Finding and keeping my niche


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Steps to identify your target market
What to do once you have found your niche
Ways to keep your niche

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Finding and keeping my niche

  3. 3. Section one: Finding my target marketIt is very important when marketing your products or services to identify your niche.The question to ask here is ‘Who are my targeted audience?’Narrowing your focus will actually lead to more not less customers which will alsolead to a long-term, sustainable advantage in your marketing and setting you apartfrom all competition.Focus on providing solutions to customer problems which will enable you to makestrong, targeted promise and guarantees.A good activity to do is write down your ideal customer, noting down each pointwritten. You want to be able to satisfy your customers and focusing on a niche willhelp you achieve this. Section Two: Keeping your NicheOnce you have found your ideal customers/groups you need to know how to takecare of them so they stay with you!One of such ways is providing a high quality service: By offering ‘superior service’ tocustomers. If you are a coach this could be in the form of how you treat your clients.The guarantee you provide; you want your client to feel that they are getting the bestvalue and quality for the service they are going to get! You do not necessary have todrop your price down!By focusing on a niche market you can present yourself as an expert in your fieldoffering exclusive services to your customers. Providing superior customer service isa wonderful way to add value, as well as developing long-term customer loyalty.A company that I admire and whose product definitely stands out in the market isthat of Claire Watt Smith – BoBelle Ltd.Claire is the Founder and Managing Director of BoBelle Ltd, an accessoriescompany that manufactures fair-trade products using recycled and organic materials.In 2008, she was named one of the Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs of the Yearduring the Global Entrepreneurship Week and in 2010 she was named in Red’s HotWomen Awards 2010.Nicko Williamson – launched the Carbon neutral cab company Climate Cars in2007. The company now has an annual turnover of over £2.4 million with profits of£1.6million.
  4. 4. In keeping your targeted customers, we will also look at the following: ConvenienceBy making it easy for customers to shop from you. This could be simply making yourwebsite user friendly, making sure it is simple and easy for customers to order yourproducts or services could help your business stand out and in turn means you areputting your customer convenience at the centre of your business model.It is great to have a professional website as first impression is key. However it isimportant not to be sucked into using the latest graphics etc. unless they areessential in selling your products. If this is the case monitor the success rate:1. Has there been an increase in sales since you implemented this latest design to your website?2. Are your customers still finding your website ‘easy to us/user friendly’?3. Does the graphic distract from the overall purpose of the site? Which is to sell your products/services?Joshua Magidson – Eat Student is one of such example; The simple yet effectivebusiness model provides student with a place to order takeaways. Students are ableto find local takeaways restaurants and order from them online. The site now hasover 300 restaurants and 15 UK is a straight forward, easy to use website which directs people tothe main areas on the site. From the four steps to ordering clearly defined on thehome page to a quick section describing what Eatstudent is all about. It is hard forcustomers to miss important information as this is mostly covered on the homepage. CustomisationThis is a big factor to consider, especially in the recession: people are willing to payextra for a customized product or service.Malachy Guinness founded the innovative tutoring agency Bright Young Thingswhich provide bespoken tuition, tuition advice, UCAS help and mentoring toambitious young people. The agency aims to recruit graduates from oxford andCambridge who are either training to be teachers, working as full-time tutors, or havea significant interest in the education sector, offering clients a strategically high levelof service. SpeedThe speed at which your product or service is delivered to customers. In today’s fastpaced world, this is sometime businesses need to be focusing on (If they are notalready!).
  5. 5. You can start by ensuring people can get to your products ordering page as quicklyas possible, perhaps add a short cut on the main page directing customers to thesales area. Great ProductWith many similar products in the market today. It is essential that your product is notjust a ‘one of many’ item.Fraser Doherty – Super Jam, (of course you could argue there is so many Jamproducts already in the market and what is so different about Fraser’s Jam). Below Ihave pinpoint some areas: There is a story associated with the product; starting with his grandmother jam recipe Fraser has created a full range of all-natural products Super Jam had a turnover of $1.2 million in January 2009I believe many investors are missing out on great opportunities because they fail tosee the potential and hidden talents of young entrepreneurs and their ideas. Strong GuaranteeThis is very important when you are offering a service where customers have to payup front.Stefan Boyle – Print Republic has a very strong guarantee to its customers which ispresented in bold letters on his website
  6. 6. About the Author Susan IdamaI started in business after I discovered I could do and be successful in everything I set mymind to. At 16 I started earning my own money and became the main earner in my family.At 18, I was determined to become the first in my family to achieve a university education.Which I did! Successfully completing my four years honours studies in BusinessManagement, achieving a 2.1It wasn’t going to end there as while I was in university I started a cleaning business,HomeHelp to help pay my way through university. In my final year of studies I was awardedwith a Marketing Student of the Year Award. I also wrote the business plan for GoProFootball.GoPro uses the sport of football in inner cities and socially excluded communities to:1. Engage young people in positive activities at key times2. Use the coach/participant relationship to provide role models and motivation3. We offer football games, activities to keep young people off the street. This is our goal turning youth into responsible individuals in the Providing Exciting, Affordable Weekly Football matches in & aroundLondonIn 2011, I met Cherie Blair at the We Own It women Submit 2011 and was invited to meether at her office about my GoPro business to which she kindly volunteered to be mymentor/legal advisor. I received lots of advice which has led to the growth of GoPro. I alsorecently launched SheBuzz @ The Remarkable Women Network.2011 was a big and busy year for me as I was also appointed a Young Ambassador for ThePrinces Trust. My main role focused on Inspiring, motivating and encouraging young peopleto take a positive step and direction.In 2012, I was appointed Chair member of The London Football Association Youth LeaderCouncilIn 2012, I set up SheBuzz, The Remarkable Women Network and we are currently in talkswith B.Hive and SeedNetworking (Lynne Franks) in working together.SheBuzz is formed to empower everyday women. More Information about The RemarkableWomen Network can be found on
  7. 7. SheBuzz @ The Remarkable Women Network:1.Championing & celebrating women in business!2. Growing the next generation of female entrepreneurs3. Unlocking your business full potential SUSAN IDAMA: See Below my 2012 Year End Review Susan Idama I PREFER TO MAKE DECISIONS, TAKE ACTION AND INFLUENCE THE SHAPE OF MY LIFE!
  8. 8. SUSAN IDAMA 2012 YEAR IN REVIEW!From my role as a Princes Trust Ambassador, to receiving an Invitation to the QueensJubilee Concert!My meeting with World Leaders and other remarkable women in the world. Meeting CherieBlair has been a highlight in terms of the woman I inspire to be!Meeting great leaders in business from Jonathan Pfahl, Daniel Priestley, Vicki Wusch (whohas inspired me to take action in becoming a successful property investor), recently finishedreading Vicki’s books: Make More Money from Property and Using other peoples Money.Doug Richard, Shaa Wasmund, Louis Barnett and many more (to learn of my connectionsvisit Football achievements: continues to reach young people in London to make apositive difference in their lives.Appointed Chair Member of the Football Association Youth Leader CouncilSheBuzz & The Remarkable Women Network Success: empowering everyday women with2013 set to work with BHive and SeedNetworking (Lynne Franks).Published EBooks on business success, marketing and branding. My work with talentedindividuals in the music industry, one of whom is Johnny first step in property with the help of my recent property mentor. Instead of contactingreal estate mentoring companies. I decided to go out and look for someone with experiencein property and who is willing to share their time and knowledge with me.I came from nothing and this continues to drive me into making a positive change in my life.One thing people need to know is that you can create your story! I prefer to make decisions, take action and influence the shape of my life!Frequent posting on my