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Me and Jesus


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Me and Jesus

  1. 1. Me and Jesustoday we wentfisHing, and wecaugHt many fisH! Hurray! Look at aLL tHe fisH we caugHt!
  2. 2. as i was sitting tHere witHmy feet in tHe water, anda fisHing poLe in my Hands,i tHougHt of you, Jesus,and wondered about tHedifferent ways you migHtHave Liked to eat fisH inyour time. did you fLavorit witH Herbs? or saL and tpepper? or did you griLL itover an open fLame?
  3. 3. it’s fun for meto tHink of youenJoying tHe sametHings tHat i enJoy.i tHink of youcatcHing fisH out ontHe sea witH peterand JoHn, and tHatmakes me feeL cLoseto you, because ienJoy fisHing too!
  4. 4. one of tHese days i’dLove to go fisHing witHyou—we’d catcH rainbowtrout. and wHen tHefisH aren’t nibbLing, wecouLd Just sit and taLktogetHer, and you couLdteLL me stories aboutyour time on eartH, andabout tHe biggest fisHyou ever caugHt! i Like to tHink of you and me fisHing togetHer. tHank you for preparing tHe perfect fisHing day for us to enJoy togetHer soon. Author unknown. Illustrations by Didier Martin. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2011 by The Family International