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Engineering Design Graphics (Drafting/CAD)
(3DFTG, 4DFTG, 5DFTG, 6DFTG, 3DFT-A, 4DFT-A, 5DFT-A, 3DFT-M, 4DFT-M, 5DFT-M, 3D...
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Engineering Design Graphics


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Engineering Design Graphics

  1. 1. Engineering Design Graphics (Drafting/CAD) (3DFTG, 4DFTG, 5DFTG, 6DFTG, 3DFT-A, 4DFT-A, 5DFT-A, 3DFT-M, 4DFT-M, 5DFT-M, 3DFT-PI, 4DFT-PI, 5DFT-PI) Fast Facts About the Program Type: Technical Degree/Certificate: Occupational Certificate, Certificate of Technology, Level 2 Certificate, Associate of Applied Science Duration: One to four terms Program Information All successful projects start with a good plan. For architects, engineering designers, CAD drafters, and builders, that plan comes in the form of working drawings produced by technically talented and well-trained individuals. If you have a desire to express your knowledge through computer aided design software, San Jacinto College can give you the skills you need to make your way in this exciting field. This degree allows you to pursue careers that strike a satisfying balance between creativity, technical proficiency, and attention to detail. You can make yourself an indispensable asset in a variety of fields, such as architecture, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and industry with a degree in engineering design graphics. The engineering design graphics program at San Jacinto College: • Trains students to translate the ideas of designers, engineers, and architects from rough sketches, design layouts, specifications, and calculations into working drawings, maps, plans, illustrations, and 3D models. • Offers students the skills needed to prepare technical drawings and/or 3D models using Computer Aided Drafting, design, and 3D modeling software. • Offers degree plans in general drafting, as well as mechanical, petro/industrial or architectural/civil/structural specialties. Career Opportunities Growth in oil and gas production has impacted the economy by creating a surge in employment opportunities for drafters. Career opportunities for drafters are available in: • Manufacturing • Engineering: Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural, Civil • Oil, Energy, and Petrochemical • Public Works • Architecture Earning Potential Mechanical drafter median salary: $61,760 per year* *Source:, Gulf Coast region An equal opportunity institution For More Information Call Center: 281-998-6150 General Email: San Jacinto College Central 8060 Spencer Hwy. Pasadena, Texas 77505 Contact: 281-476-1836 San Jacinto College North 5800 Uvalde Road Houston, Texas 77048 Contact: 281-998-6150, ext. 7765 San Jacinto College South 13735 Beamer Road Houston, Texas 77089 Contact: 281-669-4757