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Research summary

  1. 1. Summaries Posters We have gathered certain inspirational aspects from these posters that we may want to use for our film poster. We have researched all film genres and have realised that some similar genres have similar styles. For example romantic films posters such as Titanic and Pearl Harbour have images of the couples embraced together to show their connection, and the images are laid out the same, with the couple at the top and the main situation such as the ship or the war plane positioned at the bottom. The horror posters have similar colours that create depressing atmospheres, such as Saw, Vacancy and Cloverfield. Chick flicks have positive, feminine colours such as pink or blue to reflect the style of the film. We are interested in the ideas of having a quote or a simple sentence that gives the audience some insight into what the film is about, such ‘Something has found us’ in Cloverfield. We have a wide variety of layouts that will help us decide which is best to portray our film in our poster. Magazines Looking at our magazines we have noticed that they do not have much colour, or a wide variety of colour. We would like to use suitable colours, which we think would reflect our film. We like the idea of having the same amount of text to the image, due to the fact that we noticed that less text gives a negative view of the film already. The way some of the pages are divided into sections of different film reviews have given us inspiration to divided up the page with certain scenes to go with the text. Films We have selected a wide variety of different genres to help us create our own film. From watching The Black Hole we have come up with some ideas that were inspired by this film. We like the simple style of the film, ad like the idea of not having any dialogue, just diegetic sounds. The Black Hole has a message which is ‘greed’ this inspires us to also have a message in our film to target a certain audience. The film Signs has a non diegetic sound running through the whole film, and we are inspired by the way it reflects the characters mood during the film. We have gathered some ideas for narrative structure from some of the films also. Apricot includes a lot of flashbacks that interrupts the present day; we think this has a interesting flow. The narrative structure of Wrong Side of the Bed has parallel worlds, we think this is challenging and different and we would like to consider this more.