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2015/08 - FidMe - General overview (Loyalty cards, Stampcards, Coupons...)


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FidMe is the European leading "mWallet" with over 3.7 M users and available on every Smartphone in 20 languages.

FidMe general overview describing loyalty services for retailers (connected or not), brands, stampcards for small businesses and chains, coupons centre and personalized push.

For retailers and shopping centers : loyalty program connection to digitalize their cards, scheme, coupons, etc.

For shops and franchises : Stampcards program management with online coupons features, incentive actions, and advanced tools.

For coupons providers or brands : panels creation to push contextualized offers directly to consumers based on advanced criterias.

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2015/08 - FidMe - General overview (Loyalty cards, Stampcards, Coupons...)

  1. 1. Reach new clients, enhance engagement and take advantages of « mobile to store » with loyalty digitalization Connect or create your mobile loyalty program in FidMe Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 1 Version 3.0 – July 2015
  2. 2. S N A P P ’ / F I D M E Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 2 • Who are we? • FidMe : concept and key figures • Digitalize your loyalty program • Targeting and direct marketing via cross-data • Detect customers in points of sales
  3. 3. W H O A R E W E S N A P P ’ A 20-member team Mobile development experts Created in July 2005 Downloaded applications Multi-platform know-how 2,3 M€ raised +5M Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 3
  4. 4. W H Y Do you have the loyalty card ? Probably… 4Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015
  5. 5. 5 53% of smartphone owners use(28%) or are ready to use(25%) their mobile phone as a loyalty card in stores, W H A T D O M _ S H O P P E R S W A N T Source : Observatoire de la ;Fidélité 2014, étude menée auprès de 8000 utilisateurs FidMe 3T 2014 63% of FidMe users do not have any other application of brands or retailers in their mobile phone 78% of FidMe users are willing to receive personalized offers! Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015
  6. 6. 6Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 Available in 19 languages, Downloaded in more than 80 countries… U N I V E R S A L M _ W A L L E T
  7. 7. E U R O P E ’ S N ° 1 3.700.000 accounts +90.000 new/month 7Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 6th most used commerce application /the most used brand in France (Médiamétrie) 1st most used mobile application in point of sales 6,3 launches per month 650.000 monthly active users
  8. 8. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 8 H I G H L I G H T E D B Y T H E M O B I L E S M A I N P L A Y E R S
  9. 9. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 9 Y O U R L O Y A L T Y P R O G R A M D I G I T A L I Z E D N O W Visible by 3.7 million users Your clients are already in FidMe Time-to-market : immediate! Connexion to CRM TAKE CONTROL!
  10. 10. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 10 Your logo Clients’ identity Card background Point of sales Links to app’ Ongoing offers Y O U R L O Y A L T Y P R O G R A M D I G I T A L I Z E D N O W ! Loyalty level
  11. 11. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 11 Your details Stampcard Rewards / Coupons Points of sale Loyalty program Points of sale Y O U R S T A M P C A R D D I G I T A L I Z E D N O W !
  12. 12. T A R G E T I N G C L I E N T S & P R O S P E C T S 12Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 FidMe allows a unique targeting enabling panels creations from profile criterias and brands data / retailers DATABASE WOMEN MEN 18+ 18-25 yo 26-35 yo 36-50 yo PERFUME WELLNESS BEAUTY INSTITUTE GROCERY SPORT TRAVEL
  13. 13. T A R G E T I N G C L I E N T S A N D P R O S P E C T S 13Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 Once the panel is defined, FidMe can push an offer, deal, coupon straight to these users via notifications, geolocation, or specific actions.
  14. 14. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 14 S E N D O F F E R S A N D C O U P O N S V I A F I D M E Out-app notification Badges and in-app notifications 2 Notifications centre Centre of geolocated offers
  15. 15. R E A C H C L I E N T S B Y G E O L O C A T I O N A client or prospect near a point of sale can receive an information, or a deal Also, a sales man can receive information about an incoiming client to personalize his visit In-coming and out-going interactions: B2C / B2B2C / B2B 15Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 As iBeacons are only linked to a single application, FidMe is ideal to reach a great number of clients and prospects.
  16. 16. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 16 Online access to cardholders’ mobile behaviors, Real time statistics and analytics (campaigns, offers, notifications), Data export to your CRM, Complete management of your loyalty program and acquisition features. F I D M E C O N N E C T / S T A M P C A R D S M A N A G E M E N T B A C K E N D
  17. 17. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 17 Y O U R L O Y A L T Y P R O G R A M D I G I T A L I Z E D N O W ! In a matter of weeks, your loyalty program is connected! Your clients are already in FidMe. Time-to-market : immediate! Reach 3.7 million users. TAKE CONTROL! Contact by geolocation technologies Direct marketing via super targeted panels
  18. 18. Snapp’ - © Copyright 2015 18 Already connected to FidMe Local stores & franchises Partners and advertisers
  19. 19. FidMe by Snapp’ Le Grand Angle - Avenue Périé - 33520 Bruges - France Laurent Bourgitteau-Guiard – General Manager - tel : +33 5 47 74 52 53 - mobile : +33 6 27 47 55 11 –