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Polish school ppt_presentation[1]


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school presentation

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Polish school ppt_presentation[1]

  2. 2. Our school was founded in 1935.Our school was founded in 1935. In 1981 we got the nameIn 1981 we got the name of famous Polish poetof famous Polish poet,, novelist and essayistnovelist and essayist:: MARIA KONOPNICKAMARIA KONOPNICKA SOME HISTORY
  3. 3. Maria Konopnicka (May 23, 1842, Suwałki — October 8, 1910, Lwów) was a Polish poet, novelist, translator and essayist. She sometimes used pen names, often "Jan Sawa." Konopnicka was a representative poet of the Positivist period in Polish literature. She composed sensitive poetry that projects realism, freshness and spontaneity. Her writings touched on many questions that beset society in her time, and thus influenced the next generation of Polish poets and novelists. She is buried at the Łyczaków Cemetery in Lwów. Maria Konopnicka OUR PATRON
  4. 4. There are about 600 students in the school. We are a huge family in the small town. The students can learn in 16 classrooms and a gym. There is a library, a student’s day room and a canteen. SCHOOL FAMILY
  5. 5. OUR FREE TIME The teachers spend a lot of time with their pupils. They go on school trips and work with students after regular lessons. Our hobbies are making some projects, being involved in schools’ competitions and preparing school events.
  6. 6. European Day of Languages
  7. 7. Last year we organised European Day of Languages in our school. Taking part in the competition about different European countries we collected a lot of information about people and places they live. After that day we started eTwinning project with our first partner.
  8. 8. We focused on such countries as: Russia, Germany and Great Britain.
  10. 10. OUR LIBRARY Our library is divided into two parts. The first part is for I- III .The second part is IV-VI CLASSES . There are 7995 books. There is a reading corner in the first library. You can read books here during the long break or after classes . There are two computers in our library .
  11. 11. SCHOOL CANTEEN There are delicious dinners in our school canteen. Our cooks work hard, in order to prepare tasty and healthy meals. .
  12. 12. WE OFTEN WIN! Our school participate in various competitions. We often win the first prize. Our school is involved mostlyin sports competitions, but we also participate in other competitions. Diplomas and cups decorate our school corridor. Some cups are very large .
  13. 13. OUR HOPES We hope that our school is interesting, pleasant and safe. Using modern methods of teaching our teachers would like to introduce the students to the world of advanced science and technology.
  14. 14. We would like to know young people from other European countries. We know we have a lot of in common and we also can learn something new from one another. We’re willing to learn about you, your school and hobbies. So, stay in touch!!!!