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Leduc handout: Linking Goals, Outputs, Outcomes with your Indicators


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This handout was used in conjunction with the presentation from the NCE Secretariat on progress reporting and measurement of KTEE within the Networks of Centres of Excellence programme in Canada. This handout is one of 2 that were used in this workshop to help attendees outline goals of their NCE and link them with outputs and outcomes. The other handout from this session called "anatomy of an indicator" is a worksheet to help define indicators that link to these goals, outputs and outcomes.

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Leduc handout: Linking Goals, Outputs, Outcomes with your Indicators

  1. 1. Poetz,A.,D. Phipps,R.Leduc MEOPARNCESharing of Best Practices forKT Symposium,January 2015 Part 1: Linking indicators to goals, and the drivers of outcomes Identify goals: What is/are one or more goals of your network/organization/project: Identify the outcome drivers: What is the intended change? [and what is the baseline?] What is the intended benefit? Who will stand to benefit and how? How will the change be made? [Activity, knowledge producers (KP), knowledge users (KU), output] Think about your activities, knowledge producers (KP), knowledge users (KU), and outputs. How is the process and result relevant, useful, accessible, broad reaching, how will end-users (EU) intend to use these knowledge products and other outputs? Is it relevant? How: Is it useful? How: Is it accessible? How: Is it broad reaching? How: Will it be used? If not, why not (go back to start):