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Ania's presentation


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SP Czasław Erasmus+

Published in: Education
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Ania's presentation

  1. 1. Poland has about 38mln citizens
  2. 2. The name of capital city of Poland is Warszawa (Warsaw)
  3. 3. Poland joined European Union in 2004
  4. 4. Children start learning English when they are 6
  5. 5. The emblem of Poland is... The white eagle on thered background
  6. 6. The biggest river in Poland is the Vistula river
  7. 7. Polish see is the Baltlic see
  8. 8. Our village Czasław is near Krakow
  9. 9. Traditional food in Poland Bulion and dumplings
  10. 10. At our school students can learn German and English
  11. 11. Our school is an interaktive place
  12. 12. Our school is a frendly place
  13. 13. In our school we play a lot of sports