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6 Reasons To Play By The Rules for US Youth Soccer


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One of the key components of good sportsmanship is to play by the rules. Rules of a game prevent one player from doing something that would harm another player. And beyond just physical safety, rules ensure that players respect each other and play fairly.

Liberty Mutual Insurance's Play Positive® presents the top six reasons to always play by the rules.

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6 Reasons To Play By The Rules for US Youth Soccer

  1. 1. In F 3 | W V F " V I I I I mi: MII-I: IiI ‘ W . av C! ‘ " 9&4. L'b >3‘ Nlluglgil. INSURANCE Playi POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE @2015 Liberty Mutual Insurance, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
  2. 2. ram 6 REASONS To PLAY BY THE RULES Cheaters never win, right? Unfortunately, sometimes they do. But playing sports isn't just about the results on the scoreboard. |t’s earning those results fair and square by playing by the rules. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive““ initiative powered by Positive Coaching Alliance presents the top 6 reasons why you should always play by the rules. au- A zLxi'3‘i. ‘12’L Play | NSURANCE POSITIVECOACHINGALLIANCE L 2015 Liberty Mutual I nnnnnnn (-2-, I75 Berkeley Street‘ Boston, MA 0216
  3. 3. ( >FAlRi~! ESS When you play by the rules, you know that you’ve won fairly and that you deserve the win. You’ve won the game with no question about the outcome. “F.5;, rr‘ Ff: .(-3)(j, >fI, .F. <3.I. Cl. .“r; 'nW
  4. 4. SAFETY < Rules are in place to keep players safe. M When you play by the rules, youreduce the risk of you or others getting injured. Respect the rules to help keep everyone safe. T g -
  5. 5. MORE PLAY TIME < The fact is: when you play by the rules, you’ll spend more timé3§, _.~ playing the game . you love and less time arguing ' “ £ about fouls, negotiating the rules, ' ’ ' or just standing around waiting Q! for play to resume. ‘ft? ‘, I Q ¢¢vI I
  6. 6. ( >RESPECT When you play by the rules, you e. arn i: lf. e l’€«$i. ‘i c-mi: of your teammates, your coach and your parents. You’ll also respect yourself. When you see other players playing by the rules, you respect them.
  7. 7. CONSISTENCY C When you play by the rules, you are ensuring consistency 3 In sports — that a .300 batting average in Massachusetts is the same as a .300 batting average in California. I
  8. 8. You are friends with peo‘ you trust. And when you I _ don’t cheat and you play V by the rules, people see that you can be trusted. They Pa will see you as a leader. And they’ll want to stand with you!
  9. 9. > WHAT’S IMPORTANT < The rules in sports remind us what is important: having fun, staying safe, learning and growing, challenging ourselves to improve and do better, and to give us the opportunity to reach our potential.
  10. 10. « I owo-iJ>_c~i>__. WHY PLAY BY THE RULES? Fairness . Safety More play time . Respect . Consistency . Trust For more information, visit PlayPositive. com /
  11. 11. /, < K $51.-rt l; :_. ‘~‘1>'4r:1L‘I~‘1:| I? ‘ ‘ It _: , PU'l'Tll'IG Slf3ORTSl’IAlISl-III3 BACKlNTOTflfWISPORTS Liberty Mutual Insurance started the Play Positive® program to encourage good sportsmanship and help parents and coaches promote a better youth sports experience. Visit PlayPositive. com for helpful advice, tools, and resources you can use on and off the field. I In LP» Videos and Tips and Expert Advice Take the Podcasts Tools and Resources Pledge lvi‘3.‘Ei‘. El PIayI E INSURANCE POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE LIKE FOLLOW / |Ew . @2015 Liberty Mutual | nsurance,175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116