Belgious Catering Social Media Coverage (EN)


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Short presentation about the social media strategy that was used to launch Belgious Catering as a new service of the Belgious Group.

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Belgious Catering Social Media Coverage (EN)

  1. 1. Belgious CateringSocial Media Coverage Michiel Das Belgious Catering Responsible 01/10/2010 – 28/02/2011 Web: Mail:
  2. 2. Summary Company: Belgious is a modern food concept offering its customers a mix of gourmet ice cream, a wide selection of Brazilian fruit juices and shakes, and Belgian crepes and waffles in its restaurants in Barcelona’s Barrio Gótico and Poble Nou area. Web: Mail:
  3. 3. Summary Challenge: After the successful launch of Belgious restaurants, the company wanted to launch a catering service, bringing the Belgious products to client’s homes and companies. Customers had to be informed about the new service. Web: Mail:
  4. 4. Summary Solution: Since Belgious had a significant presence on Facebook and Twitter, these channels were used to inform existing customers about the new service. New social media strategies were used to inform potential customers about Belgious Catering. Web: Mail:
  5. 5. Strategy for existing customers To inform the existing customers, an account on Youtube was opened (where future catering videos would be posted), and a teaser video was spread via Twitter. A few days later, followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook were informed about the new catering services, and from then onwards, these social networks were continuously updated with news about Belgious Catering. Web: Mail:
  6. 6. Strategy for potential customers To inform potential customers and at the same time improve the positioning of Belgious Catering on Google, the new service was listed on various online catering directories. Web: Mail:
  7. 7. Strategy for potential customers Futhermore, Spanish and Dutch Barcelona based news websites were contacted, and bloggers specifically focusing on tourists coming to Barcelona were invited to write about Belgious Catering. Web: Mail:
  8. 8. Expansion strategy In order to attract potential private investors and franchise owners, a company profile on LinkedIn was created to give Belgious, Belgious Catering (and later on also Gilda by Belgious) a more professional look and feel. Web: Mail:
  9. 9. Result The launch of Belgious Catering resulted the realization of various catering sessions, including two major networking events in the centre of Barcelona. Web: Mail:
  10. 10. Result The social marketing strategies generated more than 44000 relevant results on Google, and caused an increase in the website’s visits by 50,03% (while there was a 2,14% decline in the bounce rate) compared to the previous year. The number of Twitter followers increased by 10%; while the number of Facebook fans rose to 1246. Web: Mail:
  11. 11. More information? Want detailed information or need help creating a marketing plan for your company? Feel free to contact me at: Web: Mail: