5 Steps To Avoid Losing Your Job


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There is increase in competitions in businesses and organizations. Companies are looking to hire the best and thus keep them. Some sometimes employees can be liabilities to companies and add nothing to the business. In this article, I've outline the steps an employee should follow to avoid losing the job.

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5 Steps To Avoid Losing Your Job

  1. 1. 5 Steps To Avoid Losing Your Job Sandalili.com
  2. 2. Due to economy uncertainty, companies are trying to reduce the cost of their operations to boost growth and profit. These have resulted to job cuts by many businesses making employees more insecure and uncertain as to what will happen to their jobs on a daily basis.
  3. 3. As new technologies are introduce and competition keeps growing, companies will want to keep the smartest people who can offer fresh ideas, smart business operational methods and strategies for future growth.
  4. 4. Losing your job, especially in an uncertain economic climate can be painful and getting another job can be an uphill task. I believe keeping your job begins by taking these four simple steps as your personal daily routine at work.
  5. 5. Ability to response to change  Business changes will occur in minutes and those who response to the change in an instant rather than days or weeks will keep their jobs. No business will grow on an outdated operation or obsolete method of doing things. Get out of the box and be ready to move and adjust to changes that will arise.
  6. 6. Continues improvement of jobskills  There are more competitions in the business world today than 10 years ago. Companies or organization will need people who are continuously improving, giving them ideas so as to stay above their competitors.
  7. 7.  A worker who continuously improvement their work skills stands the chance for not only keeping the job, but can be promoted. That employee becomes a valuable asset to the company that no one wants to discard.  For instance, an employee can choose to improve communication or marketing skills. That might not be your main aspect, but developing these skills gives you an edge.
  8. 8. Specialize tobuild your influence  Don’t try to be jack of all trade, because you’ll definitely be master of none. Specialization will mean you’ll need to be known as an expert in one field and this sends a message to the organization as that one person they can rely and trust your judgments in that area or department.  The saying is true “he that will go with equity must go with clean hands”. Make sure you’re relevant and this comes by specializing which in turn builds your confident at what you’re doing.
  9. 9. Respect your boss  There may be a good chance that you may know certain things more than your boss or even smarter than your boss. That should not be a guarantee for you to grow wings and to feel you’re on top or to use your smartness to want to outsmart your boss.
  10. 10.  This is really the first step to losing your job once you’re caught. Your boss might have a different opinion to what you think or want to be done. In fact most of the time, your boss pretend not to know certain things just to try your personality and your actions.  Use your smartness to show your boss how things will be done and allow your boss to make the decision to either use it or not.
  11. 11. Don’t make money your motivation  One reward we get from our work is the paycheck we receive at the end of the month. But if that is your main motivation or why you work, then you’ll not take your work serious. Because every simple task at work will irritate you and thus cumbersome always.
  12. 12.  You start complaining saying “the work is too much, but the pay is small” and at that stage, you’ll hate what you’re doing and money will be the only thing that is keeping you. These will definitely show in your work hours as your work performance will start reducing slowly. Money is good, but don’t use it as your main motivation.
  13. 13. Now your turn  Now it’s your turn. At sandalili.com, we discuss business, business startup, inspiration, career tips and leadership. Follow us on twitter and become a fan on facebook and you’ll never miss a kick. If you likedthis, please share. Thanks…!