers are available from on chip RAM and store the result at IOOOII of RAM. (10) SECTION —- C Q5. What is address decoding? Draw the schematic diagram to interface the 4kB RAM and 4kB of program ROM w. th 8051 micro-controller. Give the address layout of each memory unit. (2+4+4) Q6. Write an assembly language programme for 8051 microeontroller to generate a square wave which has high portion of 1200 micro seconds and low portion of I20 micro seconds while simultaneously receives data serially and stores at memory location i077H. (10) Q7. Write assembly language prog. amme for 8051 to interface DAC 0800 with 8051 to generate square wave with 20% duty cycle. (10) l‘vl£nLIQL( lllL'3°.4J“‘I{' LVV“ I IV‘ -(ICCM Suva: <: -LC: