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PHSSR Agenda - AcademyHealth ARM 2011


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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PHSSR Agenda - AcademyHealth ARM 2011

  1. 1. PHSSR Research Agenda June 14th, 2011 Academy Health ARM Seattle, WA F. Douglas Scutchfield, M.D. Bosomworth Professor University of Kentucky National Coordinating Center for PHSSR
  2. 2. Public Health Services & Systems Research A field of study that examines the organization, financing, and delivery of public health services at local, state and national levels, and the impact of these activities on public health. Mays, G. P., Halverson, P. K., & Scutchfield, F. D. (2003). Behind the curve? What we know and need to learn from public health systems research. J Public Health Management and Practice, 9(3), 179-182.
  3. 3. Developmental Path for PHSSR  Measuring practice and performance Descriptive  Detecting variation in practice  Examining determinants of variation Organization Law & policy Financing Information Workforce Preference Inferential  Determining consequences of variation Health outcomes Medical care use Economic outcomes Disparities  Testing strategies to reduce harmful, unnecessary, and inequitable variation in Translational practice and outcomes
  4. 4.  Organization and structure Finance Workforce Technology, data and methods • CDC-PHSR and Workforce Agendas • Council on Linkages-Workforce and Research Gaps • NACCHO, Accreditation, Credentialing and Certification • Univ. of Pittsburgh-Rural PHSR Available at
  5. 5. Why PHSSR Needs a New AgendaWe have some research agendas, but many are out-of-date and need upgradingACA has a lot of opportunity for PHSSR, we must carpe diemHow do we get interest from Feds other than CDC, like NIH’s CTSA and AHRQ work with Comparative Effectiveness & HITWe need to use new & more robust methodology for our efforts
  6. 6. PHSSR Systematic ReviewPHSSR field experts conducted a comprehensivesystematic review targeting the following areas: Public Health Workforce Organization/Structure Technology/Data Methods Quality Improvement
  7. 7. Drafting the PHSSR Research AgendaA research agenda was drafted through a series of webinarbetween RWJF, CDC, and NCC PHSSSRThe webinars targeted four areas: •Public Health Workforce •Organization/Structure •Public Health Finance •Technology, data and methodsDiscussions were facilitated to develop and discuss keyareas of research, and research questions that have utility tothe practice communityComing together in September to finalize research agendaand seek action steps
  8. 8. PHSSR Research Agenda DevelopmentTo gain feedback from the research and practicecommunities – the PHSSR Research Agenda isbeing vetted at different venues:Keeneland Conference (April 2011)AcademyHealth PHSR ARM (June 2011)NACCHO Annual Meeting (July 2011)Online Virtual 30-day vetting process (TBD)
  9. 9. PHSSR Research Agenda Dissemination Pending publication in an AJPM supplement Widespread dissemination through social media Document process • Help assure practice community the process, and results were/are robust Historical value to future researchers Contemporary value to practice
  10. 10. For more information contact: F. Douglas Scutchfield 121 Washington Avenue, Suite 212 Lexington, KY 40517 859-257-5678