Brand protection against counterfeiters with a pragmatic approach


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Consumers who are unaware of the repercussions of fake goods purchases will not consider buying a duplicate perfume bottle at half the price as illegal or condemnable.

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Brand protection against counterfeiters with a pragmatic approach

  1. 1. Brand Protection against Counterfeiters with a Pragmatic ApproachConsumers who are unaware of the repercussions of fake goods purchases will not consider buying aduplicate perfume bottle at half the price as illegal or condemnable. If only they were aware whateffects these counterfeit cause, they would perhaps think twice the next time they decide to buy a fakeproduct.The use of fake medicines, cigarettes and batteries increases the mortality risks. A country’s security isat stake when defective microchips are used in their computers for carrying out critical operations. Theaircrafts that are used for commercial and military purposes endangers the lives of innumerable peoplewhen duplicate parts are used. The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee has confirmed the highinflux of counterfeit electronic components in the U.S. weapons and navigation systems.The regular customers who favor counterfeit goods for spending a few dollars less are not completelyaware of how these counterfeit products can cause adverse effects to the environment. They do notrealize how the efforts of the genuine manufacturers are wasted and revenues are lost. Even if thecustomers are unaware of the larger picture you can estimate the kind of losses that you will incur whenyour genuine products are either replicated and sold or are found in the gray market. While thecustomers are indifferent about the use of counterfeit products, it is an impossible job for themanufacturers to establish the genuineness of the sold products and prevent the fraudulent operationseffectively.Nonetheless, adequate action must be taken to control this activity. This can be done by investing in acompetent anti-counterfeiting solution that can help you identify the main sources by constantlytracking their activities on online auction sites, B2B sites and 3rd party sites. The solution provides youwith accurate and consistent pricing lists, discounts and quantities sold despite the volume of marketlistings.These anti-counterfeiting solutions clearly identify the violators as they rank and prioritize the suspects.This facilitates you to take immediate legal action against them. Once the suspects are identified, ceaseand desist letters can be generated and the auctions are shut down without any wastage of time.The enhanced visibility of the counterfeiting and gray markets provided by the anti-counterfeitingsolution helps in saving you revenues and brand reputation. The solution is equipped with uniquecapabilities and can be customized as per the requirements of your business. They provide you withaccurate statistics of the products that are being counterfeited and the price at which they are beingsold.Although the counterfeiting brigade may seem unstoppable, the anti-counterfeiting solution deploysintelligent strategies that helps identify, curb and destroy the fake operations effectively andpermanently.Read Also On: Prevent Internet Fraud