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Smart Community Network Portal


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Smart Community Network™ aims to become the leading central platform provider for integrated digital cities and communities, provided with all the needed sub products and solutions to the consumer market worldwide. C-Matrix™ will be the first central service platform for the digital living to enable home, office, hotels and automobile automation & control, digital entertainment, services and communication into one unified user experience. For the first time a platform truly enables the artificial intelligent capabilities to keep up to our needs, it is the answer that the Smart Digital revolution consumer market was looking for, combining unrivalled ease of use and affordable costs. Mohamed Adam is one of the Founders of this initiative.

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Smart Community Network Portal

  1. 1. Sheikh Zayed Road Then….
  2. 2. Sheikh Zayed Road Now….
  3. 3. Sheikh Zayed Road “What you see now is only 10% of my vision for Dubai” H.H. Sheikh Makhtoum Future….
  4. 4. LANs - WANs defined – SMARTLY!
  5. 5.  GCC Real Estate sector is witnessing hyper-growth  (Regional resources are being consumed at a phenomenal rate)  Tertiary service industries are in great demand, but are finding it difficult to keep pace with the developments  There is a gap in the ability of local companies to deliver  This tight crease allows for a bridging opportunity between the demand side and the supply side in the format of a corporate services entity  Risk is mitigated by becoming the link between the supply side and the demand side!
  6. 6.  Projects have been announced in the GCC region crossing the US $ 1 trillion!  Developers are looking for mans to provide additional offerings to differentiate from competition and to attract waves of buyers – otherwise they risk losing their competitive advantage.  Market share for the building technologies market including BMS, facility management systems and smart home systems is estimated at 5% of the total capital outlay for projects. Over the entire region this is estimated at about US $50 billion.  In Dubai alone, this means a technology market worth US $1.8 billion in 2007 and about US $ 2.9 billion by the end of 2009.
  7. 7.  Most new up-market residential projects have a basic smart home solution built into their offering  At least 40 residential towers in Dubai will have smart home as a standard fit by end of 2006  At least 5 major builders have begun promoting smart homes  Hospitality industry is also packaging smart controls in to the guest rooms  Market opportunity in Dubai alone is valued at approx US $50 million by end 2006  Market to grow substantially over the next 3 years  Abu Dhabi is also taking the smart home route  Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi are to follow aggressively  It is expected 40% of all new buildings in Dubai will have Smart Home technology – 80,000 homes in 18-24 months.
  8. 8.  Integrated emails, forums, devices  Integrated Community Circles  Self-learning Systems  Integrated with service providers  Hyper data aggregators  Media delivery pathways and channels
  9. 9. SCN services: - Design of advertising message to be placed on the portal Optional add -ons: Real estate - Home automation revenues developers - Home entertainment - Voice control Optional services : SCN installs ‘at cost’ , - Automotive the C-matrix Box, - Hi-tech gizmos - Customized portal allowing: - Products from partners - IPTV Advertisers - Integration with BMS - Integration with FM - The users to access to revenues - Messaging engine the SNC portal revenues - ... - The RE developer to generate new revenues revenues and position their development as ‘smart’ Advertising spaces OEM and partners e-wallet SNC develops add-ons SCN Portal to be integrated in the Booming number revenues Subscriptions , SNC client licenses hardware of OEM , revenues of users ‘Pay as you go’ allowing: - The users to access to User purchase the SNC portal revenues - The OEM to better position its hardware versus competition Service and content providers Web Access SCN propose a setup to revenues be install on any computer allowing access to the SNC portal SNC services : - Design of the virtual shop - Hosting - Delivery service
  10. 10. 1. Proactive service/content providers 2. Reaching the critical mass 3. Payment aggregation 4. Security
  11. 11. 1. Daily News customized ordered ( Reuters and APTN ). 2. Johina Service ( Covering ME Newspapers ). 3. Weather forecast ( International and local recourses ). 4. The latest stock market prices and business news ( ME & International ). 5. News analyzer & cross reference ( Advance User option ). 6. News history with Advance search ( 5 Years History Data ). 1. What to buy, men/women/teenagers/kids fashions( Shops Next Door ). 2. Daily Care perfumes, makeup and beauty accessories ( Advisor ). 3. Home furniture, online catalogs ( Home r Us EKIA). 4. Homes Art decorations. Connections to antique shops and art galleries.
  12. 12. 1. Islamic Services covering online access for Islamic resources . 2. Encarta Service (international and local encyclopedias centers) . 3. Do You Know Daily facts ( Based on user interest ) . 4. Today in the History ( Based on current date and user interest) . 5. Prayer Times reminder and Hijri calendar ( Prayer Times all the world ) . 1. Movies new releases and cinema news (Hyper Info ) . 2. Music new releases, with access to online music stores . 3. Entertainment listings for places to go and things to do ( TimeOut ) . 4. Gamers services covers PS2, XBOX, PC Info's & Downloads . 5. Smart TV Electronic Program Guide ( Hyper EPG ) . 6. Daily horoscopes and puzzles, picture matching games and a lot more.
  13. 13. 1. Updates and news about the latest IT technology news . 2. Latest mobiles and small gadgets, a technology guide . 3. Latest inventions and researches that will affect our life . 1. Unlimited access to our online shopping platform . 2. Hiring maids and helpers to assist in home duties . 3. Access to libraries and Bookshop . 1. Creating a connected community identifies people with interest and specialty. 2. Offering a special type of the network gaming for the community users.
  14. 14. 1. Video on demand (IPTV) . 2. Car Renting services, with package picking facilities and delivering . 3. Airlines information center covering flight traffic, virtual travel path . 4. Our Hospitality network ( Hotels and resorts reservations ) . 5. Nutrition Management and health monitoring (online food advisor). 6. Transportation services ( Taxi, Train, Bus … ) trip planning system . 7. Centralized e-government services . 8. Yellow Service ( Telecommunication and yellow directory services ). 9. Education network covering Schools data access and integration . 1. Document OCR service (advance Imaging services) . 2. Real time translators technology (Hardware based Technology) . 3. Virtual Secretary is an (AI) Agent with basic communication skills . 4. Hyper Data Store is online data storage with high accessibility . 5. Document Management, AI Agent document analyzing features .
  15. 15. 1. Stock analyzer , Online brokerage Agency and stock monitoring. 2. News analyzer , analyze Business news indicators & cross referencing . 3. Business Contact Management and connected assets . 4. Virtual Personal Assistant (Home, Mobile and Office Editions) . 1. Phone Communication over internet and normal line. 2. Answer Machine & Message forwarding (Hardware based). 3. Video Conference (Communication technologies, white board, Sharing). 4. SMS, MMS and Webcast communication, message relaying. 5. DTMF interface support, Banks and other DTMF based services. 6. Voice based remote control (Over Phone), voice browsing interface.
  16. 16. 1. All the Free Access Service. 2. Online Virtual Services. 3. Service Providers Gateway. 4. Content Services. The users at that level will enjoy the following features: 3. Service Categories: • All the public service. • All the Subscribers services • eWallet Service 6.Product Categories: • Using C-Matrix™ interface to integrate homes with the network. • Advance subscriptions users access our speech recognition. • Advance subscription cover business logic and business tools.
  17. 17. 1. All the Free Access Service. 2. Online Virtual Services. 3. Service Providers Gateway. 4. Content Services. The users at that level will enjoy the following features: 3. Service Categories: • All the public service. • All the Subscribers services • eWallet Service 6.Product Categories: • Using C-Matrix™ interface to integrate homes with the network. • Advance subscriptions users access our speech recognition. • Advance subscription cover business logic and business tools.
  18. 18. Global CP (news stock , , Global Remote Data Center Payment VOD MOD , , aggregation games , gateway Legend : Islamic...) Global Content • SP : Service Provider Server • CP : Content Provider Global SP • FM : Facility Management SMS gateway ( , Global education on Advertisers • BMS : Building Management System demand ...) • AD : Advertising Agency Advertisers Food delivery Local Restaurants partner - oom Service R Content -Waselly Server Other third Internet party Local Newspapers - SP and CP eConcierge FM Stock market - - izelia V -... Local portal Telco Installed on: ( community specific TV ISP - BMS - PC channels For local CP and SP ) -Etisalat Gridlogix - STB - OEM -Du - BlackBox Command Local Data Center - ... Center -Eutech Phone Conferen GSM Delivery Conce ce service rt -Aramex.. . Loyalty cards Retail outlets restaurant ( , grocery...) GSM Gateway SMS broadcast ... Payment aggregator Outdoor Hotel Taxi , Advertising Schools - VDA Transportation Displays ... - trum O
  19. 19. The services will be divided up into three main subcategories, such as: • Informatics Services (Basic Package): 4. e-Government Services. (e-Government) 5. City Information Service. (Timeout) 6. Shopping & Restaurant Information’s. (Timeout) 7. Transportation & Traffic Service. (RTA, Taxi Co.) 8. News Service. (Sakhr) 9. Multimedia Service. (Digital Music License) • Directive Services (Level 2 Package): • Direct Up-Link (Government). • Direct Up-Link (Private Companies). • Direct Up-Link (Educational association). • Direct Up-Link (Hospitals). • Serve-Back Services : 18. Tele-Shopping & Fast Food Orders. (Online Service) 19. Media on Demand. (Showtime) 20. Ads & Data mining. (Online Service) 21. Renting Cars, Booking Tickets & Pre-Service operations. (Online Service)
  20. 20. Hyper EPG Full TV Electronic Program Guide supported by International movie database and Media Feed Systems. Media Feed Systems : Most Free to Air TV stations uses special Scheduling Systems to set the TV programs and cotenants. Our Scheduling Systems Plug-in are designed to read the output dump files from those system and to convert it to EPG format. IMDB : No matter if the movie is in your list or you just want to get information about the story or follow the details, our IMDB-EPG system will allow you to follow the data based on movie name, actors, year of release, type of movie, rating and a lot more.
  21. 21. SCN Wallet Financial Transaction Manager, it works with prepaid accounts or credit cards. And it provides the following services : 1- Direct Online purchase. 2- Service Payments. 3- Telephone Purchase. 4- None Direct Transaction. 5- Financial Advisor Feedback.
  22. 22. The Gate keeper It is the central point where all the entities of the city connect to. It defines who can connect or not It define how and what kind of Server File Server Email Server data can enter the Smart Community Network™ portal The Repository of all the city data E-Com Server FTP Server RTC Server Stores all the virtual spaces for each city components Gather the content form the external servers (remote data server) hosting the contents from global SP, CP... DB Server Proxy Server CMS Server The Security Centers Integrate all the security feature of the Smart Community Network™, user rights, firewall... Media Server Web Server MNG Server The Database Servers Centralize all the information on every transaction and every AD Server MI Server entity in the city App Server
  23. 23. C-Matrix™ Add-On for OEM The C-Matrix™ client can be integrated in the Hardware of OEM manufacturers. (E-Vision Set-Top-Box, Showtime Set-Top-Box, ….). C-Matrix™ Box: A special developed Hardware to host the C-Matrix™ client software along with needed features as a Set-Top- Box. The hardware requirements are minimum, which means a cheap platform to be distributed to any home user. C-Matrix™ Online: ‘AOL Browser’ like version of the C-Matrix™ Client software, it can be downloaded and installed into any PC with internet connection.
  24. 24. Browse Bar: Channel Bar: Full HD plus High definition Picture-in-Picture alpha blending  125% HD decode required Full HD plus Multiple Picture-in-Picture decode
  25. 25. Lighting management Doors / Shutters control Air Conditioning / Fan regulation Security / Other devices Entertainment & Media Control
  26. 26.  Light and scene control  Main living areas and bed rooms  Energy management  Out door lighting – time scheduling and scenes  Energy management  Air conditioning – user control and automated  Car park/garage – automatic on/off  Curtains/Blinds/Sun shades  Control of irrigation, fountain, pool, jacuzzi  Access control, Surveillance and Security  Alarm integration  Camera/surveillance  Remote access and notification  Automatic door locks  Biometric keyless entry  Entertainment  Digital Home server for TV, music, video and photos  Multi Room audio/video  Streaming HD audio and video
  27. 27. As we are working with a big number of technology providers, and some of them have an impressive home automations and solutions, we are building the C-Matrix drivers to interact with their systems and enable them to access the Smart Community Network™ and use our services. Some of those solution providers are Pulse, ConvergeX and Activemania, as well as the Information Appliance manufacturer, who we are working with in a close range to provide them with the means of creating the needed connectivity for their products.
  28. 28. C-Matrix™ Automobile is the advance car interface, it provides all the functions of a normal car stereo and CD player would do, as well as FM radio, but more it comes with mobile and communication capabilities. Cars with C-Matrix™ systems stay always connected to home and office and city wide services on the move. It comes with voice verification systems and speech recognition, and it also can be integrated with the car ignition system and security to provide more remote convenience and facilities.
  29. 29. C-Matrix™ Uplink is a software kit designed to interface with computers, mobiles, Data servers, exchange servers and different types of production environment. It is designed to provide data access to those platforms, as well as execute AI agent’s tasks on those platforms.
  30. 30. For instance a shop (i.e. Carrefour), would like to sell some of its products and advertise special promotions to all resident of the city. As a shop, Carrefour can log to its space in the Smart Community Network™ portal to access to a set of methods, rules and template designed specifically for the needs for a shop: • Product lists • Product prices • Product pictures • Product description...
  31. 31. MSN ® TV 2 Internet and Media Player: Ideal for Internet newcomers • News, entertainment, sports, MSN Search, E-mail, MSN Video service, Music, Photos, MSN Instant Messaging • Great PC client: Music, photos, video • Future potential: Service integration with CE devices Microsoft TV IPTV Edition: End-to-End IPTV solution • Built on Windows CE and Windows Server platforms • Available to broadband network operators (telco and cable) • Client software licensed to STB OEMs “WinPVR” Digital Video Recorders • Consumer retail hard disk (HDD) and DVD video recorders • Based on Windows CE and Media Center GUI • Simple, low cost EPG subscription service • Great PC client: PlaysForSure and Media Center Extender Windows XP Media Center Edition PCs • Easy and complete home entertainment • Ultimate home theater experiences: HDTV, DVD recording, … • Content and experience distribution around the home
  32. 32. PlaysForSure Network Functionality STBs Seamless, secure media flow between Windows PCs and networked Windows CE devices Personal and premium content shared by “Windows Media Connect” on host PCs Open Standards Compatibility: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) Hardware and Operating System independent Digital Media Center Extender Functionality TVs Full Media Center experiences Media Adapters remoted to networked Windows CE devices Live and recorded TV, premium content, and third-party applications and services Media Center UI in addition to Video Recorders OEM local device UI Future: Hardware and Operating System independent
  33. 33.  Investment  Brand Registering as a Company  3 Months initial Development form Day one,  6 Months Advance Development After initial Development,  8 Months Marketing form Day one.  Building SCN Center After initial Development  Providing Services After initial Development  Production Phase Kickoff After Advance Development  Co-Researches and Development