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Fixing the holes


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LeadMD has experienced many clients, in which Bersin & Associates is one of them. Bersin & Associates is an authorized HR and learning professionals. They chose to drive high quality business leads. Because they knew that LeadMD is expertise in lead scoring programs, as well as their strength with both Marketo and Salesforce platform.

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Fixing the holes

  1. 1. LeadMD Case Study Bersin & Associates Fixing the HolesBersin & Associates empowers HR andlearning professionals to drive businessresults through world-class research andconsulting. The companys WhatWorks®Membership Program gives humanresources, learning and business leadersthe insights, professional development, andnetworking they need to drive alignmentacross their organizations and to deliversound and successful people managementsolutions.LeadMD helped them build a better funnel.
  2. 2. LeadMD Identifies the Problem and Reacts Quickly to Make aChange Summary Bersin & Associates empowers HR and learning professionals to drive business results through world-class research and consulting. The companys WhatWorks® Membership Program gives human resources, learning and business leaders the insights, professional development, and networking they need to drive alignment across their organizations and to deliver sound and successful people management solutions. More than 5,000 organizations"Bersin chose around the world have used Bersin & Associates research and consulting to guide their learning and talent strategiesLeadMD because and solutions. More than 50 percent of the Fortune 100 areof the company’s currently Bersin & Associates clients.expertise in lead Bersin knew that to continue their trajectory of 30% CAGR inscoring programs, as revenue, they needed to implement a marketing automation (MA) platform that would systematically drive high qualitywell as their strength leads into the business. The company purchased thewith both the Marketo Marketo software to get the marketing automation program underway.and Salesforceplatforms. " The Challenge Marketing automation technology can be overwhelming, counter intuitive, and, on the whole, not very automated. For Bersin, the challenge came with developing a lead scoring process, which is an integral part of a marketing automation campaign. The marketing department needed a transparent, efficient and reliable way to rate leads. Their current process, although well thought out, did not account for the lifecycle nature of lead interest, which is common to most organizations that have implemented lead scoring. In the typical lead scoring model, companies score leads in accordance with their demographic profile and couple that information with behaviors that indicate interest. Once Bersin’s leads reached a qualification point they were passed to sales and that’s where the former process ended. Furthermore, Bersin needed this process to be intuitive for both the marketing and sales departments, so there was no confusion as to where leads resided in the funnel.
  3. 3. Because Bersin also used, they required a "LeadMD simplifiedbetter integration between the two platforms, so they couldmaximize both in the lead scoring process. a very complex technology for us,Paula Reinman, SVP of marketing for Bersin, noticed thatthere was a disconnect in the lead scoring and nurturing making our leadsystem, which needed to be fixed in order to maximize their scoring processmarketing automation investment. “We required a dynamicand systematic way for sales to know who were the top seamless and easy toprospects to call,” said Reinman. “While we knew how to understand."use Marketo and our marketing team was doing a great jobbringing in leads, we were struggling with the complexity ofscoring those leads effectively and handing them off to salesin a way that they can work them most efficiently.”The SolutionReinman decided that bringing in a marketing automationexpert that specialized in the Marketo platform could helpthe company resolve their lead scoring issue. Bersin choseLeadMD because of the company’s expertise in lead scoringprograms, as well as their strength with both the Marketoand Salesforce platforms.LeadMD went to work by first figuring out where the holesin the program were. They sat down with executives fromthe marketing and sales departments to learn what theyneeded in order for lead scoring to fit in their workflow.LeadMD challenged Bersin to think further in terms of whathappens to leads once they interact with sales and determinea score based on that sales interaction. After a full-day,on-site evaluation, LeadMD created a “working process”that was agreed to by departments. They bridged the gapand got everyone on the same page with workflow. LeadMDthen taught everyone using the system how to work withMarketo to maximize lead scores and nurturing. During theevaluation, the company also identified a hole in Bersin’sfunnel that was allowing leads from the Web to bypass leadscoring, and lost all prior lead activity. By simply identifyingthe hole, LeadMD was able to capture the lead stream andput it back into the funnel for nurturing. LeadMD then helpedthem define various success paths, translate those paths intothe Marketo platform, and measure results.
  4. 4. Bersin now utilizes a dashboard with key lead reports that is shared throughout thecompany. This gives a level of transparency that was missing prior to working withLeadMD.Reinman was impressed. “LeadMD simplified a very complex technology for us, makingour lead scoring process seamless and easy to understand. LeadMD did a great job ofidentifying our issues and applying strong technical and project management skills tohelp us improve our marketing automation. I knew it was working very quickly after thenew implementation when our leads started being rated and scored in a way that wasvisible to, and made sense for, everyone. That wasn’t happening before.”Results:+ Bersin is currently seeing a 30 percent increase in leads in its monthly ‘qualified leads’report and an across the board increase in accuracy around lead source attribution.+ An easy-to-follow metrics system, which supports both behavioral and demographiclead scores reinforced by data validation requirements. This ensures completeness ofrecord before being passed to sales.+ Converting 18 percent more leads into complimentary registration– the desiredoutcome which allows Bersin to build value in their on-demand research memberships
  5. 5. About Bersin & AssociatesBersin & Associates helps companies get smart fast, so they can make better businessdecisions and save time in implementing mission-critical programs. HR professionalscan use our insights and tools to benchmark their current strategies, identify strengthsand gaps, and develop the solutions that build successful organizations.More than 5,000 organizations around the world have used Bersin & Associates researchand consulting to guide their learning and talent strategies and solutions. More than 50percent of the Fortune 100 currently are Bersin & Associates clients. www.bersin.comAbout LeadMDLeadMD is a conversational marketing services firm specializing on organic leadgeneration. Headquartered in Phoenix, LeadMD helps companies fix their funnel byleveraging cutting edge sales and marketing technology to produce quantifiable revenuebased results