remediation of polluted soil. humidity temperature spectroscopic techniques nuclear magnetic resonance x- ray diffractometer scanning electron microscope characterization and synthesis soil remediation by inorganic environmental pollution sodium dodecyl sulphate clay. magnetite nanoparticles. nanotechnology. crude oil polluted soil. in environmental remediation. application of nanoparticles farmland or dumpsite. traffic junction. industrial eleme communities. humid wind speed meteorological parameters. oxygen and carbon dioxide. carbon monoxide. suspended particulate matter. sulphur. oxides of nitrogen air pollutants in nigeria. air pollutants in rivers state air pollution in eleme tow. control of air pollution. ambient air pollution. environmental science. extraction efficacy of ethanol extraction efficacy of hexane polar and non-polar solvent. use bitter guard for diabetes. bitter guard and diabetes cure water available in momordica c bitter guard medicinal plants use of momordica charantia uses of phytochemicals solvent extraction from plant. momordica charantia stems. momordica charantia leaves extraction efficacy saponins. tannins flavonoids comparative determination phytochemical parameters ogoni nigeria rivers state rivers. eleme communities problems associated with co medical effects of oxides of n medical effects of co. biological effects of spm. permissible limits by naaqs. noise assessment in eleme area wind carbon carbon dioxide oxygen suspended particulates matters oxides of nitrogen and sulphur ambient air pollution/ control
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