Virtuemart extensions ajax drop down cart for virtuemart


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Virtuemart extensions ajax drop down cart for virtuemart

  1. 1. Virtuemart Extensions - Ajax Drop Down Cart For Virtuemart All well-known ecommercial shopping sites has a powerfull drop down cart which instantly reflect the added-to-cart product in a nice effect drop down list. It make your shopping website looking clean and extremely professional, moreover, your shoppers enjoy the conviniences of reviewing all products has been selected by their shopping activities. Virtuemart Ajax Drop Down Cart is a Virtuemart module and can be installed like normal Joomla installation. After activate the module and place in the your choosen position of Joomla template ( recommended the top/header postion), you can immediately use the drop down cart. Module features: Instant Ajax update product into the cart detail Instant update the total price of your cart ( work with Virtuemart price caculation system) Include the selected Custom Field for each product Can remove any product from cart right away with remove product button Collapsed state shows how many products are in the cart Expanded state shows each product, the quantity, product thumbnail, product name and product subtotal Preview the drop down cart detail just by hovering your mouse on cart button Display the product thumnail Update product number and price for more than 1 same product Go to Cart page button Install this Virtuemart Ajax Drop Down Cart for your site and you will see the difference This module compatiple with latest Virtuemart version VM 2.0.12 and Joomla 2.x.x Ajax Drop Down Cart For Virtuemart