pharmacology seminr on overview of drug discovery and developme insulin ellular moa of thyriod harmone cellular moa of thyriod harmone and insulin conve seminor on molecular &amp protein and protein structure seminar on protein and protein structure pharmacokinetics seminar on pharmacokinetics parasympatholytic parasympathomimetic seminar on parasympathomimetic and parasympatholyt antisense oligonucleotides antisene technology seminar on antisense technology and antisense olig muscle co-ordination behavioural model screening models on behavioral and muscle coordina antidepressant drugs cns stimulant drug anti depressant drugs-converted screening models of cns stimulant &amp antipsychotic drugs screening models of anti psychotic drugs-converted sex hormone presentation on sex harmones converted rational drug deign presentation on rational drug design converted neurotransmitter gaba dopamine presentation on neurotransmitter’s on dopamine and adrenaline acetylcholine presentation on neurotransmitter’s acetylcholine a norcholinergic noradrenaline neurotransmission presentation on neurotransmission and noradrealine prolactine growth horomone resentation on growth harmone and prolactin pharmacophore based screeing pharmacophore mapping presentation on concept of pharmacophore mapping a antiviral agents presentation on antiviral agent’s antifungal agents presentation on antifungal agents pharmacy drug discovery insillico drug design presenatation on insillico drug design pharmaceutical good laboratory practice laboratory practie glp oncotheraphy anticancer drugs oncogenes neoplasm chemotheraphy of cancer cancer proteomics genomics and bioinformatics antitubercular drugs helminthiasis drugs for helminthiasis. cpcsea guidelines neurodegenerative disease. screening models for alzheimers disease alzheimer disease. meemory loss production of transgenic animals microinjection. transgenic animals lymphatic system sensory organs
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