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Nfl based solution sales with financial analysis & customer specific roi


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Nfl based solution sales with financial analysis & customer specific roi

  1. 1. Growing Profits With NFL Sunday Ticket NFL Based Solution Sales with Financial Analysis & Customer Specific ROI 1 By: Alexander Pietryga & Allen Haley
  2. 2. Agenda NFL Sunday Ticket Basics Introduction Components of NFL Sunday Ticket Commercial iPad App Benefits for Business Owners NFL Sunday Ticket Offers & Promotions Consultative Selling Techniques NFL Sunday Ticket Profit Calculator Market / Business Analysis Creating a Compelling Proposal 2
  3. 3. Section One: “If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.” – Ronnie Lott NFL Sunday Ticket: Basics 3
  4. 4. NFL Sunday Ticket: Basics A Little History… First launched in 1994, same year DIRECTV went live Originally available on C-Band and Ku-Band Satellites Games only in standard definition Today Every game broadcast in crystal clear high definition Additional features and services added every year Available exclusively to DIRECTV subscribers 4
  5. 5. NFL Sunday Ticket – What is it? Up to 40 out of market games every Sunday. All in HD Nearly 200 games during the regular season. That’s 17 weeks of action. Follow every team. Every week. 5
  6. 6. NFL Sunday Ticket – What is it? NFL Game Mix Channel Up to 8 live games on a single channel Score and game clock displayed for each feed Change audio by highlighting a specific game Easily tune to game by selecting while highlighted 6
  7. 7. NFL Sunday Ticket – What is it? RedZone Channel Never miss a play inside the 20. Get all the final stats from around the league. All in HD! Hosted by DIRECTV exclusive commentator Andrew Siciliano 7
  8. 8. NFL Sunday Ticket – What is it? Player Fantasy Tracker Track up to 18 players with live stat monitoring Instant notifications on screen for big plays 8
  9. 9. NFL Sunday Ticket – What is it? Enrollment in DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program Listing in DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder app On site MVP Marketing Kit included FREE Additional marketing materials available for order Access to exclusive MVP Marketing Website 9
  10. 10. MVP Marketing Kit – Included Free 10 Coaster front and back TV Strip Pad LetterWindow Cling – front and back Poster Coaster Caddy
  11. 11. MVP Marketing Kit – Available for Order Large Hanging Schedule Pad Flip Calendar Sidewalk Talker 5 x 3 Banner Table tent front and back Aluminum Bucket Pocket schedule and holder Pennants 11
  12. 12. Commercial iPad App 12 Control up to 35 receivers from a single location Pull up programming guide and browse sports games Tunes in on selected receiver without guide appearing on TV “My Teams” allows businesses to edit and track teams for quick tuning Download DIRECTV app off iPad App Store Requires installation of SWiM equipment, CCK, and internet connection
  13. 13. Section Two: “I know I’m capable of greatness. And I’m expecting to reach that level.” – Aaron Rodgers Benefits for Business Owners 13
  14. 14. NFL Statistics Highest Revenue Sport in United States Nearly $10 billion in league revenue in 2012 Over 200 million unique television viewers in 2011 2011 season averaged 27.9 million viewers on Sundays 14
  15. 15. Content to Grow Customers What Does That Mean for a Business? Ensure a fraction of those 200 million viewers come to your business on Sundays Subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket allows business to cater to fans of any team across the country Become a destination choice during the football season Customers watching a game will stay longer and spend more More customers Longer Stays Increased Food & Drink Sales 15
  16. 16. We Call it “Beer Math” 16
  17. 17. Marketing to Grow Customers Advertise to New and Existing Customers Advertisements inside & outside bar attract new business Listing in Sports Bar Finder App increases visibility Widely recognized DIRECTV brand seen as an amenity MVP Website for Improving Marketing Strategy Tips on improving your online & social marketing presence Weekly sports schedules help to plan games and specials How to host a draft night using the Fantasy Football Draft Kit All Benefits Exclusive to DIRECTV Customers 17
  18. 18. Marketing – Digging a Little Deeper 18 DIRECTV Customer ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
  19. 19. Marketing – Digging a Little Deeper 19
  20. 20. Marketing – Digging a Little Deeper 20
  21. 21. Marketing – Digging a Little Deeper 21
  22. 22. Section Three: “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Vince Lombardi Current Offer & Promotions 22
  23. 23. 23 NFL Sunday Ticket – Public Viewing 2013 Season Pricing
  24. 24. Promotions & Offers – Public Viewing 24 FREE Commercial Xtra Pack for 6 months $127.99 credit off bill for 6 months Requires enrollment in auto bill pay at point of sale Cannot be combined with 3 or 12 month discount offers Commercial Choice Plus Savings EVO 101-200 Save $900 ($300 x 3 months) EVO 201-500 Save $1,200 ($400 x 3 months) EVO 501+ Save $1,500 ($500 x 3 months) Customers must purchase NFL Sunday Ticket to receive discounts
  25. 25. Integrated Into Sales App ( Customize variables to improve relevance for business 25 NFL Sunday Ticket Profit Calculator
  26. 26. Positioning the Offer 26 Sunday Ticket is an Investment Financial benefits outweigh the cost Use “Beer Math” & Profit Calculator Break costs down over 17 week season Use the Discounts as a Closing Tool “If you enroll in Sunday Ticket today, I can even get your base programming package free for the first six months.” With ROI of NFL Sunday Ticket shown, additional discounts become an enticing bonus. Our free MVP marketing tools further sweeten the pot.
  27. 27. Section Four: “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice Consultative Selling Techniques 27
  28. 28. Know Your Market and Your Prospect Become a revenue/profit growth consultant Ask relevant qualifying questions Expert on competition, demographics and implementation Value is the focus, not price On-going relationship with customer base 28 Market and Business Analysis
  29. 29. Pequod's overview from initial meeting Long term neighborhood presence - Pizza & Beer Pub Established lunch and dinner customer base Dining and bar area seating 80 with 4 HD flat screens Fair weekend late evening bar traffic Goal is to reduce cost based on slowest business days 29 Business Analysis – Pequod’s Pizza
  30. 30. Current Product 30 Comcast Sports & Entertainment package 150 channels No market support Only one regional sports channel No premium sports packages No NFL Sunday Ticket Monthly Cost: $189.95
  31. 31. Pequod's Pizza Chicago north side residential location Located on high foot traffic main street Six major universities within 5 miles Large college educated population within 10 miles Large displaced employee and student population 31 Demographics
  32. 32. Affluent area & university residential base Avid sports market with regional rivalries Midwest football, baseball, basketball, Big 10 college teams Huge professional and student resident population Large base of students and young professionals Competitive market with multiple sports bars nearby Pequad's needs DIRECTV to better compete and attract customers 32 Leverage the Demographics
  33. 33. DIRECTV solution for Pequod's Pizza Commercial XTRA Pack Access to over 180 channels including locals Over 35 specialty and regional sports networks The most sports in HD Special mix channels NFL Sunday Ticket Every game, live every Sunday Up to 200 games during the regular season 33 The Special Recipe
  34. 34. Partnership - DIRECTV • Qualify business growth needs1 • Market to target audience2 • NFL Sunday Ticket3 • Continued support & partnership4 • Immediate MVP program entry5 • Weekly information and ideas6 34
  35. 35. Investment 35 COMMERCIAL XTRA Pack & NFL Sunday Ticket XTRA Package $127.99 x 12 = $1536 NFL Sunday Ticket $135.00 x 17 = $2295 ______________ Total $3831
  36. 36. Pequad’s Pizza – The ROI The Call to Action Marketing to bring in both current and new customers Target event - average customer stay: 2-4 hours Total estimated revenue per “NFL Customer” = $28.00 (drinks: $16 (4 x $4.00)+ avg. food: $12.49 ($7.99 + 16.99/2) 36 Profit Point $1,100
  37. 37. ROI – Use The Profit Calculator 37
  38. 38. DIRECTV at Pequod's Pizza Market to neighborhood NFL Sunday Ticket banners & coasters Listing in Sports Bar Finder Offer specials for NFL kickoff week Your first weekend Host a Fantasy Football Draft night Sponsor a local recreational sports league Thursday morning 8:00am or 8:30am ? 38 New Customers Start This Weekend
  39. 39. The sales process in review Become a revenue/profit growth consultant Ask relevant qualifying questions Expert on competition, demographics and implementation Value is the focus, not price On-going relationship with customer base 39 What Just Happened?
  40. 40. Solution Selling and Commercial This approach applies across all verticals Commercial customers need a ROI to buy The more compelling the ROI the easier the close Market expert and analysis approach Be a consultant for their business 40 Wrap Up
  41. 41. Section Five: “In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.” – Lou Holtz Business & Private Viewing 41
  42. 42. 42 Business / Private Viewing - Pricing Draw new business and improve customer loyalty in 2013
  43. 43. Business / Private – Promotions & Offers 43 FREE NFL Sunday Ticket Requires selection of Business Choice package Select in “Closing Offers” tab to ensure discount Will automatically roll-to-pay for 2014 season
  44. 44. 44 Who is open on Sundays? Barbershops/Hair Salons/Nail Salons/Spas Car Washes Laundromats Retail locations Qualify and Consult Use the same approach as public viewing Identify a problem, propose a solution Reduce loss of business during the NFL season Close with free NFL Sunday Ticket offer Finding the Right Customer
  45. 45. 45 Stay Focused, Not Fatigued