Get To Know San Isidro In Costa Rica


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Get To Know San Isidro In Costa Rica

  1. 1. Get To Know San Isidro In Costa RicaSan Isidro is Southern Costa Ricas largest town and known as the fastest growing town in centralamerica. Located 130km southeast of the countrys funds San Jose, it will take you approximately 3hours generating through the breath taking views of the scenic mountains and valleys. The closestcoastal town is Dominical, that is 34km southwest.It is a relaxed pleasant laid-back town on the Pan-American Highway in the base of the Talamancamountain tops in the Valley de El General with an altitude of almost two ,000 feet or even 600 meters.At this altitude the climate is cooler throughout the days and can end up being even a little frosty atnight compared to the coastal temperatures only 45 minutes drive aside.San Isidro or even Perez Zeledon, that is its municipal name and also the name the locals use has amain Central sq. Or Parque central that has recently been remodeled and at one end of this has afreshly restored church.The surrounding area is agricultural in a fertile valley, which has a good climate for fresh fruitplantations, flowers, espresso , corn, beans and there are also farms along with cattle and horses.San Isidro has all the services and many things you need, supermarkets , banks, main regionalHospital, dentists, chiropractic , schools, computers and accessories, hardware stores a goodselection of many types of stores that are nicely stocked, some efficient qualified lawyers along with apopular farmers marketplace on Thursdays and Fridays mornings promoting local produce.There isnt the selection of worldwide cuisine that one discovers for example in the Dominical area butthere are some good international and local restaurants. There is a decent nightlife in the weekendsthat can be fun with a few good bars and discos.The impressive Cordillera Talamanca towers over this particular region with it is highest point theMount Chirripó may be easily seen from San Isidro, which is the highest peak in costa rica at 12,330ft or three ,758m. This is a well-liked hike in the Chirripó National Park thats only suitable for the fitand well prepared. It is a steep and long climb with dramatic alterations in temperatures, at thiselevation the mercury may drop to below freezing especially at nights. As one ascends to the peak itsinteresting how this particular affects the general scenery , trees, flora and fauna.The best time to make this assent is early in the morning when its more likely to be obvious and it ispossible to see both coasts of Costa Rica the Caribbean and the Pacific.This backpack and areas around are of unique interest with bird watching enthusiast as there areendemic highland and southern species such as the magnificent Quetzal.You can begin and finish your backpack at San Gerado de Rivas and afterwards relax in theHerradura hot comes.Due to the development of San Isidro the property is thought to be a great investment. In the towncentre this is in demand and suitably priced, the suburban areas are priced reduce and are growing ininterest, as one enters the surrounding country there are some well-priced properties.Uvita Costa Rica