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Catalogue k2 europe 2013 eng

  1. 1. K2 Industry Co.,Ltd located in Shanghai China, is a sign material manufacturer and supplier, specializes in largeformat digital printing media. With strict quality controlling procedures, great R&D innovation ability, excellenttechnical support and customer service system, Great K2 has become some multinationals’ business partnerand their only OEM partner in the world. Satisfy clients with faith, high quality product and superior service is ourbelieving. K2 will provide the high quality product with great service to reach your great value.Who We Are1We specialize in Sign Vinyl (large format digital printing Inkjet media) manufacturing and distributing. Now we canoffer a wide range of digital printing products, from outdoor to indoor, from ECO, solvent media to water-basedmedia.Now, K2 products cover Self adhesive vinyl (3D carbon fiber, Window graphics vinyl film, digital printing vinyl,Reflective vinyl, Color signmaking vinyl, Cold lamination film, Floor graphics laminator); PET media ( Front printbackfilm, Back print backfilm, Grey back PET film, Transparent PET film); PP material (Solvent PP, Waterproof PP) ;PE Flex banner; Art canvas etc...What We DoCommit to provide innovative and customized products, services and total solutions to create long-term value andpotential growth for clients.This year we publish the following new products: 3D Carbon fiber film, Color car change wraps, Diamond gradereflective sheeting. PE recycle Frontlit banner, Wall sign sticker, Cement road vinyl, Indoor window graphics etc.Our Goals
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  4. 4. 41. SELF ADHESIVE VINYL -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 62. OVER LAMINATION FILM ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 83. ANTI-SLIP FLOOR LAMINATION FILM ------------------------------------------------------- 84. TRANSPARENT PRINTABLE WINDOW FILM ---------------------------------------------- 95. PERFORATED WINDOW GRAPHICS VINYL ----------------------------------------------- 106. BUILDING WALL VINYL --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 117. OUTDOOR FLOOR VINYL ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 128. COLOR CHANGE CAR WRAPS (polymeric) ------------------------------------------------ 139. CAR WRAPPING POLYMERIC FILM ----------------------------------------------- ---------- 1310. VEHICLE WRAPS (AIRFREE) ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1411. TEXTURED 3D CARBON FIBER VINYL ----------------------------------------------------- 1512. BACKLIT FILM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1713. DISPLAY MEDIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1914. REFLECTIVE BANNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015. COLOR CUT VINYL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2116. METALLIC VINYL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2317. REFLEXTIVE SHEETING COMMERCIAL AND ENGINEER GRADE ---------------- 2518. PP FILM (Solvent) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2719. PE FRONTLIT BANNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2720. ART CANVAS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28CONTENTS
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  6. 6. 6SELF ADHESIVE VINYLEconomical series :Item No. Name Vinyl Glue Film Liner WidthHK 102 Glossy Vehicle wraps vinylMonomericClear80Microns120G/M20.914, 1. 06,1.27,1. 37,1.52MHK 102M Matt Vehicle wraps vinylHK 102GGlossy Vehicle wraps vinyl(Grey glue)Grey1). White PVC film with acrylic adhesive is pressed on single side silicone linerpaper.2). Suitable for short term (1~1.5 years) outdoor advertising, outdoor signs & label.3). Ink & printer: Solvent, ECO, UV and Latex ink and printer.4) Economical type, money saving.Premium series :Item No. Name Vinyl Glue Film Liner WidthHK 105Glossy Vehicle graphics vinylMonomericClear100Microns120G/M20.914,1.27,1.37, m1.52 m100MicronsHK 106100MicronsHK 109High Glossy vehicle graphicsvinylHK 109M Matt vehicle graphics vinyl180 G/M2Art paperHK 109GRHigh Glossy grey removableadhesive vinylGrey1). High glossy vinyl surface.2). 1.5~2 years outdoor life.3). Excellent adhesion ability for uneven and arched surfaces.4). Suitable for Screen printing and digital printing (Solvent, ECO, UV and Latex ink).
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  8. 8. 8OVER LAMINATION FILMItem No. Surface Film Liner Film WidthLK015 Glossy50 Microns 85G/M2Permanent0.914, 1. 06, 1.27,1. 37,1.52MLK016 MattLK009 Glossy80 Microns 115G/M2LK010 MattEconomical seriesA kind of sign protecting material. PVC transparent film with clear adhesive ispressed on release paper.Used in the printed surface to protect the printed picture. Short-time 0.5~1.5 yearslife.Anti-UV seriesItem No. Surface Film Liner Film WidthLK015 Glossy50 Microns 85G/M2Permanent0.914, 1. 06, 1.27,1. 37,1.52MLK016 MattLK009 Glossy80 Microns 115G/M2LK010 Matt1.5~2 year Anti-UV over lamination film. Used in the printed surface to protect theprinted picture.Item No. Surface Film Liner Glue Width LongueurFK01Anti-slip supermatt200 Microns140gart paperPermanent 1.27, 1.52M 50MANTI-SLIP FLOOR LAMINATION FILMA kind of sign protecting materia which is laminated on printed picture applied to thefloor.FK01 pass TÜV Anti-slip certification R10 level.
  9. 9. 9Item No. Surface Film Liner Glue WidthHK102TEconomical transparentdigitalprinting vinyl80 Microns120g/M2Clear0.914 ,1.07,1.271.37,1.52MHK109TTransparent printablevinyl(ultra - transparent)140g/M2TRANSPARENT PRINTABLE WINDOW FILMProduct information :1). Transparent self adhesive vinyl, double sides vision.2). Applied to store windows and other outdoor/indoor glass window graphicssignage.3). Suitable for solvent/ECO ink and printer.
  10. 10. 10Item No. Name Film Open rate LinerGK1001Perforated windowgraphics vinyl150 Microns40%180G/M2GK1002Economical Perforatedwindow graphics vinyl140G/M2GK1003Economical Perforatedwindow graphics vinyl50%130G/M2double PE paperPERFORATED WINDOW GRAPHICS VINYLProduct information :1). A kind of sign material which allows person inside “See Out”.2). Applied to building windows, bus windows and other glass signage.3). Width: 1.27m, 1.37m, 1.52m.Solvent/ ECO seriesUV/Solvent/ECO seriesSuitable for UV ink, and also Solvent, eco ink.Water-based ink seriesItem No. Name Film Open rate LinerGKT1001UV Perforated windowgraphics vinyl150 Microns 40% OPP 100G/M2Item No. Name Film Open rate Width LenghtGKT1001One Way Vision Film "No Glue"special coating for indoorinstallation200 Microns 40% 137cm 50/25 MetersItem No. Name Film Open rate LinerGKW001Indoor Perforated windowgraphics vinyl200 Microns 40%130G/M2double PE paperIndoor application, suitable for pigment, dye ink.
  11. 11. 11Item No. Name Film Liner Glue WidthWK01Printable self adhesive vinylfor WALL and ROAD220 Microns 140g/M2 Permanent1.27, 1.37,1.52MBUILDING WALL VINYL1). Digital printable self adhesive vinyl for building wall/Cement road signage.2). Anti-UV soft vinyl with very strong adhesive.3). Excellent light block ability.4). Suitable for solvent / ECO ink and printer.
  12. 12. 12OUTDOOR FLOOR VINYL1). Protect the graphics of WK01 which is used in cement road.2). Anti-UV 220micron thickness super matt film with very strong adhesive. Not easybe damaged in outdoor.3). TUV Anti-slip certification report,R10 high level. Can stop slipping of peoplewalking and vehicle passing.Item No. Name Film Liner Glue WidthFK01-RAnti-slip, Anti-UVOverlamination for WK01220 Microns 140g/M2 Permanent1.07, 1.27,1.52M
  13. 13. 13Item No. Name Material Film Liner Width LengthC1000Color change carwrapsPolymeric 80 Microns 140 G 1.52 50MCOLOR CHANGE CAR WRAPS (polymeric)Product information :1). It is comprised of matt color vinyl with clear removable adhesive and double PEcoating silicon release paper.2). Applied to change the car body color.3). 5 years polymeric vinyl with smooth matt fashion color.4). 1.52m large width, suitable most car body, No splicing.5). Excellent ability of anti-corrosive, durable, heat-resistant, and anti-damage.6). Removable adhesive, no glue leaving behind the car surface.7). Textured liner, make air egress. No bubble at operation.Choice of colors (Mate) :Note: Based on customized demand.1). With/Without air egress.2). Glossy/Matt surface.Item No. Name Vinyl Glue Film Liner WidthHK107Glossy 60um selfadhesive vinylPolymericClear60 Microns140GCCK0.914,1.07,1.27,1.37,1.52MHK107GGlossy 60um selfadhesivevinyl (Grey adhesive)GreyHK108Glossy 80um selfadhesive vinylClear80 MicronsHK108GGlossy 80um selfadhesivevinyl (Grey adhesive)GreyCAR WRAPPING POLYMERIC FILMProduct information :1). Longtime outdoor durability (3-5 years) Polymeric vinyl.2). CCK paper, no curl in printing.3). Excellent adhesion ability for uneven and arched surfaces.4). Ink & printer: Solvent, ECO, UV and Latex ink and printer.Customized ability :1). Glossy, Matt surface.2). Grey, Black, Clear glue.3). Removable, Permanent adhesive.BlackC1001WhiteC1002GreenC1003OrangeC1004BlueC1005Dark GreenC1006
  14. 14. 14Item No. Name Vinyl Glue Film Liner WidthHK 112Air egress self adhesivevinylPolymericClear100Microns140GCCK0.914,1.07,1.27,1.37,1.52 MHK 11180um Air egress glossyvinylClear80 Microns140gCCKHK 111G80um Air egress glossyvinyl (Grey adhesive)GreyHK 11060um Air egress glossyvinylClear60MicronsHK 11060um Air egress glossyselfadhesive vinyl (Greyadhesive)GreyVEHICLE WRAPS (AIRFREE)Product information :1). Air egress, No Bubble when applied to flat surfaces.2). CCK paper, no curl in printing.3). Soft film with excellent adhesion ability for uneven and arched surfaces.4). Ink & printer: Solvent, ECO, UV and Latex ink and printer.Customized ability :1. 1~2 years durability Monomeric series (HK112). 3~5 years durability Polymericseries (HK111,HK110).2. 100um, 80um,60um can be chosen.3. Glossy, Matt surface.4. Grey, Black, Clear glue.5. Removable, Permanent adhesive.
  15. 15. 15TEXTURED 3D CARBON FIBER VINYLProduct information:1 ). It is comprised of color textured vinyl with clear permanent adhesive and PEcoating silicon release paper.2 ). Applied on interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle (hoods, trunks, side viewmirrors, interior plastic etc).3 ). Easy to use in the most common car paints.Note: Based on customized demand1 ). Bubble Free (Air-egress) monomeric carbon fiber sticker. (CF11).2 ). Economical money saving series (CF00).Designation Material AdhesifCF01Textured 3D carbonfiber stickerMonomeric Black, White, Silver,Gold, Red, Purple,BluePermanent 15O Microns1.50 MCF01Air-egress textured3D carbon fiberPolymeric Permanent 170 MicronsWhite SilverBlack Blue PurpleGold RedCF01DCF01RCF01LCF01SCF01GCF01WCF01B
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  17. 17. 17Item No. Name Film Material Ink WidthBFF150150um Front print backlitfilm( Matt ) 150MicronsPET ECO-Solvent0.914 ,1.37,1.52MBFF150G150um Front print backlitfilm( Glossy )BFF200200um Front print backlitfilm( Matt ) 200Microns1.37MBFF200G200um Front print backlitfilm( Glossy )BACKLIT FILM1). Transparent PET film with solvent coating. Designed for high-quality graphicsapplications in light boxes.2). Indoor and outdoor applications, backlit or Frontlit signage.3). Suitable for areas with high humidity and condensation.4). Scratch-resistant surface can handle high ink loads for good saturation.5). ECO, Solvent printers as well as UV curable & Latex ink compatible.Note: Edge protection or Over-lamination is necessary for outdoor application.Customized ability1. 150um, 200um can be chosen.2. Glossy, Matt surface.
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  19. 19. 19Item No. Name Backing Surface Thickness Ink InkPW200Waterproof Rigid PVC film(Pigment,Dye ink)white Matt 200 MicronsPigment,Dye0.914,1.27MPW200High light block displaymedia (grey backing)Grey Matt 230 MicronsPW200Double sides printblockout bannerwhite Matt 440G/M2ECOSolvent1.27, 1.37,1.52MDISPLAY MEDIA1). Applied to X Banner, Roll up, Pop up banner etc.2). Suitable for screen printing and large format digital printing.3). Water based series are used indoor. Solvent series are used outdoor/indoor.
  20. 20. 20Item No. Basic Fabric CPL Weight Width lengthRB4320 300*500 (18*12) 310 450G/M21.35, 1.52, 1.8,2.7, 3.150MREFLECTIVE BANNERProduct information:1). A kind of laminated reflective flex sign banner which is used in outdoor, and canreflect the vehicle light backto enhance signage advertising effectiveness.2). Micro-prism honeycomb type, excellent reflective value (310CPL).3). Applied to outdoors banners, billboards.
  21. 21. 21Series Outdoor-use Film Color types Vinyl Thickness Width Length1000 1~ 1.5 yearsGlossy orMatt12 75 Microns 1.23M50M2000 3 ~5 yearsGlossy orMatt36 90 Microns 1.22MCOLOR CUT VINYL1). Color vinyl with clear acrylic adhesive is pressed on silicone liner paper.2). Applied to external signage, especially in glass window decoration.COLOR CUT SERIE 1000 & 2000
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  23. 23. 23Item No. Name Film Liner Material Width2000G Glossy gold silver metallic film50 Microns140G/M2PET 1.07M2000S Glossy silver metallic film2000GM Matt gold metallic film80 Microns PVC 1.22M2000SM Matt silver metallic film2000GB Brush gold metallic film100 Microns PET 1.22M2000SB Brush silver metallic filmMETALLIC VINYLProduct information:1). Gold/silver holographic film with clear acrylic adhesive is pressed on single sidesilicone liner paper.2). Easy cutting by electronic machine, such as flat bed cutter, friction fed cuttersetc.3). Can’t be suitable for screen printing or digital printing.
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  25. 25. 25Item No. Color Material Life Width Length PrintingRK1300White, Yellow, Red, Green,BluePET3 Years1.22/1.24M45.7MNoRK1310 Acrylic ScreenRK1320 PVC Digital printingREFLEXTIVE SHEETING COMMERCIAL ANDENGINEER GRADECommercial grade3 years Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl with permanent acrylic adhesive and PEcoating silicon paper liner.Suitable for external signage (such as outdoor advertisement) and short term vehiclelivery applications.All Advertisement grades are based on glass-bead technology.Engineering grade5-7 years Engineering Grade Reflective Vinyl with permanent acrylic adhesive andPE coating silicon paper liner.Coating layer embeds with micro glass beads for better reflecting rate. Suitable forexternal signage and long termvehicle livery applications. All engineering grades are based on glass-beadtechnology.High intensity grade4, 6 and10 years High Intensity Grade Reflective Vinyl with permanent acrylicadhesive and honeycomb micro glassbeads layer. Suitable for external signage and high visibility solution such as trafficsigns of highway.Item No. Color Material Life Width Length PrintingRK2500White, Yellow, Red, Green,Blue,Orange, Brown,BlackPET 5 Years1.22/1.24M45.7MNoRK2510 Acrylic 5 Years ScreenRK2710 Acrylic 7 Years ScreenItem No. Color Material Life Width Length PrintingRK3010White, Yellow, Red,Green, Blue, OrangeAcrylic 10 Years1.22/1.24M45.7M ScreenRK3400 PET 4 YearsRK3700 PET 6 Years
  26. 26. 26Super high Micro-prism grade3 years life micro prism reflective sheeting, suitable solvent digital printing or screenprinting.Diamond grade10 years service life diamond grade acrylic reflective sheeting. It is comprised of atransparent synthetic resin sealedwith prism reflective structure, and backed with strong permanent solvent adhesiveand silicon PE liner.Item No. Color Material Life Width Length PrintingRK4320White, Yellow, Red,Green, Blue, OrangePVC3 Years1.22/1.24M50M Digital printing1.22MRK4320N White PVCItem No. Color Material Life Width Length PrintingRK4010Blanc, jaune, rouge, vert,bleuAcrylique 10 Years1.24M45.7M ScreenWhiteYellow OrangeBlueGreen Red
  27. 27. 27Item No. Material Surface Backing Weight InkPK001Recycle PE woven FrontlitBanner (UV ink)MattGrey 160g/M2UV, LatexPK001Recycle PE woven FrontlitBanner ( Solvent ink)Glossy ECO-SolventPE FRONTLIT BANNER1). Polyethylene material, 100% recycle Environmental product.2). 5.6oz weight easy for outdoor field installation.3). Applied to outdoors/ indoors banners, billboards, slogan, building advertising etc.4). Grey backing, excellent light block ability.5). ECO, Solvent printers as well as UV curable & Latex ink compatible.6). Width: 1 ~3.2m.Item No. Name Film Material Ink WidthPPS 180 Solvent ink PP film ( Matt ) 180MicronsPP ECO-Solvent0.914,1.07,1.27,1.52MPPS180G AcrylicSolvent ink PP film ( Glossy )PPS200 Solvent ink PP film ( Glossy ) 200MicronsPPS200G Solvent ink PP film ( Glossy )PP FILM (Solvent)1). Anti-tear polypropylene films with a solvent coating surface.2). For Indoor and Outdoor POP, Signs Graphics and Displays, Window Signs, Roll-up Displays etc.3). Specifically designed for all types of ECO, solvent printers as well as UV curable& Latex ink compatible.Customized ability1. 180um, 200um can be chosen.2. Glossy, Matt surface.
  28. 28. 28Item No. Name Surface Weight Ink MaterialCK006High weight Glossycotton art canvasGlossy 410g/m2Dye,Pigment,ECO,SolventCottonCK012High weight Matt cottonart canvas 360gMatt 210g/m2CK103Grey backing Glossypolyster canvasGlossy 360g/m2PolysterCK007Glossy Polysterart canvasGlossy 360g/m2Dye,PigmentCK101Grey backing Mattpolyster canvasMatt360g/m2CK022 Matt Polyster art canvas210g/360g/m2CK017Polyster/cotton mattart canvas360g/m2Dye,Pigment,ECO,SolventPoly-cottonART CANVASProduct information:1). Used in gallery, indoor decorations, wedding photography, posters, exhibitionboard, emulation paintings, etc.2). Suitable for screen printing and large format digital printing.ART CANVAS (CK012)
  29. 29. 29Article 1 ApplicationAll orders placed from K2 Europe Ltd or K2 Europe SAS implies acceptance of the Client herebyGeneral Terms and Conditions and the specific exclusion of any other document.Article 2 ProductThese General Terms and Conditions relate to all the current and future range manufactured or distributed by K2 Europe Ltd.The products features can evolve and can’t be an application of dammages and interest.The Customer agrees not to resell the K2 products under conditions that may affect the K2 Europe Ltd Company.The samples may be invoiced to customary conditions without the written consent of the Director of K2 Europe Ltd.Article 3 PriceYou will be charged the price and conditions at the time of ordering.Prices do not include tax, postage from € 2,500 control with a point of dispatch in EEC countries .K2 Europe reserves theright to charge the port function of the destination, product type or weight of the order. Applications express transportationrequested by the Customer will be charged by K2 Europe surcharge.Article 4 Control and LogisticsK2 Europe Ltd is committed to deliver the orders recorded the best time in function the availability of stocks available.The delays will hear from the date of receipt of order by K2 Europe Ltd.K2 Europe will endeavor to deliver the order in the best conditions based on stocks available.Article 5 Delivery & Reception of goodsUnless specific instructions from the client, K2 Europe chose the appropriate mode of transport.The goods travel at the risk of the recipient.The customer is responsible for checking the condition of the goods and the number of packages upon receipt.Claims must be made to the carrier immediately and in a letter 48h00 registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.After this period, the recipient shall be deemed to have accepted the goods.No returns will be accepted by K2 Europe Ltd without a written agreement with the management of K2EuropeLtd. with a return number. The returned goods must be strictly prepaidThe times are indicative shipping delays in delivery may result in cancellation order or a rejection of the goodsArticle 6 - Open an AccountTo open an account with K2 Europe Ltd, the application form to open an account must be accompanied by a RegistratedCompany document of less than 3 months, a IBAN bank references and VAT number for EEC companies.The first order of a minimum of 500 € will be payable before shipment or removal.Article 7-Billing-Payment TermsUnless otherwise agreed, payments of invoices are due upon receipt of invoice or 30 days after account opening acceptedby K2 Europe Lld net without discount invoice date. Regulations are made by bank transfer in favor of K2 Europe Ltd asindicated in our invoices.Article 8 - Loss of termRespect of payment dates is an essential condition of the Contract of Sale.K2 Europe Ltd may suspend deliveries or services until full payment the price of the relevant bill.Article 9 - Interest on late paymentsAny amount not paid by the due date will be entitled to a full productive interest in count of the said term and until fullpayment, without the need for notice, except report requested by the customer within 7 (seven) days from the due dategranted by K2 Europe Ltd.The rate of interest is equivalent to 1.5 times the legal rate of interest in effect.In case of litigation, the costs of collection shall be borne by the customer, the payment immediate all amounts due,the payment as damages and interest and penalty clause of compensation equal to 1.5 (one point five)% per month ofdelay the amount owed, plus interest and court costs eventual Orders will be accepted only against advance payment orreimbursement for the duration of the unpaid; discounts, rebates, discounts will be canceleSales Terms and Conditions
  30. 30. 30Article 10 - Termination clause salesIn case of no payment of an invoice on the due date, the sale will be automatically canceled, 8 days aftersending a letter of formal notice by registered mail with return receipt remained no effect.K2 Europe Ltd will claim that the goods in question must be returned to him without delay, all without prejudice to anydamage and possible interest.Article 11 - Trade DisputeAny dispute relating to the business relationship with K2 Europe Ltd (invoice, debt discount, etc ...) will not be taken intoconsideration after the expiry of a period of six months the occurrence of the event recorded.Article 12 - Exclusion of reserve property (Law n ° 80-335 of 12 May 1980)K2 Europe Ltd retains ownership of the goods delivered until full payment by the customer of all goods due on the invoice.In this respect, does not constitute a payment of this provision the discount deals or any other instrument creating anobligation to pay.If unpaid, K2 Europe Ltd reserves the right to return the goods in kind or, if the purchaser establishes the interest, to receivethe new price at the time of claim.In case of seizure by third parties in the property, the Client shall immediately inform K2 Europe Ltd.. The application of thisclause shall in no way alter the provisions under "Reception" which provides that the Customer assumes the risk of loss ordamage goods from the management of these by the carrier.The right to claim K2 Europe Ltd covers both goods on prices ifthey were sold. (Act of 17 May 1980).Article 13 - Warranty conditions - DisclaimerThe guarantee given by K2 Europe Ltd is limited to replacement with identical or similar products that are defective or has adefect, or with a manufacturing defect, labeling or packaging. All other warranties are excluded .To be valid, any request on the product warranty must be accompanied by a sample of the product in question blank, thetreated product in the original packaging. Only in this case, K2 Europe Ltd will make the replacement identical or comparablevirgin products in case equal to those quantities.No warranty is given about the stability and conservation of sensitive surfaces. The guarantee given by K2 Europe Ltd canbe applied if the products are used as standards promoted by K2 Europe Ltd.No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage, direct or indirect, which that the cause. In any case, the customer notclaim for any reason whatsoever, any deduction from the amount of the invoice for an incomplete delivery or on defectiveproducts.Article 14 - ConfidentialityEach party must treat confidential all information received from the other with the strict confidentiality.Documents delivered or sent by K2 Europe Ltd to the Customer remain our property .It can not be disclosed to third partiesunder some reason by the Client, without formal express authorization from us.Article 15 - Force MajeureAny obstacle to the fulfillment of our obligations seller, regardless of the nature, escapes our control, not necessarilyirresistible or unforeseeable, such an accident tooling, which would likely to delay, prevent or make it economically exorbitantfulfilling our obligations to the seller, is, by express agreement, a clause of suspension or termination our obligations to theseller. If such an event put K2 Europe Ltd unable to perform all or part delivery, K2 Europe Ltd, undertakes, to the extentpossible, to alert its customers to establish a new delivery schedule or offer an alternative replacement.Article 16 - Trademarks - Privacy - Industrial PropertyAny reference or use of trademarks, trade names, logos, or other trademarks owned by orK2 Europe Ltd, on any mediumwhatsoever, and regardless of the use or destination must be subject to the prior written approval of K2 Europe Ltd.Article 17 - InvalidityIn the event that any provision of these terms of sale is void, The validity of the remaining provisions shall be unaffected.Article 18 - Jurisdiction-ChallengesIn case of dispute of any nature whatsoever relating to the interpretation of these terms and contracts to which they apply,the courts of Paris France will be competent only.
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  33. 33. Tel : + 33 970 444 772Fax : + 33 172 703 782Copyright ©2013 K2 Europe Limited - Design John WangLes marques citées sont la propriétés de leurs auteurs. Tous droits réservés.www.k2-europe.comcontact@k2-europe.comFB@K2EUROPETwitter@K2EUROPEK2 EUROPE SAS140 bis, rue de Rennes75006 Paris France