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Unpacking 11 Strategic Partnership Examples


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Decided to take a deeper dive into my other deck (, to come up with best practices.

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Unpacking 11 Strategic Partnership Examples

  1. 1. The Unpacking Postmates & Momofuku Uber & Google Fiat & Loews Reddit & Couple Eat24 & The Vapor Room Twitter & Museums WeChat & Taxi App Amnesty Intnl. & Tinder Moo & Taskrabbit Uber & Quirky Spotify & Adidas PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL ACQUISITION ACQUISITION ACQUISITION ACQUISITION ACQUISITION ACQUISITION 11 Partnership Examples @disruptivedave
  2. 2. 82% 64% 45%55% Functional Breakdown PR TRIAL ACQUI. BRAND
  3. 3. What We Learned Cross Functions 1 2 3 4 82% 73% A unique service or offer from two brands makes for a great story. The two cases focused only on sales were extremely successful. Nearly 3/4 of partnership deals included a focus on increasing sales. The only examples that didn't incentivize sales were essentially native content.
  4. 4. The Shining Stars Uber & Google Maps 1. Google Maps was "the most used smartphone app in the world" (Aug '13) 2. Maps WAU/MAU reported at ~60% (Aug '13) 3. Uber was recently valued at $17b, and reportedly took in over $1b in receipts in '13 WeChat & Didi Dache 1. 100,000 taxi hails through the app in 9 days 2. Didi Dache doubled its registered users from 20mm to 40mm through the integration 3. Partnership basics offered instant and measurable results and nearly equal value to both parties
  5. 5. SALES-FOCUSED PARTNERSHIPS SHARED AUDIENCE SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WIN-WIN- WIN Similar needs, wants, and behaviors Flows into existing UX / no friction for user Adds organic value to each brand + customers