Pitney bowes software corporate power-point presentation november 12,2012 (v10)


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Pitney bowes software corporate power-point presentation november 12,2012 (v10)

  1. 1. Pitney Bowes SoftwareCorporate OverviewHow we can help you enable lifetime customerrelationshipsNovember 12, 2012
  2. 2. Pitney Bowes Software OverviewAgenda 1 Customer Needs Today 2 Enabling Lifetime Customer Relationships 3 Why Pitney Bowes
  3. 3. Every customer is unique
  4. 4. Each Customer Relationship is not a straightpath
  5. 5. A customer is more than a name and addressFemale Female FemaleBetween 15 and 25 years of age Age 22 Age 22 Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Married with 3 children Married Online consumer Rents appartment Owns 5 year old Toyata Existing customer of one product No life insurance Part time job Lives 5 minute drive time from my branch/store Match profile of my best customer Prefers email correspondance
  6. 6. Customer interactions are no longer oneflavor Store Call Center SMS Mail Social Media Web Customer Preference
  7. 7. Successful relationships are based onintegrated customer interactions Source: Forrester Research, Inc
  8. 8. Do you meet customer needs at every stageof the relationship?• Talk to them personally.• Make every message relevant.• Communicate with them the way they prefer—web, text, email, mail.• Manage the conversation across multiple interactions• Learn from every interaction
  9. 9. Pitney Bowes Software OverviewAgenda 1 Customer Experience 2 Enabling Lifetime Customer Relationships 3 Why Pitney Bowes
  10. 10. Build Customer Lasting Relationships Relationships are founded on emotions of trust, empathy & respect built from experiences created by communication
  11. 11. Customer Communications Management is the essence of life long lasting relationshipsDeep Understanding of Customer Connected interactions• Accurate Data (Data quality) • Guided User Experience• Historical Data • Intelligent Best next actions• Demographics • Cross Channel Delivery• Contextual Data • Personalization• Location Data • Channel Coordination• Customer behavior • On going conversation• Customer Preferences • Connected Interactions• Predictive Analytics • Channel Aware • Social Channels
  12. 12. Our Capabilities Data Insight Integrating and Understanding and enriching predicting customer individual behavior customer data Communications Strategy Managing and Deciding and connecting the cross- executing on the channel customer customer best- dialogue next-action
  13. 13. PBS Capabilities - Data Data prep & composition • Data integration Location Intelligence • Data cleansing • Address validation • Data standardization • Address cleansing • Identity Relationships • Global Geocoding • Data profiling • Tax data • Risk data Data Insight Data Enhancement • Demographic data 360° Communications Strategy • Psychographic data Customer • Social-economic data View
  14. 14. PBS Capabilities - Insight Location Intelligence • Target market definitions • Market analysis • Site-locations analysis • Sales and delivery routing • Risk analysis • Territory and tax-area assignments Campaign Analysis • Offer management • Uplift modelling • Contact optimization Data Insight Customer Analytics • Customer segmentation &Communications Strategy targeting • Propensity to churn and purchase • Customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis
  15. 15. PBS Capabilities - Strategy Data Insight Customer Strategy • Customer strategy and governance • Offer managementCommunications • Contact optimization Strategy • Real-time decisioning Organization Strategy • Location strategy • Performance Management • Direct marketing • Campaign management
  16. 16. PBS Capabilities - Communication Data Insight Cross-channel interactions • Campaign management • Customer lifecycle management • Connected, consistent cross- Strategy channel dialogues • Integrated customer fulfilment Communications • Real-time recommendations • Inbound offer management Multi-channel output • Document composition • Doc archiving/retrieve • Interactive doc comp • Print production mgmt • Mail efficiency
  17. 17. Our solutions enable customer lifecycle management Predict future lifecycle Predict future needs events Deliver proactive Recommend up-sell/Profile customers cross-sell offers service resolutionIdentify best customers Decisions for best-nextReach right prospects action Configure account strategies to meet customer needs Determine best channel  Predict risk of churn Reflect customer  Identify and address preferences churn/ defections  Preempt with retention offers
  18. 18. Result: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value Acquire > Convert > Serve > Grow > Retain • Focus on • Cross-sell/up-sell retention, loyalty and drive revenue and engagement • Reduce cost to • Reduce number of to drive serve and drive unprofitable profitability • Make customers margin customers profitable fasterProfitability Optimized Customer Lifecycle • Acquire profitable customers PBS Value $0 Typical Customer Lifecycle Customer Lifetime
  19. 19. Better customer relationships at each stagedrives millions in revenue
  20. 20. The industries that we enable Financial Services Utilities Healthcare Insurance Telecommunications Retail
  21. 21. Pitney Bowes Software OverviewAgenda 1 Customer needs are Evolving 2 Enabling Lifetime Customer Relationships 3 Why Pitney Bowes
  22. 22. Pitney Bowes is a strong, trusted partner inCustomer Communications Management• A strong, diverse and global company: – Serving two million customers in more than 100 countries – Vertical Expertise – Celebrating our 90th year of innovation – Serving 98% of Fortune 500 22
  23. 23. Customer Communications Management Capabilities Value proposition Data Insight SolutionsCommunications Strategy ELCR Verticalized Customer Lifecycle Solutions
  24. 24. Recognized by the analysts (Option 1) DATA INSIGHT STRATEGY COMMUNICATION Data Integration Tools Customer Data Mining Customer Service Contact Centers Multi-channel CM Data Quality Tools Managed Print Services Enterprise Data Quality Predictive Analytics Cross-Channel CM Document output Platforms & Data Mining
  25. 25. Recognized by the analysts (Option 2) DATA INSIGHT STRATEGY COMMUNICATION Customer Data Multi-channel Mining CM Customer Service Data Integration Contact Centers ToolsMagic Quadrants Data Quality Managed Print Tools Services Enterprise Data Document output Waves Quality Platforms Predictive Analytics Cross-Channel & Data Mining CM
  26. 26. Enabling our customers Representative CustomersFinancial Services Insurance Telecommunications Retail Utilities Healthcare
  27. 27. Alliances and Partnerships Alliances Partnerships
  28. 28. Our goal Your Your Success Success
  29. 29. Q&AThank You