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Broadleaf at Stroudsmoor


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Broadleaf Health and Education Alliance works in rural India to ensure that children in low-income, rural communities have access to health care in order to reach their full potential.

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Broadleaf at Stroudsmoor

  1. 1. Improving Communities one child at a time Experts in the intersection of health and education
  2. 2. About Broadleaf
  3. 3. Everyone deserves access to healthcare and education. Broadleaf partners with children, families, and schools in the Eastern Himalayas to develop innovative, data- driven programs that improve educational outcomes and maximize well-being. We believe access to health knowledge and educational opportunity empowers communities to break down barriers to growth and development so every individual can thrive.
  4. 4. The Opportunity 1 out of every 2 of students in control schools are infected with intestinal parasites, 40% suffer from iron deficiency anemia, and many are undiagnosed with mental illness, chronic illness and development delay– all of these issues result in massive absenteeism in school. Our model is to create innovative programs that can be implemented by communities to tackle the development challenges in the rural developing world. We continually test and re-iterate using the scientific method to ensure we are providing high impact, cost effective, and evidence based solutions.
  5. 5. Every solution we tackle is tested using rigorous research methodology. We take this scientific approach in order to scale only the most proven, impactful and cost effective approaches to development. Our goal is to create programs that leverage the tremendous human talent that exists in our partner communities, use solutions and methods that yield measurable results, and develop platforms that can be easily replicated not just regionally, but globally. Volunteering in 2008, our founders were equally touched by the openness and warmth of their new found community as they were shocked by the realities of their students, whom suffered from preventable diseases and development delay, and their school which lacked books, running water, and toilets. Committed Data Driven Scalable
  6. 6. Innovative solutions CHHIP and TeaLeaf
  7. 7. CHHIP| Comprehensive school health program delivered by community health workers in rural primary schools Comprehensive Health and Hygiene Improvement Program.
  8. 8. We've created a teacher training program to improve in-school learning and a health and hygiene education curriculum. Our curriculum and supporting activities are delivered by our School Health Activists, who teach their students about water, sanitation, hygiene, germs, and nutrition so they can stay healthy and in school. We've developed a training, screening, and decision making program to empower our School Health Activists to not only provide primary health care services but also know when to escalate and refer issues and how to help families navigate and access the healthcare system. The first step is to ensure the schools that we work in our structurally sound and have basic infrastructure such as running water and working toilets. We work with our communities to complete the necessary construction projects at the schools before implementing the rest of our initiatives. School Health Environment Health Education Primary Health Services Interventions
  9. 9. TeaLeaf| Improving access to children’s mental health care by meeting children where they are, every day Task shifting Child Mental Health to Primary School teachers
  10. 10. The Problem 80% of children with a mental health condition are undiagnosed and untreated, leading to poor quality of life, impairment, or disability. The fundamental underlying cause of this treatment gap is insufficient professional human resources. Innovative care models are urgently needed to address this challenge. Globally, 10-20% of children suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition
  11. 11. The Solution Train primary school teachers to deliver evidence-based mental health care Leverage existing, invested human resources Meet children where they already are, every day Prevent future suffering; intervene early Initial Results 18% improvement in mental health status. Improved academic achievement
  12. 12. Stroudsburg Gala Friday, November 22, 2019 Stroudsmoor Country Inn
  13. 13. The community has gotten us here •This is the third event of this kind in the Poconos •The Stroudsburg community has been critical to providing the “seed funding” for getting our two keystone projects off the ground. •Since the last event we have grown from 15 to 73 schools per year. •Together with the Tata Trust we will expand TeaLeaf into hundreds of schools across an entire district. •The programs are tested and proven to work – help us expand!
  14. 14. Thank You BroadleafHealthEducation