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ColdFusion Development


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Mindfire Solutions provides expert off-shore ColdFusion software development service, deriving its expertise from years of experience in Adobe ColdFusion application development, since 1999.

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ColdFusion Development

  1. 1. ColdFusionWhat does Mindfire Solutions have to offer? Why Mindfire?We at Mindfire have been working in ColdFusion for more than 10 years now. Our developers have working  Adobe Solution partnerknowledge of all the versions released till date. We have worked in a lot of projects in CF 9.0 as well and have a  300+ clients in the US & Europegood understanding of how to leverage the advanced features of CF 9.0 in existing applications as well as using  1000 + Successful Project Executionthem to build new applications. We have a good exposure in working in MachII, FuseBox, ColdSpring and  30+ developers teamColdBox frameworks. You can have a look at the below link to have a look at some of the projects delivered by  12+ years of experience with global clientsMindfire in ColdFusion:  100 Hours Risk Free Trial  100% Quality @ 70% cost  10 years of experience in working in Industries we have worked for are : Healthcare, Aviation, Finance, Education (E-Learning), Sports and ColdFusion Games, Online Businesses and Software Products Development ( CMS, DMS) to name a few. Call us at: 1-248-686-1424Our Expertise lies in: Email: ColdFusion Web development services ColdFusion Product development services ColdFusion Java/.NET integration services We Offer: ColdFusion Reports development services ColdFusion Porting and Migration services  Application Development Services ColdFusion Server Administration and Support services  Software Development Services ColdFusion-Flash integration software development services  Porting and Migration ColdFusion SaaS/ISV application development services  Software QA and Testing  Software Support and Maintenance ColdFusion Document Management System Development services ColdFusion Content Management System development services (ColdFusion CMS) ColdFusion-Flex integration software development and a host of other services - for details please visit ourwebsite ). We have the capability to take you from concept to launch in a matter of weeks. Lets get started on your next great idea!! Mindfire Solutions is a 12+ year old Software Development and IT services company with a strong track record of working with small and mid-sized clients across US, Europe, Australia and Asia. With more than 750 spirited software engineers across two development centers, Mindfire has successfully delivered over 1000 projects for its base of 300+ clients spanning SMBs,ISVs,SaaS,Global 2000 & Fortune 500 firms. Visit us at for more information