Richard Branson - Numerology - Astrology - Background (1)


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Richard Branson - Numerology - Astrology - Background (1)

  1. 1. Richard Branson - Numerology - Astrology - BackgroundRichard Branson - date of birth - 18th July 1950English business magnate, best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies, he is the 236thrichest person according to Forbes 2008 list of billionaires.NumerologyChart:-----9--5--811--7Life path number 31/4Being a 4, hes a hard worker, thats plain, but hes also a passive 4 which means he has extrachallenges to overcome. It just shows what you can do even with certain weaknesses in your chart.Mind you, he also has two lines of strength: The Line of Determination and The Line of Action.The Line of ActionThese higher numbers carry an increased vibration which, when combined in this line, create apowerful energy stimulating action, movement, and quick responses. People with this line will notprocrastinate once the decision has been made to act. The physical power and intensity of this linehas to be tempered by proper rest and a healthy lifestyle. Plenty of fresh air is required to release thetensions that could lead to nervous headaches.Life path 4The number 4 is primarily concerned with the practical demands of the material world. The 4 does notpossess the spark of originality but is firmly rooted in the Earth and symbolizes loyalty and dedicationthrough self-discipline. They are generally referred to as the workers of the world, who must strivediligently to achieve their goals.Those who resist the self-discipline that leads to fulfillment on this path can experience extremefrustrations in their daily lives: they will fail in business if they constantly seek shortcuts: they riskalienating their friends and family if they pursue unconventional behavior or a fad that they may hopegets them out of the rat race.People with the passive trait can be: careless over details, resist new methods, narrow, must seepracticality before accepting ideas, and fight intellectualism.Life path 31/4To compensate for insecurity, many 31/4s develop highly ambitious, even egotistical personas - bigegos that work to prove their worth as they strive to stay in a superior position due to fears ofinferiority beneath the surface.However, the combination of strong foundation energy, creative energy, and expressive energy givesrise to a well-balanced, synergistic blend of strength, sensitivity, and creativity. This blend, along witha drive for security and strong ambitions, creates a multi-faceted potential for success. When thesedrives and qualities are working in harmony, 31/4s can accomplish their highest aspirations.
  2. 2. A secure home base and a safe, settled, orderly environment amplify these individuals impact manytimes over.For 31/4s, strong creative drives, a confident, out-going persona, and a constant striving for successveil an underlying insecurity. They can be highly competitive because they feel they need to provethemselves to overcome their fear of not measuring up. They have strength, ambition and a desire forstatus. The twin shadows of self-doubt and insecurity are worthy challenges on the way tomanifesting their strength and achieving success. A key concept for 4s is that success, in terms oftheir life purpose, lies not in achieving the end product but in their ability to go through the necessaryprocess.Many 31/4s experience difficult family histories, sometimes entailing physical abuse by at least oneparent, or perhaps a military childhood that meant they moved around and didnt have a stable homelife. Therefore they have the hurdle to overcome of establishing strong foundations. They need towork express all of their emotions, including anger and resentment, before they can express theirlove. They dont have to agree with their parents but they need to bring any issues out into the openand express their feelings, even if parents are deceased.Those 31/4s who have previously worked through a structured process, such as athletes, musicians,or anyone who has stuck with a process of skill training, are way ahead of the game, because theyhave a template or model they can apply to anything else they do.The strength of the 31/4, coupled with creative energy, gives them a robust appeal, ruggedness andresistance to everyday illnesses. They are basically strong, but vulnerable at foundation points,ankles, knees, thighs and hips.The easy sociability of 31/4s attracts many friends and admirers. They tend to be gregarious, family-oriented, and generally relaxed people. But their air of confidence often hides an insecurity they arewise to acknowledge to themselves and others, in order to achieve authenticity. In their vulnerability,they can find new strength.Due to their array of creative and expressive energies, and their sound analytical abilities, they findsuccess in a variety of careers, centered on some sort of business, advising or counseling in realestate or investments.More Numerology:Richard Charles Nicholas BransonExpression number 3 - The expression number gives the traits that need expression in order to helpus come into line with our life pathsNumber 3s have a natural ability to uplift others with their words and ideas. Their true purpose in lifeis to inspire and motivate others with their creations and optimism. They find happiness when focusedon their creative goals. Fame is also often in the potential future of a 3.Soul urge 3 - The underlying motivations in lifeAgain, he has a 3 soul number. They shine at any kind of activity that involves public performanceincluding acting, singing or politics. They desire to be admired.Personality number 9 - This number shows personality traits and how the person is perceived by
  3. 3. others and in publicRomantic and emotional people who wear their heart on their sleeve, they love deeply and showcompassion to those in need. They are tolerant and broad-minded and enjoy travel. Their idealism isinfectious, creating a dynamic charisma that attracts like-minded souls. They are creative people whobenefit from a fulfilling outlet.However, they can be emotionally impressionable, and have a tendency to be gullible.AstrologyCancerIn love: Cancerians are not ones to fall in love at first sight, or if they do, they keep their feelings wellhidden. The fear of rejection is very real for these people and commitment only comes when they areabsolutely sure of the person involved. When they do lower their defences, Cancerians are caringand tender lovers. They will go to great lengths to ensure that their partner is happy, creating anatmosphere that just suits the occasion.In work: The Cancer worker is a friendly spirit, creative, loyal, and dedicated to doing a good job.Since Cancer individuals are concerned about the security of their home life and their ability to keeptheir possessions safe, they will do whatever is necessary to maintain stability and that translates intoputting ones nose to the grindstone at work, so to speak. There is also their need for security andthey like to know they can rely on regular pay cheques.Because they are such good strategists, onlookers may not realize what the Cancer person is up to.They may not seem to be heading for a goal, but taking side trips instead, but do not be fooled, theyare taking time to size up the situation. Once they see the big picture, they will grab hold of a task orproject and never let go until it is whipped into shape.They enjoy fine food served in a pleasant atmosphere, so if youre about to ask a favor, or want to putyour Cancer person on a tough assignment, it would not be a bad idea to bring this up over dinnerout.A dependable individual who takes his or her work seriously, the Cancer person can be counted on tolead a group or come up with new approaches to carry out an assignment with great dispatch. ACancerian in a group of friends will make the most effort to bond the group together, perhaps seeingthem as an extension of their family.Cancerians do have a sensitive side - no matter how strong they may appear. They have theirmoments when they truly do prefer to hide in their shells and be unsociable - they sometimes needtime out to recharge their batteries.Brief Bio of Sir RichardBranson has dyslexia, which resulted in poor academic performance as a student. He was thecaptain of football and cricket teams, and by the age of fifteen he had started two ventures thateventually failed: one growing Christmas trees and another raising budgerigars.At sixteen, Branson left school and moved to London, where he began his first successful business,Student magazine. When he was seventeen, he opened a Student Advisory Centre.He says his childhood is something of a blur to him now, but there are several episodes that stand
  4. 4. out. He remembers that his parents continually set him and his sisters challenges. His mother wasdetermined to make them independent. When he was four years old, she stopped the car a few milesfrom home and made him find his own way across the fields. He got hopelessly lost.Their challenges tended to be physical rather than academic, and soon they were setting them forthemselves. He has an early memory of learning how to swim. It took a lot of effort and a final big riskbut it won him a ten-shilling note, the most money he had ever held - it seemed like a fortune.He says he cannot remember a moment in his life when he has not felt the love of his family. "Theywere a family that would have killed for each other - and they still are." His parents adored each other,and in his childhood there was barely a cross word between them. Eve, his mother, was always full oflife and galvanized them. Ted, his father, was a rather quieter figure who smoked his pipe andenjoyed his newspaper, but both his parents had a love of adventure.His motor, Eve Huntley-Flindt, had picked up some of her dazzling energy from her mother Dorothy,who holds two British records: aged 89 his Granny became the oldest person in Britain to pass theadvanced Latin-American ballroom dancing examination, and aged 90 she became the oldest personto hit a hole in one at golf. She was 99 when she died, and shortly before that, she had written to himto say that the previous ten years had been the best of her life. She had never stopped learning. Herattitude was, youve got one go in life, so make the most of it!X-O-X-O-X-OEmail for a free taster of your numerology/astrology!Whats your numerology/astrology like? You can find out what really makes you tick with theseancient techniques that have been around for eons in the East but which have been buried, byscience, in the West. Yet, they are more a science than just a mystical belief, being based on theteachings of the mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras. It will tell you more about yourself thananything else youve ever known, and help in choosing the right path for you. Why live life without it?"Start having the greatest love affair you ever had... With your Self".Software Drives Hundreds to Your Website Free Demo