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INTRODUCTION TO Monarch Advisory Group


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Monarch Advisory Group presentation about growing, protecting and enjoying your wealth. Making Financial Planning easy to understand.

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INTRODUCTION TO Monarch Advisory Group

  1. 1. Why  do  I  do  what  I  do?     Because  this  is  what  I  want  to  do!       Help  people     Make  Financial  Planning  easy  to  understand     Provide  certainty     Help  you  create  a  plan  for  the  future,  and  a  plan  in   case  something  goes  wrong  
  2. 2. 1.  Let’s  chat!     2.  Let  me  show  you  what  I’m  thinking   3.  Please  go  away…  and  have  a  think       4.  Ask  me  100  quesLons!   5.  Coffee?     6.  Are  you  100%  comfortable?   7.  Call  me  …  and  I  would  like  to  see  you  again   How  do  I  do  what  I  do?  
  3. 3. •  I  have  a  husband,  and  a  Pug.  You  know  I  love  my  wine  and  am  very  social.  I   am  AFL’s  newest  fan,  and  GWS  Giants  biggest  fan!   •  I  believe  everyone  should  be  able  to  access  Financial  Planning  advice  –  not   just  if  you  have  $xxx  to  invest   •  This  is  my  business,  and  I’m  here  to  stay   •  A  radio  host  on  community  radio   •  ArLcle  on  Monarch  Advisory  Group  in  RiskInfo  (industry  Mag)  September   •  Top  20  for  Rising  Star  of  the  2013  (final  judging  sLll  in  progress)   •  Follow  my  Blog  please:­‐blog/   AND…..   More  about  me..  
  4. 4. In  case  you  forgot….  There’s  a  method  to   my  madness   Eaglewaves  radio  GWS:  Player   sponsor;  Captains   club  member   Drummoyne  Rugby  Colts  sponsor/  Scholarship  
  5. 5. Who  do  you  know?   •  Trust   •  Outsource   •  Certainty   •  Recent  changes  (marriage,  divorce,  new  job,  baby,  mortgage  etc)   •  Business  owner  with  2  or  more  directors   •  Has  not  heard  from  their  Planner  in  12+  months  
  6. 6. Disclaimer   IMPORTANT  INFORMATION   This  informaLon  was  prepared  by  Monarch  Advisory  Group  Pty  Ltd,  ABN  75155549705.  Licensed  under  Securitor  Financial  Group   Ltd,  ABN  48  009  189  495  AFSL  &  Australian  Credit  Licence  (ACL)  240687  (Securitor)  and  is  current  as  at  January  2013.   This  publicaLon  provides  an  overview  or  summary  only  and  it  shouldn’t  be  considered  a  comprehensive  statement  on  any  maker   or  relied  upon  as  such.  The  informaLon  in  this  publicaLon  does  not  take  into  account  your  objecLves,  financial  situaLon  or  needs   and  so  you  should  consider  its  appropriateness  having  regard  to  these  factors  before  acLng  on  it  and  obtain  financial  advice.  Any   taxaLon  posiLon  described  in  this  publicaLon  is  a  general  statement  and  should  only  be  used  as  a  guide.  It  does  not  consLtute  tax   advice  and  is  based  on  current  tax  laws  and  our  interpretaLon.   Your  individual  situaLon  may  differ  and  you  should  seek  independent  professional  tax  advice.  The  rules  associated  with  the  super   and  tax  regimes  are  complex  and  subject  to  change  and  the  opportuniLes  and  effects  will  differ  depending  on  your  personal   circumstances.