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While Presenting Avoid ‘Too’ like the plague.. YouncK


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While Presenting Avoid ‘Too’ like the plague.. YouncK
Too Vague
Too Complicated
Too Long
Too Much
Too Boring
Too Fast

6 Presentation tips to prepare better!

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While Presenting Avoid ‘Too’ like the plague.. YouncK

  1. 1. © YouncK While Presenting Avoid ‘Too’ like the plague.. Too Vague Too Complicated Too Long Too Much Too Boring Too Fast 6 Presentation tips to prepare better! YouncK
  2. 2. © YouncK The 6 to be avoided Too’s according to YouncK Written by Maurice Hellemons 'Too' in front of other words is most often not so good. I have learned that from very young age. Unfortunately 'Too' in front of a word in a less positive context, also applies to presentations which almost all can be solved or prevented with a better preparation. Here are the 6 Too’s according to YouncK and how it can be done better. The 6 Too’s according to YouncK Presentations are often... How it also can be done? and better! 1. Too Vague No clear message or goal. With often as a result the natural reaction "So what ?" During your preparation make up your WIIFTA. (What's in it for the Audience) Begin and end with that. Use clear language and be concrete. Show, don’t tell. Use the senses. That keeps the brains alert and knowledge stays remembered easier in matters that the brains already recognize. Think of color, smell, taste, shape, emotion and tell a story. 2. Too Complicated There is no flow, or no clear structure. If you do not use a clear structure, then your audience will find a simple manner to no longer pay attention. Messages, holidays and to-do lists. Brains are easily distracted. Do not let that happen. "Keep it Simple. As simple as possible but not simpler than that", Einstein once said. Choose a known structure during your preparation. For example: 1. Chronological, numeric or a combination 2. Geographical 3. Problem, cause, effect, solution/action, result. 3. Too Long Too long sentences, long words, too long material, too many examples. This all leads to distraction, boredom and loss of focus. That focus is exactly what you want to maintain. The length of a presentation is "like a short skirt. Short enough to draw attention. Long enough to cover everything". "Less is more" summarizes it well. Use short words and short sentences. One spoken sentence that takes longer than 5 seconds, they will hardly remember. End on time, every time! Every minute finished earlier is a free gift, that they can be filled with their needs. (Email, toilet, coffee, phone call) Every minute too long is your fault. Sufficient practicing, as part of your preparation, results in good timing.
  3. 3. © YouncK The 6 Too’s according to YouncK Presentations are often… 4. Too Much Too many facts, sheets, details, bullet points, words in a row, etc. Too is never good especially when it comes to 'Too much'. Better one bird in the hand, than ten in the sky. Little to nothing stays remembered, even though you have so many good, beautiful stuff and benefits to mention. How it also can be done? and better! "Kill your Darlings" sums it up well. Order and chunk your info during your preparation. Perhaps not always possible or nice, but do it anyway. They will only remember one or a few of your messages max. If 'narcotic' is what they will remember of you, you are not doing a good job. 5. Too Boring The subject can be cared less by a person, but the most 'boring' subjects can still be brought fascinating. Bigger problem is the use, or better said abuse of a monotone voice. A monotone voice works like an car ride for a baby. Narcotic aka 'boring'. Be unexpected for a moment. Humor and magic are 2 forms of attracting tension. They want to know how it ends and only just because of that, you will keep their attention. Think about this during your preparation. Learn how to apply the MTV of your voice. Modulation, Tempo and Volume. If not, the sooner you will be narcotic and boring. 6. Too Fast If you want to do too much in too short a period of time, speakers will often speak faster at the end of a presentation. Or worse, they will skip parts. Perhaps half of your audience especially came for that last part. Not the proper way to deal with that part of your audience, is it? Make sure that during your preparation you exactly know after how many minutes you have to be on 25%, 50% and 75%. Then you can start earlier with being 'brief and concise' to make sure everything will be dealt with. Or forwarding questions per sub- topic earlier to a better suitable moment. Pause in your sentence and in between sentences. This works better for the brains, than speaking slower. The time in between will be used for the adaptation and sometimes literal translation. This also counts for dialect, which turns out to be very exhausting after a while. Put it to your advantage! Maurice Hellemons