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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Presenting our very own ISI agent (alumni)
  2. 2. My Name is KHAN and My name is PreetamI am not a terrorist and I am from ISI
  3. 3. Before coming to IIMB
  4. 4. After coming to IIMB
  5. 5. After special tut on QM by Lord Preetam Can I ask her toDUDE ask for any cleantreat from me My room ??
  6. 6. What do u see first in a Girl ?? (Read in bangla)
  7. 7. Wanna be tennis player.. Hispractice for the same
  8. 8. Mere FINAC group meinek bhi CA nahi, aur doosre Yeh CH kya hai ??mein 1 CA, 1CFA aur 1CH
  9. 9. He proposed a girl with a probability question!!! What’s the probability of you being my girlfriend? Hmmmmm..its one in million it follow a poisson distribution with P = 0.000000000001 The null hypothesis lies Within 99.99% CI. So u cant reject My proposal !!!
  10. 10. Fav pass timeGiving private tuts to section C girls AA re Preetam pyare
  11. 11. Fight for our OFFICIAL QM tutor When am I going to get a chance to callCan you take our tut today? her?
  12. 12. What does Lord Preetam do when he gets a call from Customer care?? He makes them listen Shahrukh’s songs  
  13. 13. Hoosh ur LORD anytimeesp girls, kyunki main ladkiyon ko nanahi bol pata!!