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Study abroad 101


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General study abroad presentation

Published in: Education
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Study abroad 101

  1. 1.  Presentation by: Matthew Creasy 9/12/11
  2. 2. Summer 2007Fall 2005 January – May 2006 March 2007
  3. 3.  Expand your horizons Connect with people from other Cultures See the world Earn academic credit
  4. 4.  It changes who you are  Become more independent Greater appreciation for your home country Different views on global issues
  5. 5.  EnglishSpeaking VS.  Program deadlines Non-English Speaking  Visa application Countries deadlines Length of Trip  Transfer Credit Cost
  6. 6.  Direct Enrollment  Short Trip (1-2 weeks) Bilateral Exchange  Moderate Length (4+ weeks) Faculty Lead Programs  Semester Programs 3rd Party Programs  Year-Long Programs
  7. 7.  Exchange programs  Scholarships & Grants tend to cost less for in- o o state students o ps.aspx FAFSA can* apply to study abroad experiences with transfer credit Program Specific Funding
  8. 8.  Everyone talks about  They don’t tell you the food, the language, about: the money, general  Gender differences safety, and the living  Racial differences conditions  LGBT concerns & safety  Accommodations for students with disabilities
  9. 9.  Study Abroad Fair: Drill field, Wednesday September 21st 10-4pm  Set up a meeting with a Peer Advisor: email to set up an appointment  Education Abroad Office also has information about scholarships, credit transferring, and host cultures.