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Validate data accuracy with TDAT

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Traffic Data Accuracy Testing™ "Trust, but verify"- Russian Proverb Traffic Data and You Competing providers of traffic related data claim to have the “best” data. You, the customer, have the difficult task of: ● Determining decisive factors when choosing a data provider ● Verifying that the data provided in fact is applicable for the intended use case ● Validating data is accurate Using our proprietary tools, Hermes TDAT delivers extensive and detailed insights as to the value and applicability of any source of traffic data. Understanding Data We have extensive expertise and tools for data driven transportation decision support. Our abilities have resulted in being chosen as the principal advisor for such agencies as the Danish Road Directorate. At Hermes Traffic Intelligence we analyze, decipher and evaluate any data source. September2017 Traffic Data Accuracy Testing™ (TDAT™) by Hermes Traffic Intelligence uses proven and transparent methods to analyze, validate and certify critical data purchased from services such as Garmin, TomTom and Google/Waze. Cost The price per source per km is approximately $50 on top an estimated startup fee of $7,500. A typical scenario would involve four sources over 20 km (each direction) at a total cost of $11,500. Please direct all inquiries to Mike Maziarka at Case Study Client problem: ▪ Needed to compare multiple data streams ▪ Required visualization of critical points ▪ Desired outside expert opinion on the various data sources they had access to Hermes TDAT Solution: ▪ Customized reports for each individual agency and department responsibility ▪ Visual examples showing essential characteristics/discrepencies of data ▪ Expert opinion on applicability of the data streams to the decision making process RESULT: At a fraction of the data stream cost client received experienced council and a clear view of how acquired data is best applied to decision making process (i.e. in this case, budget allocation). Agent, North America Supplier Reduce the risk of using inaccurate data. Bring legal and professional peace of mind by investigating for accuracy the data you use in critical decision making. Actual example of RED supplier providing guestimated data at off- peak hours Actual example of BLUE supplier smoothing estimates