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Controlled Vocabularies


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Controlled Vocabularies

  1. 1. Introduction toControlled Vocabularies (Term Lists)
  2. 2. Controlled VocabulariesWhat: list of terms to choose fromAim: easier to transfer dataWhere: Data Guidelines and Discovery Metadata StandardVocabularies are available directly or‘served’ using the NERC Vocabulary Server (SeaDataNet)
  3. 3. Example – Platform types
  4. 4. Website
  5. 5. NERC Vocab Service:
  6. 6. SeaDataNet• Units, Instruments, platforms, sea areas etc
  7. 7. SeaDataNetParameter relationships and discovery
  8. 8. Other Useful Controlled Vocabularies Species of the British Islesand Adjacent Seas (MSBIAS).
  9. 9. How to add?E-mail Clare Postlethwaite – check with appropriate governance group.
  10. 10. PracticalAim – to familiarise yourself with different controlledvocabularies1) Find the MEDIN webpage for controlled vocabularies( Find: a) Area code for the Irish Sea (use SeaDataNet) b) The AphiaID for UK species Mytilus edulis (use MSBIAS) c) Code for the horizontal reference system WGS84 (use EPSG) d) Platform Code for Moored Surface Buoy
  11. 11. • 1_4• AphiaID: 140480• EPSG::7030• 41