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NETT Jun 2015 (1)


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NETT Jun 2015 (1)

  1. 1. 16 | JUNE 2015 ENTREPRENEUR What’s the name of your company, and what do you do? My company is called the Vitality Coach, and we specialize in working with highly driven individuals and companies to bring business and personal vitality to life, via elite private coaching, bespoke retreats, business vitality programs, workshops and the Vitality Road Map program. I divide my time between speaking, writing, retreats, coaching & collaborating on brand & lifestyle projects in Australia, NZ and the US. In a nutshell I help people get their mojo back and companies create accountability and personal empowerment for winning teams. In addition to corporate and private coaching I am currently the Head Trainer for Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine and have a Vitality Coach podcast on iTunes that goes out weekly to 80 countries. How long have you been in business? 11 Years - founded in Europe as Life’s A Gym and the last 5 years operating from Australia What were you doing before you started this business? Working Internationally in Amsterdam in Brand strategy and activation for Interbrand, Strategic Director for Ogilvy and Bates Worldwide in London (Advertising, PR and Licensing). I also founded a brand strategy agency dedicated to extreme sports athletes - helping individuals grow their personal brand. How did the idea for your business come about? I’ve always been healthy and loved the idea of using nature as my gym - growing up in NZ, competing in triathlon at a young age, this philosophy held me in good stead with a demanding schedule working in advertising, big accounts, always travelling and fast paced deadlines. I’d often write mini programs for my colleagues or clients when we were overseas, on fitness and nutrition they could combine with a busy life to start to feel better and manage performance. I studied nutrition and did a personal training course years ago and just never stopped educating myself. At 30 I Time to get fit For Queensland-based Nikki Fogden-Moore, an active lifestyle has led to a very active career. took a sabbatical, drove a ski boat in Egypt and Greece and decided set up the ultimate retreat for smart savvy people - based on those who I worked with and for, to provide a complete re-boot. So I designed what was then known as the Bodibreak - a complete break away in a stunning location, with top class service, great tailored activities and incredible coaching how to bring business and personal vitality to life. This then evolved into Boardroom Retreats, one-to-one coaching and corporate programs targeting accountability and empowerment for people to step up and create the life they wanted. I haven’t looked back since then. We all have the ability to create the life we want - we just need to know what that looks like and plan a winning week, every week. What has been the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome? Focus - I was running an athlete management agency, consulting for an ad agency and trying to build my business at the same time. At one point I just had to take a leap of faith and move forward with purpose. The current challenge I face at the moment is growing a dream team and balancing the virtual world of business with face to face. Making an effort to meet in and work with my teams in person is crucial for me, this is more and more of a challenge as we grow, take on new virtual staff and span time zones and countries with a huge production schedule and big plans this year it feels like a military operation. What has been the most effective form of advertising for your business? Word of Mouth. Personal relationships are the most important aspect in business, regardless of social media and marketing, nothing beats a referral or genuine positive experience. I’m still in contact with clients from 10 years ago that have pretty much become part of the family. It’s a slower road to building the business, yet I am extremely grateful for the old fashioned perspective of service, integrity and being authentic. This year will be the first year I am sharing my products and launching a book on an international platform with more of a marketing push - however I am always reminded that we need to take care of the customers we have before we worry about who else is out there. How important is social media to you business? Vital - however it’s balanced with a rule that everything needs to be authentic. What people see should be what people get. Building a connection with your audience and partners via social media is very powerful - it’s better to have quality engagement than lots of followers who are not truly interested in you or your brand. Tone of voice, imagery and what you ‘share’ all contribute to reflecting your USP and promise to your customers. Keep it real. What are your plans to expand the business? This year I’m finally launching the Vitality Road Map as an international online platform for individuals and for corporates - it’s an exciting time as the content included ranges from podcasts, video, worksheets and support info and guest influencers. I’ve been testing it for the past 12 months and the results and feedback have blown me away. It’s wonderful to see this come to life. Plus I’m launching my new book VITALITY this year, with The Vitality Tour kicking off in Australia then the East and West Coast of the US, whilst recording new guest interviews for The Influencer Series on my podcast. So as usual a lot happening but with one goal in mind: I’m totally dedicated to helping those I work with create the life they want and bring business and personal vitality to life. W 014-016_Nett0615.indd 16 1/06/15 8:06 PM