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Mobi Near Box For Couponing


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Get an efficient In-Situ CRM tool at PoS and help concretely your faithful customers saving money.
With the MobiNear Box, dematerialize coupons on mobiles & act for eco-friendly !

Published in: Technology

Mobi Near Box For Couponing

  1. 1. Couponing by MobiNear Activate your Bluetooth  & Receive ... a coupon
  2. 2. Put your Bluetooth ON  Make your Phone visible !
  3. 3. Near the Box  Choose the Coupon You want On the Screen
  4. 4. Download  Get your Coupon Make Bargains ! Efficient Transfer
  5. 5. Mobi Near Discover the Digital World around you Christian CHABRERIE, Ph.D. Founder & CEO