Breef Report above the Course Character Education in Brazil


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Breef Report above the Course Character Education in Brazil

  1. 1. Manuel DantasSão Paulo, BrazilDecember 2, 2007The Character Education Project (Subject: Social Foundation) began in February 2004, in the city of Fortaleza,Ceará. When we presented the project to the Director of the school, he could accept easily, because ourproposal was to help reduce existing problems among the young people, such as: drugs, Aids, prematurepregnancy, violence, among others. The Character Education was applied at the Messejana State High School,where approximately 1700 students in 36 classes participated twice a month, in the period of the morning,afternoon and night. Several professors cooperated allowing us using their own scheduled classes. Even thoughthe Chraracter Education is an extracurricular discipline, it has a schedule pre-established per semester and thestudents can earn participation points that are reverted for all the other disciplines.Liceu of Messejana - Fortaleza, CE Character Education classIn February 2006, the second Character Education Project began in the city of Barueri, in the State of SãoPaulo. In this school, we applied the Course for the 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 8th grade students. Approximately 280students of 8 classes weekly participated in the period of the afternoon and night.School Taro Mizutori - Barueri, SP Groups DynamicsThe Character Education Coordinators in Brazil were interested to know the practical results of the contentpresented in the classes. For that reason, we elaborated a survey with 25 questions in the beginning of the yearand another one with 28 questions at the end of the year. The students are not identified and the answers areanalyzed under the collective point of view, with the objective of discovering the Factors of Risk inside of theschool and to reveal the positive results after the application of the Course. Following are the results below:
  2. 2. — Subject (A): They answered YESIs it important to wait until the marriage before to do sex?- School Liceu of Messejana:BEFORE the application of the course - Boys: 36,23% - Girls: 54,46%AFTER the application of the course - Boys: 47,10% - Girls: 66,66%- School Taro Mizutori:BEFORE the application of the course - Boys: 31,74% - Girls: 51,80%AFTER the application of the course - Boys: 36,50% - Girls: 61,44%— Subject (B): They answered YESDid you already have some type of sexual relationship?- School Liceu of Messejana:Period of 1 YEAR BEFORE the application of the course - Boys: 50,65% - Girls: 48,71%1 YEAR AFTER the application of the course - Boys: 45,65% - Girls: 27,32%- School Taro Mizutori:Period of 1 YEAR BEFORE the application of the course - Boys: 53,33% - Girls: 65%1 YEAR AFTER the application of the course - Boys: 33,33% - Girls: 13,25%— Subject (C): They answered YESDid you already use some type of illicit drug (marijuana, cocaine, LSD, among other)?- School Liceu of Messejana:Period of 1 YEAR BEFORE the application of the course - Boys: 57,14% - Girls: 75%1 YEAR AFTER the application of the course - Boys: 24,28% - Girls: 6,69%- School Taro Mizutori:Period of 1 YEAR BEFORE the application of the course - Boys: 66,66% - Girls: 20%1 YEAR AFTER the application of the course - Boys: 25,80% - Girls: 7,40%— Subject (D):What’s your opinion about the Character Education Methodology?- School Liceu of Messejana:AFTER 1 year of application of the courseBoys: Very good, 61,59% — Good, 25% — Didnt like it, 3,26%Girls: Very good, 67,21% — Good, 24,40% — Didnt like it, 4%- School Taro Mizutori:AFTER 1 year of application of the courseBoys: Very good, 23,81% — Good, 36,50% — Didnt like it, 7,93%Girls: Very good, 31,32% — Good, 46,98% — Didnt like it, 6,02% Testimoies of Students and Teachers on the Character Education Course: “Essential, because at the moment the adolescents are very lost in the middle of many tabooes. I think thatCourse should have as objective also to be applied at the Elementary School as well, from our formation, let us begin to have conscience and support.” Samara Araújo Cabral (16 years), 1st year “It is very important at the present time. The youth doesnt worry about that; They just used the term to stay, without commitment, often they have sexual relationships with different partners, dirtying their human personality.” Roni Lima Serpa (17 years), 3rd year “Interesting, because in our present time is very necessary have Courses for better understanding of the consequences of a wrong step in our lives.” Maria Tailane Moreira da Silva (15 years), 2nd year “It is a good Course. The people sometimes forget that the fidelity and the virginity are moral values and that the human being needs to feel well inside.”
  3. 3. Deise Barros Correa (15 years), 1st year “My opinion about the Course, is that I like the teachers explanations because he teaches the reality of the world nowadays for the youths and adolescents. He teaches for the adolescents and young in a way they can take precautions so that they can avoid a premature pregnancy, enter the world of crimes and drugs. And he teaches the youths and adolescents so they can have a good future and a good family.” Camila Ramos (16 years), 1st year“It is very fundamental in the life of a person, because we learned essential life lessons for our dayly life. Wealso learned how to work with quite complicated situations. Those lessons that we learned at the school, most citizen don´t has that opportunity. Therefore we are privileged.” William Vieira de Sousa (16 years), 1st year “The Program influences the youth to constitute families so that they put the head in the right place. Besidesshowing the problems, it still shows the solution. They are things that we heard in our daily, but we never give attention. I think this Course should be implanted in all the schools of Barueri.” Wilton Conegundes (16 years), 1st year“In my opinion I can say for sure that helped me a lot, because I had a lot of orientations on important things that we needed for the coexistence day by day. Many people do the things avoiding somebody to give an orientation and, thanks to God, I learned with the Course Social Foundations. That helped me even to passsome practical information to my friends and family. I can say, without any doubt, that I am very thankful for what I have learned.” Silvana de Sá Oliveira (17 years), 1st year“No knowledge is more important than the elevation of the self-esteem and the preservation of the physical and psychological integrity. The contents transmitted by us, teachers, fall in the emptiness if we dont count with parallel works considering the whole human being. As a teacher and specially as a mother, I congratulate the initiative of that Course, I am willing to volunteer and collaborate with the course in the year of 2005.” Lilian Aparecida Madade Suassuna Teacher of Portuguese Language “The Course doesnt seek to give the fish, but to train fishermen.” Daniel da Silva Maciel Teacher of History and Sociology “The school needed a Course like that. It is very important for the students and I consider the ideas of the Project essentials for the life and coherent with the Word of God. I hope it continues in the School.” Suzani Wanderley Sales Teacher of Portuguese Language - Literature “The Character Education Course was very important for the understanding of the students of the School ofMessejana, because it was an opportunity of debates on several subjects of the youths interests, such as drugs,pregnancy in the adolescence, alcoholism. And the result was visible, because the year of 2004 presented thesmallest number of cases of pregnancy in the adolescence and drug users. We hoped the Project continues in 2005, because it was a success in 2004, as evaluations done by teachers and students.” Osmar Pereira da Silva Director of the School of Teaching Medium School of Messejana“The Direction of this School Unit informs that Teacher Manuel Dantas da Silva, accomplished the Course ofEducation of the Character (Course Social Foundations), together with Teachers Valquíria Lopes Pereira and Kassia Regina Vedovelli, in the period of March to December 2006, presenting subjects of our students interest, such as prevention of drugs, alcoholism and pregnancy in the adolescence. A positive result was reached in the evaluation done by the direction and teachers in the students understanding. We expected the continuity of the Project in the school year of 2007.” Expedito Pereira da Silva
  4. 4. Director of the State School Taro MizutoriWe, firstly, thank Father Heavenly for having put in our lives, people and special circumstances that favored theapplication of the Course Character Education in the schools. We thank all the Ambassadors for Peace thatcollaborated directly or indirectly with the initial activities that were accomplished at several schools and thatserved as experiences for the practical improvement of the Course. We also thank the International Director ofthe activities of the Character Education, Mr. Alan Saunders for being always leaning on with importantinformation that contribute with the development of the Course, mainly on this second year. Our firstexperience with the Course was very interesting. In one school, the director told to us that the cases ofpregnancy in the adolescence were reduced from 8 cases to 1, comparing the previous years with only 1 year ofapplication of the Course. Regarding the drugs, some teachers noticed that the presence of drugs in thebathrooms of the school were very reduced. We were happy with the results, but at the same time, we were alsosad for knowing that many other schools need this Course and unfortunately we dont have qualified teachers.But thanks to God, here in Brazil we already accomplished trainings for monitors and teachers, in the cities ofFortaleza (CE), Embu (SP), Guarulhos (SP), Curitiba (PR), Barueri (SP) and in the city of São Paulo with agroup of monitors of Anápolis (GO), where the results certainly will come, according to the time and needs ofeach team and places.