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Mhi panel cleaver lattice

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Mhi panel cleaver lattice

  1. 1. Over is the New Up
  2. 2. Career ladders only work for a few And the view from below isn’t inspiring
  3. 3. Sideways isn’t progress, either
  4. 4. Diagonal career paths support growth in all directions
  5. 5. The Power of Career Lattices • Find hidden talent • Capture greater ROI from training • Reflect employees’ expectations • Open multiple paths to success • Distinguish from work-life programs
  6. 6. Engineer a Lattice: Enterprise • Be transparent • Communicate • Reward talent development • Sync with training • Redefine success
  7. 7. Engineer a Lattice: Individual • Be strategic • Expect to self-direct • Think holistic • Sync with training • Analyze lattice skills